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Mark Mason’s Kent is a family-owned business that has been providing quality furniture, flooring, and interior design services to customers in the Kent area for over 40 years. The company has a wide selection of furnishings to choose from, ranging from contemporary to traditional styles. With their friendly and knowledgeable staff, Mark Mason’s Kent strives to provide high-quality products and services with excellent customer service. Whether you’re looking for a timeless piece of furniture or the perfect flooring for your home, Mark Mason’s Kent has something for everyone. Mark Masons Kent is a Freemasonry organization established in 1769, with lodges throughout the county of Kent in England. It is a traditional and progressive Masonic body, whose members are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of integrity and moral uprightness. The organization encourages its members to actively participate in charitable works and to promote the principles of brotherly love, relief and truth. Mark Masonry is an excellent way for Masons to learn more about the craft, while developing friendships with like-minded individuals. With over 200 lodges across the county, Mark Masons Kent provides an opportunity for Masons to come together and share their experiences. In addition to offering regular meetings and social events, Mark Masonry also offers Masonic education courses for those interested in learning more about Masonic principles.

History of Mark Masons Kent

The history of the Mark Masons of Kent dates back to the early 19th century, when a group of Freemasons from the county gathered together to form a new masonic order. The Mark Masonry of Kent was officially established in 1820 and has since grown to become one of the most respected Masonic orders in England. The Order is based on principles of brotherly love and personal development, and it aims to help its members grow in masonic knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

The Order’s main activities are based around charity work, with members taking part in various fundraising activities throughout the year. The Order also organizes regular meetings for its members, allowing them to come together to discuss topics related to Freemasonry and their individual progress within the Order. One of the most important aspects of being a Mark Mason is participating in the annual Grand Lodge Festival, which is held every year in May. This is an important event for all members, as it provides an opportunity for them to meet other members from across Kent and celebrate their shared commitment to masonry.

The Order is also active in promoting Masonic education through lectures, seminars and courses that are held throughout the year at various locations across Kent. These events provide an opportunity for members to deepen their understanding of Freemasonry and learn more about its history and traditions. Furthermore, members also participate in social events such as dinners, barbecues and other gatherings that promote fellowship among members. These social events are often open to non-members as well, allowing them to learn more about Masonry while building relationships with those who share similar interests.

The Mark Masonry of Kent has a long tradition of service and continues to be an important part of Freemasonry today. Through its charitable work, educational activities, social gatherings and other initiatives, it has helped countless people over the years develop a deeper understanding of Freemasonry while building strong relationships with others who share similar goals.

Membership Requirements for Mark Masons Kent

To become a member of the Mark Masons in Kent, an applicant must meet certain criteria. Firstly, he must be a Master Mason in good standing with the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE). Secondly, he must have been a Master Mason for at least four weeks prior to making his application. Thirdly, he must also have a belief in a higher power and be prepared to make an obligation to abide by the laws and regulations of the Mark Degree.

Additionally, applicants are required to provide two references from other Mark Masons and both references must be willing to vouch for the applicant’s character. The references should also provide evidence that they have personal knowledge of the candidate and can vouch for his moral character.

Once an application has been submitted, it will be considered by the Lodge committee who will interview the applicant and ask him questions about his Masonic knowledge and experience. If successful at this stage, an initiation ceremony will be scheduled on which date the new member will become a fully-fledged member of the Order.

Mark Masons in Kent are expected to attend meetings regularly, pay their dues promptly and participate actively in Lodge activities. They are also expected to uphold the high standards of conduct which have been set by those who founded this noble Order over two centuries ago.

Becoming a Mark Mason is an honourable achievement which carries with it certain responsibilities as well as many privileges that make membership particularly rewarding. Those who join this distinguished fraternity can look forward to enjoying all its benefits while contributing positively towards its continued success and growth.

Types of Meetings for Mark Masons Kent

Mark Masonry in Kent is divided into four distinct types of meetings: Lodges of Instruction, Regular Lodges, Special Lodges and Private Lodges. Each type of meeting has its own specific purpose and function within the order.

Lodges of Instruction are designed to teach and practice the traditional rituals and practices associated with Mark Masonry. They are held on a regular basis throughout the year and are open to all members regardless of rank or degree. These meetings provide an opportunity for members to become familiar with the ritual work and other aspects of Mark Masonry.

Regular Lodges are held on a monthly basis at set locations throughout Kent. They usually involve a formal meeting, which includes the election of new officers and the presentation of awards. The main focus is the advancement and education of all members in the principles and practices of Mark Masonry.

Special Lodges are held on an occasional basis as determined by various local committees or Grand Lodge Officers. These meetings may involve a special ceremony such as initiation, passing or raising, or may focus on special topics such as Masonic history or philosophy.

Private Lodges are meetings held by invitation only, usually at private residences or Masonic Halls. These meetings can be purely social occasions or may involve initiations, passings or raisings depending on what has been agreed upon between the host and guests prior to the meeting taking place.

Mark Masonry in Kent provides a wide variety of opportunities for members to come together in fellowship to learn more about their craft and share experiences with one another. Each type of meeting serves an important purpose within the order, providing both educational opportunities as well as social interaction among members from different lodges throughout Kent.

Benefits of Joining Mark Masons Kent

The Mark Masons of Kent are an organisation that seeks to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood among men of all backgrounds. Through the exchange of ideas, experiences and camaraderie, members gain a sense of belonging and connection with others. With membership comes access to a range of benefits that can help you get the most out of your involvement in the Order. These include:

1. A supportive network – Many members find that friendships made through being a part of the Mark Masons are some of their most meaningful relationships. The Order provides an opportunity to get involved in activities with like-minded people who share your values and interests.

2. Professional development – The Order offers a range of educational and professional development opportunities for its members. From workshops and seminars to internet-based learning, there’s something for everyone. These resources can help you build on existing skills or learn new ones that can benefit your career or life in general.

3. Social events – Being a part of the Mark Mason community means more than just attending meetings; there are also plenty of social events available for members to enjoy! Whether it’s an evening out with friends or a weekend retreat, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

4. Charitable works – The Order is dedicated to giving back to the community by supporting important causes through charitable works and fundraisers. This is an excellent way to contribute positively to society while forming strong connections with fellow members at the same time!

Joining the Mark Masons is more than just being part of an exclusive club; it’s about making meaningful connections with people from all walks of life while gaining access to valuable resources and opportunities for personal growth and development along the way!

Charitable Contributions by Mark Masons Kent

The Mark Masonry is a major Masonic order in England, and its members are known for their charitable contributions. The Mark Masonry of Kent is no exception, and has been contributing to worthy causes since its formation in 1769. The Grand Lodge of Mark Masons Kent has long been at the forefront of charity work, providing financial support to many organizations and individuals both locally and nationally.

The lodge supports a wide variety of charities, including those that aid in the development of education, health care, poverty alleviation, disaster relief and social cohesion. The Grand Lodge has contributed to various local initiatives such as the Academy for Educational Excellence in Canterbury, the Kent Autistic Trust and the Canterbury Cathedral Foundation. It also provides grants to individuals who are affected by illness or disability or facing financial hardship.

The lodge also actively supports national organizations such as the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), British Heart Foundation (BHF) and Macmillan Cancer Support. In addition to these organizations, it works with other charities like Age UK Kent to provide assistance for older people in need of help and support.

The lodge is also committed to helping those affected by natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes. In 2017, it donated £50,000 towards the reconstruction efforts following Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean region. In 2018, it donated £25,000 towards helping those affected by floods in Kerala, India.

Mark Masons Kent is dedicated to making a difference through its charitable work and continues to invest time and resources into worthwhile causes both locally and internationally. It strives to be an exemplary example of Freemasonry’s commitment to philanthropy and charity work throughout England.

Mark Masons Kent Events

The Mark Masons of Kent are proud to host a variety of events throughout the year, showcasing the spirit of Freemasonry in the region. From social gatherings and sporting events to guest speakers and educational seminars, there is something for everyone at these events. Through these events, the Mark Masons of Kent aim to bring together members from across the region and provide a platform for learning and fellowship.

The Mark Masons of Kent host an annual summer event, which is open to all members of the Mark Order in England and Wales. This event is held at various locations across the county, with a focus on fun activities such as barbecues, outdoor sports, music and entertainment. This event gives members an opportunity to meet other members from all over the country in a relaxed atmosphere.

In addition to their summer event, the Mark Masons of Kent also host educational seminars throughout the year. These seminars focus on topics such as Masonic history and philosophy, and are open to both Mark Master Mason members and non-Mason guests alike. The seminars are designed to be interactive and engaging, allowing attendees to gain a better understanding of Freemasonry and its teachings.

The Mark Masons of Kent also hold regular social gatherings throughout the year. These events allow members to come together in an informal setting for drinks, dinner or simply conversation. The aim is to create a friendly atmosphere where members can connect with each other in a relaxed environment.

Therefore, the Mark Masons of Kent are proud supporters of several local charities in their area. Through their events they provide much needed funds for these charities while giving back to their local community at the same time.

The events hosted by the Mark Masons of Kent bring together people from all walks of life with one common goal – to promote fellowship amongst its members while raising funds for good causes in their community. By attending these various events throughout the year, members have an opportunity to learn more about Freemasonry while networking with like-minded individuals from across England and Wales.

Grand Lodge and Provincial Grand Lodge

The governing body of Mark Masonry in Kent is the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of England, Wales and Districts Overseas which is the legislative, executive, and judicial authority for the Province. The Provincial Grand Lodge of Kent is the administrative arm of the Grand Lodge and oversees all lodges in the County. The Provincial Grand Master is elected by the members of the Grand Lodge and approved by Her Majesty The Queen. The Provincial Grand Master appoints his Officers, who are responsible for running the affairs of all Mark Lodges within Kent.

Rules and Regulations

All members of Mark Masonry in Kent must abide by the Rules and Regulations laid down by both the Grand Lodge and Provincial Grand Lodge. These include regulations on dress code, attendance at meetings, election procedures, initiation fees, dues payments and other aspects of Masonic practice. All members are expected to comply with these rules in order to ensure that Mark Masonry remains an honourable institution.


Mark Lodges within Kent are grouped into three Divisions; East Division covers East Kent; West Division consists of lodges in West Kent; while Central Division includes those located around London. Each Division has its own set of regulations governing membership, meetings, ceremonies and other activities. All lodges must abide by these regulations or face disciplinary action from their respective Divisions.


Mark Lodges in Kent meet regularly throughout the year at various venues throughout the County. These meetings are presided over by a Worshipful Master who is elected annually by lodge members. At each meeting a business agenda will be discussed such as charity donations or discussion on Masonic ritual work. Social events are also held during these meetings providing an opportunity for fellowship amongst members.

Initiation Ceremonies

The initiation ceremony is a significant part of any Mark Mason’s journey within Freemasonry. All candidates for membership must undertake an initiation ceremony which includes taking certain vows before they can become full members. This ceremony must be performed in accordance with prescribed rituals that have been laid down by both the Grand Lodge and Provincial Grand Lodge.

Last Thoughts

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