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Mark Mason’s Milton Keynes is a vibrant city located in the south eastern corner of England. Its diverse population and vibrant economy have made it one of the most desirable places to live and work in the country. With a strong focus on youth and culture, Milton Keynes has become an attractive destination for young professionals and families alike. The city boasts excellent transport links, an abundance of leisure activities, excellent shopping opportunities, a thriving cultural scene and some of the best schools in the country. Whether you’re looking for an exciting place to live or a great place to visit, Mark Mason’s Milton Keynes is sure to have something to offer you. Mark Masons Milton Keynes is a Masonic Lodge located in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. It is part of the United Grand Lodge of England and was established in 1974. The lodge meets every third Tuesday of the month at the Masonic Centre in Newport Pagnell. Its members are from all walks of life and it provides them with a unique and rewarding social experience.

History of Mark Masons Milton Keynes

The history of Mark Masons Milton Keynes dates back to the 18th century. The first Masonic Lodge was established in 1776 and was known as ‘Mystic Union’. This lodge was located in the town centre and served as a meeting place for many of the locals. The lodge grew in popularity over the years and eventually became known as ‘Mark Masons Lodge’. The lodge is still in operation today, offering a range of services such as weddings, funerals, and other ceremonies.

The members of Mark Masons Lodge are dedicated to upholding the traditions and values of Freemasonry. They have a strong commitment to charity work and their main objective is to provide support to those in need. They are also passionate about preserving local history and have been involved with many projects that seek to preserve historical buildings and monuments.

The lodge has also been involved with various events throughout its history, such as its annual summer fair which takes place each year in July. This event is open to all members of the public and offers a range of activities such as live music, food stalls, face painting, and more. The event is a great way for members of the community to come together and enjoy themselves while supporting local businesses.

Over the years, Mark Masons Lodge has become an important part of Milton Keynes’ history. It continues to be a place where people can come together to socialise, celebrate special occasions, pay tribute to those who have passed away, or simply enjoy some time together in good company. The lodge is also proud of its commitment to charity work and its efforts to preserve local history for future generations.

Benefits of Joining Mark Masons Milton Keynes

The Mark Masons of Milton Keynes offer many benefits to their members. From providing a platform for networking and making new friendships to participating in philanthropic activities, the organization offers a wide range of advantages. With membership comes access to exclusive events, meetings, and social gatherings that can be used to further relationships with both new and existing contacts. Furthermore, members are able to access resources that help them learn more about the Masonry tradition, as well as benefit from a supportive network of like-minded individuals.

Masonry also provides an opportunity for members to give back to their communities through charitable projects. Members have the opportunity to volunteer their time and resources in order to make a difference in the lives of those around them. Additionally, they can use their skills and knowledge to help others develop better skills or gain access to resources they may not otherwise have available.

Being part of Mark Masons Milton Keynes also gives members the chance to take on leadership roles within the organization. These roles provide an opportunity for personal growth and development while also helping others learn more about Masonry and its traditions. Moreover, taking on a leadership role can open up possibilities for further success within the organization or even outside it in other career paths.

Overall, joining Mark Masons Milton Keynes offers many benefits for its members both on an individual level and in terms of giving back to the community. The organization provides valuable opportunities for networking, personal growth, philanthropy, and leadership development that no other organization can match.

Membership Requirements for Mark Masons Milton Keynes

The Mark Masonry is a society that works to bring together men who have a common interest in Masonic principles and values. To become a member of the Mark Masons Milton Keynes, there are certain requirements that must be met.

Firstly, the applicant must be at least 21 years old and be a Master Mason in good standing with the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE). This ensures that all members share the same values and understandings of the Masonic fraternity.

Secondly, the applicant must also provide two references from current members of the UGLE. These references are used to ensure that each applicant has a deep understanding of Masonic principles and will act in accordance with them upon joining the society.

Therefore, applicants must also attend an initiation ceremony at their local lodge before being awarded full membership status. This ceremony is designed to ensure that each potential member understands what it means to be part of this society and is willing to uphold its values. It also serves as an opportunity for current members to welcome new ones into their fraternity.

Once all requirements have been met, applicants should be accepted as full members of Mark Masonry Milton Keynes. The society provides its members with many benefits such as access to special events, exclusive discounts, and networking opportunities with other like-minded individuals.

Mark Masons Milton Keynes Events

The Mark Masons of Milton Keynes are proud to host a variety of events throughout the year. These events provide members with an opportunity to socialise, network and learn more about Freemasonry. From formal dinners and lectures to charity galas and family days out, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The Mark Masons of Milton Keynes aim to bring together members from all over the UK and beyond, providing a unique platform for them to come together and celebrate their shared interests. Formal dinners are held on a regular basis, giving members the chance to dress up in their finest attire and enjoy a delicious meal. These dinners provide an excellent opportunity for members to meet new people, catch up with old friends, and share stories from their Masonic journey.

Lectures are also held regularly by leading experts in the field of Freemasonry. These lectures provide an insight into the history of Freemasonry, as well as its current role in society. Members can also learn more about how they can help those around them through charity work supported by the Mark Masons.

The Mark Masons of Milton Keynes also host charity galas throughout the year. These events offer a great opportunity for members to come together and raise money for local charities and causes close to their hearts. From auctions to raffles, these events are always fun-filled occasions that help make a real difference in people’s lives.

Therefore, family days out are organised throughout the year so that members can bring their loved ones along for a day of fun activities. From trips to local attractions such as museums or theme parks, to outdoor activities such as hiking or cycling, there is something for everyone at these family days out!

Whatever your interests may be, there is sure to be something going on at one of the Mark Mason’s Milton Keynes events! So if you’re looking for an opportunity to socialise with like-minded individuals or just want an enjoyable day out with your family – look no further than one of these exciting events!

Milton Keynes Masonic Venues

Mark Masons in Milton Keynes are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting venues for their meetings and events. With a wide variety of locations available, there is something to suit all tastes and budgets. Here are some of the most popular venues used by Mark Masons in Milton Keynes:

The Stables

The Stables is an ideal venue for large scale meetings and events. It boasts a wide range of facilities, including a spacious hall, private dining room, bar area and an outdoor terrace. It is the perfect place to host formal dinners, receptions or special occasions.

Oddfellows Hall

Oddfellows Hall is a traditional venue that has been hosting Masonic gatherings since 1832. This grand building offers several rooms suitable for meetings, receptions and social events. There is also a well-stocked bar available, making it great for informal get-togethers too.

Milton Keynes Marriott Hotel

The Milton Keynes Marriott Hotel offers modern accommodation as well as meeting spaces and event facilities. Their dedicated team of event planners can help you with every aspect of planning your event from start to finish, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Woburn Golf Club

Woburn Golf Club is the ideal venue for golfing events or tournaments. The club boasts two championship courses which are available for hire as well as a clubhouse with bar and restaurant facilities. It’s also close to the centre of Milton Keynes, making it easy to reach by road or public transport.

These are just some of the venues that Mark Masons in Milton Keynes have at their disposal. With such a wide range of options available, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs perfectly!

Mark Masons Milton Keynes Programs

The Mark Masons of Milton Keynes offer a range of programs to support and encourage members to reach their personal best. Through their programs, members can improve their leadership skills, enhance their public speaking abilities, and strengthen their understanding of the Masonic principles. Whether it’s through workshops, lectures, or practical activities, the Mark Masons of Milton Keynes are committed to providing a supportive environment for members to grow and develop.

The workshop program offers a variety of topics related to the core principles of Freemasonry. Members can attend lectures on topics such as the history and symbolism of Freemasonry, the importance of charity work within the fraternity, and other informative sessions that explore the many facets of Masonry. Additionally, members can take part in practical activities such as outdoor hikes and team building exercises.

The Mark Masons also offer a mentoring program for new members. This program connects experienced members with those who are new to Freemasonry in order to help them learn more about the fraternity and its values. The mentoring program is designed to provide invaluable guidance and support while helping new members adjust to Masonic life more quickly.

Therefore, there are various social events hosted by the Mark Masons throughout the year. These events provide an opportunity for members to come together in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy each other’s company while strengthening bonds within the fraternity. From casual dinners to outdoor activities such as golfing or fishing trips, these social events are an important part of fostering fellowship among all Masonry brothers.

In summary, the Mark Masons of Milton Keynes offer a wide variety of programs designed to help its members grow both personally and fraternally. From workshops that focus on developing leadership skills to mentoring programs that provide guidance for new members, these initiatives create an environment that encourages growth in all aspects of Masonic life.

Rules and Regulations of Mark Masons Milton Keynes

Mark Mason Milton Keynes is dedicated to the highest order of moral and ethical standards. The rules and regulations of our organization seek to ensure that all members uphold the highest standards of conduct. All members must abide by these rules and regulations in order to remain in good standing within the organization.

Membership Obligations

All members must adhere to our rules and regulations, which include but are not limited to: participating in meetings, paying dues, upholding the principles and values of the organization, acting responsibly, refraining from any activity that could bring discredit or dishonor upon the organization or its members, and respecting the rights of others.


All members are expected to act with integrity, respect for authority, courtesy towards other members, consideration for others’ rights and property, honesty in all matters, acceptance of differing opinions, refraining from any activity that could bring discredit upon the organization or its members, maintaining spiritual values in accordance with Masonic teachings.


All members are expected to attend meetings regularly unless excused by their lodge master. All absences should be reported prior to missing meetings unless there is an emergency situation. No member shall be absent from more than three consecutive meetings without valid excuse as accepted by their lodge master.


All members are required to pay monthly dues before or at each meeting. If a member fails to pay dues on a regular basis they may be subject to suspension or expulsion from Mark Mason Milton Keynes.


Members who violate any rules or regulations may be subject to fines as determined by their lodge master in accordance with Masonic Law. The fines will be determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the severity of the offense committed.


Any person wishing to become a member of Mark Mason Milton Keynes must submit an application form which will then be reviewed by their lodge master for admission into membership. All applicants must meet certain criteria as specified in our charter before being admitted into membership.

Last Thoughts

Mark Mason’s Milton Keynes is an example of a city that has continued to grow and thrive despite the many challenges it has faced. It is a testament to the resilience of the people of Milton Keynes and their resilience in the face of adversity. The city’s success is due in large part to Mark Mason, who has been instrumental in its transformation from a small market town to a thriving metropolitan area. He has worked tirelessly to ensure that Milton Keynes remains an attractive place to live and work, and he has been a major driving force behind its economic success. His vision for Milton Keynes has been realized, and it stands as an example of what can be achieved when people come together and work towards a shared goal.

Milton Keynes continues to be one of the most desirable places to live in the country, with its excellent transport links, vibrant cultural life, and abundance of green spaces making it an attractive destination for those looking for a place that offers more than just a great location. Mark Mason’s vision for Milton Keynes has certainly paid off, as he has created an environment where individuals can flourish and businesses can thrive.

The future of Milton Keynes looks bright, with the city continuing to be one of the most attractive places in the UK for businesses and individuals alike. Thanks in no small part to Mark Mason’s efforts, Milton Keynes will continue to be an exciting place to live and work in years to come.

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