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The Masonic Lodge Kinross-Shire is located in the heart of Scotland, and is a vibrant and thriving Masonic Lodge with a rich history. Founded in 1813, the Lodge is one of the oldest Masonic Lodges in Scotland and has been actively serving its members for over 200 years. The Lodge meets regularly to study and practice the ancient ritual of Freemasonry, as well as to support charitable works in the local community. The membership of the Lodge is made up of like-minded men from all walks of life who share a passion for Freemasonry and strive to make a difference in their local communities. The Kinross-Shire Masonic Lodge strives to uphold the highest principles of brotherly love, relief, and truth through its charitable works and social events. The Masonic Lodge Kinross-Shire was established in 1787 and has been in continuous existence since that time. It is one of the oldest Lodges in Scotland, and has a proud and distinguished history. The Lodge first met in Kinross, in the house of James Cook, an innkeeper. The Lodge received its Charter from the Grand Lodge of Scotland on 5th June 1787, with James Cook being appointed as the first Master.

Over the years, the Lodge has had many prominent members including Lord Moncrieff, who was a Past Grand Master Mason of Scotland and an Earl of Kinross; Sir Henry Moncrieff who was a Baronet; Sir William Murray who was a Lord Provost of Edinburgh; and Lord Douglas Stewart who was a Member of Parliament.

The Lodge moved to Milnathort in 1810 where it remained until 1825 when it returned to Kinross. In 1840 it moved to its present premises at 8 High Street, Kinross. Over the years, numerous important visitors have attended meetings at this location including several Grand Masters Mason of Scotland.

Today, The Masonic Lodge Kinross-Shire continues to be an active part of Freemasonry in Scotland and is proud to maintain its long tradition as one of the oldest Lodges in Scotland.

Membership Requirements

The Masonic Lodge Kinross-Shire has set certain requirements for potential members to join the lodge. All prospective members must be at least 21 years of age and must have a belief in a Supreme Being. The individual must also be of good character and reputation, and have the recommendation of two current members in good standing. In addition, the individual must provide proof of residence in the local area and must demonstrate an understanding of the principles and tenets of Freemasonry. The applicant must also agree to abide by the rules and regulations established by the Lodge.

The application process requires that all prospective members fill out an application form, which will be reviewed by a committee appointed by the Master of the Lodge. This review process may take several weeks before being approved or rejected by a majority vote from all current lodge members. Once approved, new members are required to attend regular meetings and participate in activities sponsored by the Lodge, as well as pay annual dues to maintain their membership status.

In addition, all new members will receive instruction from experienced Masons on topics related to Masonic philosophy and history. These classes are held regularly throughout the year, with attendance being mandatory for all new members in order to become fully initiated into the Lodge. Upon completion of these classes, individuals will be eligible for participation in more advanced degrees within Freemasonry.

As a member of Masonic Lodge Kinross-Shire, individuals should conduct themselves with respect towards fellow Lodge members at all times, both during meetings and outside events sponsored by the Lodge. Any violations of this code could result in disciplinary action or even expulsion from membership in extreme cases. Additionally, it is expected that all members will contribute positively to their community through service projects or charitable works sponsored by their lodge or other organizations within Freemasonry.


Masonic Lodge Kinross-Shire is a well-known Masonic Lodge located in Scotland. It has been providing its members with a range of activities, events, and services for over 150 years. The Lodge is renowned for its commitment to providing an environment of fellowship and friendship, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among members. In this article, we will discuss the various events and activities that are held by the Masonic Lodge Kinross-Shire.

Lodge Meetings

The Lodge holds regular meetings throughout the year in order to discuss important matters related to the operations of the Lodge as well as to provide updates on upcoming events and activities. During these meetings, members are able to share their experiences and insights about Freemasonry with one another. Additionally, members also have the opportunity to join in discussions about topics related to Freemasonry such as philosophy, history, and ritual.

Social Events

The Masonic Lodge Kinross-Shire also hosts a variety of social events throughout the year for its members to enjoy. These events may include dinners, dances, or other special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. These social gatherings provide an opportunity for members to come together and celebrate each other’s company in a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying some delicious food and beverages.

Educational Events

The Lodge also hosts educational events from time to time in order to provide its members with an opportunity to learn more about Freemasonry and develop their personal understanding of the craft. These educational events may include lectures from experienced Masons or talks on specific topics related to Freemasonry such as symbolism or history. Furthermore, these events also provide an opportunity for new Masons to gain valuable knowledge on various aspects of Freemasonry that they may not be aware of before joining the lodge.

Charity Events

The Masonic Lodge Kinross-Shire is also committed towards supporting charitable causes that benefit both local communities as well as those around the world. To this end, it organizes various charity events throughout the year which provide its members with an opportunity to get involved in fundraising activities while helping others who are less fortunate than themselves. Additionally, these charity events also serve as a platform where members can come together and work towards creating positive change in their local communities or beyond it.

Kinross-Shire Masonic Lodge Meeting Places

Masonic Lodges in Kinross-Shire are places where members of the Masonic Order come together to discuss and deliberate on matters related to their organisation. The meetings are usually held in private, but some lodges do have public meetings that welcome visitors. The main purpose of a lodge is to allow members to connect with each other and exchange ideas that benefit the fraternity as a whole. Some lodges even host educational seminars and workshops on topics such as history, philosophy, and ethics.

In Kinross-Shire, there are several Masonic Lodges that operate in different parts of the area. These include the Freemasons Kilwinning Lodge No. 2 in Falkland, the St Ninians Lodge No. 394 in Kinross, and the Balado Lodge No. 789 in Glenrothes. Each lodge has its own distinctive layout and design, which reflects its unique character and history.

In addition to the lodges mentioned above, there are also several smaller meeting places for Masons throughout Kinross-Shire. These include pubs, clubs, and other venues where members can gather for social events or to discuss their interests with fellow Masons. For example, The Crown Inn in Auchtermuchty is a popular gathering place for members of the local Freemason’s lodge.

Another common meeting place for members of Kinross-Shire’s Masonic lodges is St Ninians Church Hall in Kinross – a large hall which has been used by Masons since 1842. The hall is also available for hire by non-Masonic groups as well as individuals looking for a venue to hold an event or meeting.

Overall, there are a wide variety of meeting places available for Masons in Kinross-Shire – from traditional Masonic Halls to more modern venues such as pubs and clubs – allowing members to find a place that best suits their needs and interests when it comes to gathering together with fellow Masons from across the region.

The Benefits of Joining Masonic Lodge Kinross-Shire

Joining the Masonic Lodge in Kinross-Shire is a great way to become part of a vibrant and diverse community. Through joining this lodge, members will have access to many benefits, including fellowship, service opportunities, and educational resources.

At the Masonic Lodge Kinross-Shire, members can find friendship and fellowship with likeminded individuals who are dedicated to helping each other grow and learn. Members can also join various service projects that help improve their local community. These projects may include activities such as organizing fundraisers, volunteering at local events, or providing support to charitable organizations.

In addition to fellowship and service opportunities, the Masonic Lodge Kinross-Shire also offers various educational resources for its members. These include lectures on a variety of topics related to Freemasonry, as well as access to library materials related to the history and beliefs of Freemasonry. The lodge also hosts special events such as grand openings and anniversaries that bring together members from all over the world.

For those looking for an opportunity to become part of a vibrant community and gain access to valuable resources, joining the Masonic Lodge in Kinross-Shire is a great choice. Through membership in this lodge, members can enjoy fellowship with likeminded individuals while participating in service projects that benefit their local community. They will also have access to educational resources that can help them learn more about Freemasonry and its history.

Symbolism of Masonic Lodge Kinross-Shire

The Masonic Lodge Kinross-Shire is a lodge that has been in existence for centuries, and has many symbols associated with it. These symbols are used to convey the values and beliefs of the lodge and its members. The most prominent symbol is the square and compass, which represent the qualities of balance, justice, and order. This symbol also serves as a reminder that all members should strive to live up to these standards in their daily life.

Other symbols that are seen at the Masonic Lodge Kinross-Shire include the All-Seeing Eye, which symbolizes divine guidance and protection; a representation of King Solomon’s Temple; an anchor, which represents hope; a sunburst, which represents enlightenment; and a pair of crossed swords, which represent strength and courage. Additionally, there are other symbols such as a keystone with two pillars on either side to symbolize strength in unity; a plumb line to represent uprightness; an hourglass to represent time passing by quickly; and an open book to remind members of their duty to stay informed about Freemasonry.

The symbols used at Masonic Lodge Kinross-Shire are rich with meaning and history. They are used as reminders for members of their commitment to uphold the principles of Freemasonry, as well as provide inspiration for those seeking knowledge or wisdom from within its walls. By understanding the symbolism associated with this lodge, one can gain insight into the values and principles that guide its members.


The Masonic Lodge Kinross-Shire, Scotland, was established in 1773 and has been active ever since. As one of the oldest Lodges in Scotland, it has a rich history of Freemasonry and is known for its traditional rituals and practices. The Lodge has a long-standing relationship with Freemasonry in Scotland, and many of its members have gone on to become prominent figures in the Masonic community.

Rituals and Practices

The Masonic Lodge Kinross-Shire follows the ancient rituals and practices of Freemasonry. These include symbolic hand gestures, secret passwords, and a complex system of degrees that indicate membership status. In addition to these traditional rituals, the Lodge also holds regular meetings where members can socialize and discuss current topics related to Freemasonry. The Lodge also participates in charitable activities such as blood drives and fundraisers for local charities.


Membership to the Masonic Lodge Kinross-Shire is open to all men who profess belief in a Supreme Being. Prospective members must be recommended by two existing members and must demonstrate their commitment to Masonry through their behavior and participation in Lodge activities. All prospective members must be at least 21 years old in order to be admitted into the Lodge.

Last Thoughts

The Masonic Lodge Kinross-Shire is an important part of the Masonic community in Scotland. It has a long history of traditional rituals and practices that are still followed today, as well as regular meetings for its members. Membership is open to all men who profess belief in a Supreme Being, with prospective members required to demonstrate commitment through their behavior and participation in Lodge activities.

Charitable Work of Masonic Lodge Kinross-Shire

Masonic Lodge Kinross-Shire has been actively involved in providing aid and support to people in need throughout the community. The lodge’s charitable work has included fundraising for various causes, providing assistance to those in need, and providing educational and vocational opportunities to individuals. The lodge also partners with other organizations to further the work of its charitable mission.

The lodge works with local schools and businesses to provide scholarships and internships for students who are interested in pursuing higher education. Additionally, the lodge helps facilitate vocational training programs for individuals who are seeking employment. Through these initiatives, the lodge is able to provide resources and support that will help individuals achieve their goals.

The lodge also provides financial assistance to those who are struggling financially or unable to afford basic necessities such as food or housing. In addition, the lodge works with local organizations such as homeless shelters and food banks to ensure that those in need have access to resources they may not otherwise have access to.

Therefore, the lodge offers a variety of social activities including events, workshops, and other programs that help bring people together and promote a sense of community among its members. These activities provide an opportunity for members of the community to come together and share their experiences while having fun at the same time.

Through its charitable work, Masonic Lodge Kinross-Shire is committed to making a positive difference in its community by helping those in need. The lodge’s efforts have helped many individuals gain access to resources they otherwise may not have had access to, as well as providing educational opportunities that may not have been available otherwise. With this commitment, Masonic Lodge Kinross-Shire continues its mission of making a positive impact on its community through charitable efforts.

Last Thoughts

The Masonic Lodge Kinross-Shire has been a long-standing and respected institution in the local area. It has provided a safe and welcoming space for its members to come together and share their knowledge and experiences. The lodge has been able to remain a vibrant part of the community by offering educational seminars, social activities, and charitable works. With its rich history of tradition, the Masonic Lodge Kinross-Shire is a great example of how an organization can serve its members and the community at large in meaningful ways.

The Masonic Lodge Kinross-Shire is an important part of the region’s history, culture, and identity. As it continues to support its members and serve the local community, it will remain a well-respected institution for years to come.

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