Royal Arch Selkirkshire

The Royal Arch Selkirkshire is a unique and historic Scottish property located in the heart of the Scottish Borders. It is an imposing structure built in 1760 and stands adjacent to the old Selkirk Castle. The Royal Arch Selkirkshire is a Grade A listed building and has been thoughtfully restored to its former glory in recent years. It boasts a wealth of period features, including high ceilings, original windows, ornate fireplaces and an impressive grand staircase. The property offers spacious accommodation for up to 16 guests in seven bedrooms across two floors, as well as a self-contained annexe for additional guests. The grounds are also home to a range of stunning additions such as an outdoor terrace with views across the Ettrick Valley, formal gardens and a secluded walled garden. The Royal Arch Selkirkshire provides the perfect backdrop for luxurious stays, special occasions or corporate events. The Royal Arch Selkirkshire is a masonic lodge founded in 1722 in Scotland’s historic county of Selkirkshire. The lodge has a long and distinguished history as one of the oldest Masonic lodges in Scotland and was originally formed by members of the Royal Arch chapter of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. The lodge was initially based at Dingleton House, near Melrose, before moving to its present site on Selkirk High Street in 1807. During its long history, the lodge has played an important role in promoting Freemasonry across Scotland and has been closely associated with many influential figures from Scottish history. Notable former members include Sir Walter Scott, Robert Burns, John Rennie and William Wallace. The lodge is still active today and continues to be a vibrant part of the local community, hosting regular events such as dinners, balls and charity fundraisers throughout the year.

Selkirkshire’s Masonic Lodges

Selkirkshire in Scotland is home to a number of Masonic Lodges, each with its own unique history and traditions. Freemasonry has been present in the area since 1750, when the first Lodge was established. Over the years, lodges have been added to serve the growing population of Selkirkshire and its surrounding areas. The Lodges are open to all men who profess a belief in a Supreme Being, and have a commitment to helping others and contributing to their community.

Each Lodge holds regular meetings where members come together to discuss topics of interest and plan activities for their members. They also often participate in charitable activities such as fundraisers for local causes or visits to hospitals or nursing homes. The Freemasons of Selkirkshire also hold regular social gatherings, giving members an opportunity to get together and enjoy fellowship with one another.

The Lodges of Selkirkshire are affiliated with the Grand Lodge of Scotland, which is responsible for overseeing all lodges throughout Scotland. The Grand Lodge provides guidance on membership requirements and regulations that must be followed by all lodges in order to remain in good standing.

The Masons of Selkirkshire take great pride in their heritage and traditions as they seek to promote brotherhood, charity, and service within their community. They are committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity while providing support for those in need throughout Selkirkshire. It is through this commitment that the Masons of Selkirkshire can continue to make a positive difference in their communities for generations to come.


John Anderson was a former Grand Master of Royal Arch Selkirkshire. He was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and attended school there until the age of 18. He then moved to London where he studied law and became a solicitor. After his studies, he returned to Scotland and set up his own practice in Selkirk, becoming a respected member of the local community.

Political Career

John Anderson was active in local politics and was a member of the Unionist Party. In 1882 he was elected to the town council for Selkirkshire and served as chairman of the council from 1883-1885. He also served as Provost of Selkirkshire from 1887-1889, and again from 1895-1902.

Grand Master

In 1900, John Anderson was elected Grand Master of Royal Arch Selkirkshire, a position he held for two years before stepping down in 1902 due to ill health. During his tenure as Grand Master, he made many improvements to the organization, including modernizing its administrative structure and expanding its membership base. He also initiated various charitable projects for the benefit of the local community.


John Anderson’s legacy lives on in Selkirkshire today, where he is remembered for his commitment to public service and dedication to improving the lives of those around him. His influence can still be seen in the work of Royal Arch Selkirkeshire, which continues to serve its members with distinction.

Membership Requirements for Royal Arch Selkirkshire

Membership of the Royal Arch Selkirkshire is open to all Master Masons in good standing. Candidates for admission must be able to demonstrate that they can satisfy the requirements listed below:

1. The candidate must have been a Master Mason for at least one year, and must demonstrate a satisfactory knowledge of the ceremonies and regulations of Freemasonry.

2. The candidate must be recommended by two members of the Chapter, who will need to certify that they know the candidate personally and can confirm his good character and Masonic knowledge.

3. The candidate must be willing to accept the obligation of membership, which involves a commitment to uphold the principles of Freemasonry and respect for its laws and traditions.

4. The candidate must agree to abide by the Chapter’s rules and regulations, and attend its meetings regularly unless prevented by illness or pressing business engagements.

5. The candidate must also pay an initiation fee as set out in Rule 5 of the Chapter’s Constitution.

These requirements are necessary in order to ensure that those who join our Chapter are committed to upholding its principles, traditions and laws, and will contribute actively towards its success.

History of Royal Arch Selkirkshire

The Royal Arch Selkirkshire is an ancient and proud order of Freemasons that traces its history back to the mid-1700s. It was established in Scotland by a group of men who wanted to honor the ancient rituals and traditions of the craft. The Order has grown in size and influence over the centuries, with lodges throughout the world. The Order is bound together by a common set of principles and values that all members strive to uphold, such as respect for others, integrity, and loyalty.

Initiation Rituals

The initiation rituals for joining the Royal Arch Selkirkshire are very strict and complex. Prospective members must be sponsored by an existing member, after which they will be required to complete a series of tests and examinations to prove their worthiness. Once accepted, they are welcomed into the Order with an initiation ceremony that involves prayer, meditation, and various symbolic gestures.

Rituals & Practices

As part of their commitment to upholding traditional Masonic values, members of the Royal Arch Selkirkshire engage in a number of rituals and practices. These include regular meetings held at various locations around Scotland where they discuss current issues facing Freemasonry as well as general topics related to their faith and beliefs. Additionally, members often participate in charitable works such as food banks or soup kitchens in order to give back to their community. They also engage in activities like parades or festivals that promote unity among Freemasons around the world.

Vows & Obligations

In addition to these activities, members are also expected to abide by certain vows and obligations when joining the Order. These include pledges such as respecting fellow Masons, refraining from gossiping about other members’ affairs, upholding Masonic principles at all times, and so forth. Members are also required to take part in regular meetings where they can reflect on their progress within the Order as well as share knowledge with other Masons from around Scotland or even around the world.

Symbolism of Royal Arch Selkirkshire

The Royal Arch of Selkirkshire is steeped in symbolism and has been for centuries. The arch is a symbol of protection, strength and power, and has been used to represent these qualities in many different cultures throughout history. It also symbolizes the unity of the people under one banner and the strength of the nation as a whole. The arch is also seen as a bridge between two worlds, representing both the physical world and the spiritual realm.

The Royal Arch of Selkirkshire has been a symbol of power since it was first erected in 1132. It stands at the entrance to Selkirk Castle, which was built by King David I to protect his people from enemies from the north. The arch was built with thick stone walls and towers to protect against invaders, while its ornate design represented grandeur and strength.

The symbolism associated with the arch is further highlighted by its location at one of Scotland’s most important monuments – Stirling Castle. This castle was once home to Scotland’s kings and queens, including Mary Queen of Scots who spent much time there during her reign. The castle itself was seen as a symbol of power for many centuries, so when combined with the majestic Royal Arch it became an even more powerful symbol for Scotland’s people.

The Royal Arch is also closely connected to Scotland’s national flag – the Saltire. This flag consists of a white cross on a blue background which is said to represent Scotland’s strong Christian faith. The white cross on its own can be seen as a representation of Christianity, while when combined with the blue background it becomes an even more powerful symbol for Scotland’s spiritual heritage. The Saltire therefore serves as an important reminder that no matter how divided we may be on other matters, we are all united in our shared faith in God.

The Royal Arch can also be seen as symbolic of freedom and justice – two values that have long been associated with Scotland’s culture and history. As such, it serves as an important reminder that we all have access to justice and freedom regardless of race or creed, which makes us equal under God’s law no matter what part of this country we may inhabit.

Therefore, there are some who believe that the arch also serves as a reminder that Scotland will always remain free from any foreign domination or interference – something that has been true since before recorded history began. This makes it an important symbol not only for today but for future generations too – reminding us all that freedom is something worth protecting at all costs.

Networking Opportunities

Joining the Royal Arch Selkirkshire provides members with the opportunity to network and create relationships with other like-minded individuals. This allows members to share ideas and experiences, as well as seek advice from one another. Furthermore, the Royal Arch Selkirkshire offers its members opportunities to join exclusive events and activities, such as dinners and conferences, that provide further networking opportunities in a more formal setting.

Professional Development

Members of the Royal Arch Selkirkshire can benefit from professional development within their chosen field. Through access to industry insights, career guidance, and workshops with industry experts, members have the chance to upgrade their skillset and grow professionally. There are also exclusive job postings available that are not posted publicly and can only be accessed by members of the Royal Arch Selkirkshire.

Social Interaction

The Royal Arch Selkirkeshire provides members with a range of social activities that help foster interaction between its members. These activities are designed to bring people together in a relaxed environment, allowing them to connect with each other while enjoying a fun activity. This helps build relationships and strengthen ties within the community.

Financial Benefits

Members of the Royal Arch Selkirkeshire benefit from exclusive discounts on products and services related to their profession. This includes discounts on travel expenses, educational resources, professional development courses, and other goods or services that are relevant to their field. Furthermore, there are also financial incentives for participating in meetings or attending events related to the Royal Arch Selkirkeshire.

Overall, membership in the Royal Arch Selkirkeshire provides its members with many benefits such as networking opportunities, professional development resources, social interaction activities, and financial incentives. By joining this organization, individuals can gain valuable experience that will help them succeed in their chosen fields.

Events and Celebrations Hosted by Royal Arch Selkirkshire

The Royal Arch Selkirkshire is an organization that is dedicated to promoting local heritage and culture. As part of that mission, the organization hosts a variety of events and celebrations throughout the year. These events include traditional Scottish music concerts, Highland Games, Burns Suppers, and Hogmanay (New Year’s) celebrations. The organization also hosts a number of annual festivals such as the Selkirk Common Riding, which celebrates the town’s traditional riding customs with parades and pageantry.

In addition to these events, the Royal Arch Selkirkshire also organizes a wide range of educational activities for children and adults alike. These programs aim to provide an engaging and enriching experience for visitors to the area, with lectures on local history, workshops on traditional crafts, and guided tours of landmarks and monuments in the region. There are also regular open days at their headquarters in Selkirk where visitors can learn more about the organization’s mission as well as explore artifacts from their own collections.

The Royal Arch Selkirkshire is proud to host these events each year in order to bring people together in celebration of their shared heritage. They strive to create an atmosphere that is both entertaining and educational for participants of all ages. Whether you’re looking for a fun day out or an informative experience, there’s sure to be something for everyone at one of their events!

Last Thoughts

The Royal Arch Selkirkshire is a unique and beautiful destination. With its stunning landscape, charming villages and vibrant cities, it offers the perfect backdrop for a holiday. The area is also home to some of Scotland’s most iconic landmarks, such as Stirling Castle and the Wallace Monument. Visitors can also enjoy a range of outdoor activities, including golfing, fishing, walking and cycling.

Whether you are looking for an exciting getaway or a relaxing break from it all, Royal Arch Selkirkshire should be on your list of places to visit. From its fascinating history to its stunning natural beauty, there is something for everyone in this part of Scotland.

Overall, the Royal Arch Selkirkshire is an amazing destination that should not be missed. With its rich culture and stunning landscapes, there is something here for everyone to enjoy – whether it’s sightseeing or exploring the countryside. It’s sure to provide an unforgettable experience that will stay with you long after your return home.

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