Knights Templar Nottinghamshire

The Knights Templar of Nottinghamshire were a group of medieval crusading knights who sought to protect pilgrims travelling to the Holy Land during the 12th and 13th centuries. They were based at a number of sites in Nottinghamshire including Temple Bruer, Temple Newsham and Temple Belvoir. The knights are remembered for their courage, loyalty and dedication to their cause, as well as their impressive military prowess. The Order was disbanded in 1312 and is no longer active today, but they remain an important part of Nottinghamshire’s history. The Knights Templar arrived in Nottinghamshire in 1185. The order of the Knights Templar was a religious and military order that was founded in 1119 to protect Christian pilgrims travelling to the Holy Land. They were active in Nottinghamshire from the 12th century until their suppression in 1312. During this time, they established a number of preceptories throughout the county, including at Clipstone, Worksop, Mansfield Woodhouse and Southwell. The preceptories were used as centres of administration and as places of refuge for the sick and injured. The Knights Templar also held land in Nottinghamshire, some of which was used to fund their activities in the Holy Land. In 1296 they acquired a large estate near Newark from King Edward I which included two important manors; Newark and Balderton. This estate provided them with a significant income and allowed them to fund their crusading activities in the Middle East. In 1308, King Philip IV of France arrested all members of the order on charges of heresy and corruption and had them expelled from France. Following this, King Edward II issued an edict banning all Templars from England which led to their suppression across Nottinghamshire between 1312-1313.

Notable Knights Templar of Nottinghamshire

The Knights Templar were a military order of knights during the Middle Ages who fought to protect Christians in the Holy Land. The order was established in 1118 and flourished for two centuries, before being disbanded in 1312. During this time, many notable knights from Nottinghamshire served with distinction in the order.

Sir Roger de Mowbray was a prominent member of the Knights Templar and one of the most renowned warriors of his time. He was known as a brave and noble knight, and served with distinction in the Battle of Acre in 1191. He is also remembered for his charitable works, such as founding an abbey near Tickhill Castle.

Sir John de Strelley was another prominent Knight Templar from Nottinghamshire who fought at Acre alongside Sir Roger de Mowbray. He was noted as an able soldier and diplomat, taking part in several negotiations between Richard I and Saladin during their campaigns against each other.

Sir Henry de Longueville served with distinction in numerous wars in Europe and beyond, including campaigns against Islamic forces in Spain. He is remembered for his bravery on the battlefield and his dedication to defending Christian pilgrims travelling to Jerusalem from attacks by Saracen raiders.

Sir Thomas de Clifton was renowned for his bravery during the siege of Jerusalem by Saladin’s forces in 1187. He is said to have single-handedly held off an attack by Saracen cavalry while defending a bridge that allowed Christian pilgrims to escape safely from the city during its fall.

The Knights Templar were disbanded by Pope Clement V following accusations that they had become corrupt and involved in activities contrary to their religious beliefs. However, their legacy lives on through tales of their heroic deeds during some of Europe’s darkest days, with many prominent knights from Nottinghamshire among them.

The Roles & Responsibilities of a Knight Templar

The Knights Templar were a religious military order founded during the Crusades in the Middle Ages. They had a variety of roles and responsibilities, many of which were centred around protecting pilgrims travelling to and from the Holy Land. As such, Knights Templar were expected to live up to a high moral standard and commit to certain obligations in order to serve their purpose effectively.

One of the primary responsibilities of the Knights Templar was to protect Christian pilgrims who were journeying from Europe to Jerusalem. This was done by providing safe passage, shelter and provisions along their journey. It also involved defending them against any threats they may have encountered, such as bandits or hostile forces. In addition, they were also responsible for providing financial aid to those in need and helping local communities wherever possible.

The Knights Templar also had an important role in combatting heresy. They often engaged in debates with non-conformists on matters such as religious doctrine and moral ethics. They also served as inquisitors, conducting investigations into cases of suspected heresy or blasphemy and punishing those found guilty of such crimes accordingly.

In addition to these roles, the Knights Templar had an important spiritual duty as well. As members of a religious order, they were expected to live their lives according to certain principles such as piety and service to God. They also took vows of poverty, chastity and obedience which bound them together as a community devoted to their cause.

The life of a Knight Templar was no easy one; it demanded dedication, courage and loyalty above all else. However, by living up to their responsibilities faithfully, they helped ensure the safety and security of Christian pilgrims for centuries afterwards – an accomplishment that is still remembered today with admiration and respect.


The primary ideal of a Knight Templar is Chivalry, the concept of living with honor and upholding the moral code and virtues of loyalty, courage, justice, and respect. This code was embodied in the actions of a Knight Templar, who was expected to show courtesy, empathy, compassion, and selflessness in all his interactions. Templars were also expected to be truthful and forthright in their dealings with others. In addition to these core principles, a Knight Templar was expected to be brave in battle and never give up in the face of adversity.


Another key principle for a Knight Templar was service. Templars were expected to serve their fellow man by providing aid to those in need. This could mean anything from aiding the poor and sick to protecting those who could not protect themselves. A Knight Templar was expected to put aside his own needs and put others before himself whenever it was necessary or appropriate. This principle extended beyond just service for people; Templars were also expected to serve their lord or king faithfully and loyally.


Honor was also an important virtue for a Knight Templar. Honor meant that he must always strive for excellence in all his endeavors, no matter how difficult or challenging they may be. Honor also required that a Knight Templar stay true to his word once given; he should never break his promises or make false statements about himself or others. A Knight Templar was expected to lead by example and always strive for personal greatness.


Obedience was another fundamental principle of a Knight Templar’s life. He had an obligation to obey his lord or king without question, even if it went against his own personal beliefs or judgment. A Knight Templar must also obey any orders given by his superiors without hesitation; failure to comply with orders could result in serious punishment.


A Knight Templar had an obligation of loyalty both towards his peers as well as towards those he served. He was expected to remain faithful not only during times of adversity but also during times of prosperity; this meant that he should never betray those he had sworn loyalty too no matter what the circumstance might be.

Therefore, a Knight Templar was obligated to uphold the ideals of justice at all times; this means that he should always act fairly when dealing with others regardless of personal feelings or interests. In short, a Knight Templar held himself up as an example for others by living according to these principles and ideals at all times.

How the Knights Templar in Nottinghamshire Contributed to Society

The Knights Templar were a powerful religious and military order in the Middle Ages. They were active in Nottinghamshire, England from the 12th century until their dissolution in 1312. During this time, they contributed significantly to the social and economic development of Nottinghamshire.

The Knights Templar had a presence throughout Nottinghamshire, with many monasteries and churches being built by them across the county. These monasteries provided invaluable sanctuary for pilgrims travelling to Santiago de Compostela, as well as providing housing and support for the local population. The Knights Templar also built numerous castles across Nottinghamshire, which acted as strongholds against invaders.

The Knights Templar provided education and training opportunities for those living in Nottinghamshire. They established schools to teach reading, writing and arithmetic, as well as law and theology. They also established universities to provide higher education for those who wished to pursue it.

The Knights Templar also established hospitals throughout Nottinghamshire, which provided free medical care to those in need. These hospitals served not only as places of healing but also centers of learning where doctors could train in new treatments and techniques.

Therefore, the Knights Templar had a major influence on trade within Nottinghamshire. They established ports along the River Trent that allowed merchants from all over Europe to bring their goods into the county for sale or export. This increased trade activity helped to stimulate economic growth in Nottinghamshire, ensuring that its people prospered during an otherwise difficult period of history.

In reflection, it is clear that the Knights Templar had a significant impact on society during their time in Nottinghamshire. Their presence brought about improvements in education, health care, trade and security that would shape the county for centuries to come.

Joining the Knights Templar in Nottinghamshire

If you are interested in joining the Knights Templar in Nottinghamshire, there are a few steps you need to take. The first step is to contact the Grand Priory of England, Scotland and Ireland and request an application form. The Grand Priory is the governing body of all Knights Templar activity in the UK. Once your application has been received, it will be reviewed and you will be given an opportunity to discuss any questions or queries you may have.

Once your application has been accepted, you will be asked to attend a swearing-in ceremony and accept certain obligations and responsibilities as a member of the Order of Knights Templar. This ceremony usually takes place on a Saturday afternoon at one of the designated meeting places in Nottinghamshire.

At this ceremony, you will be presented with a white mantle, symbolising the purity of your intentions as a Knight Templar. You will then take an oath of loyalty and be officially recognised as part of the Order. After this ceremony, you will become a full knight with all privileges and responsibilities that come with it.

You will also need to pay annual membership fees to remain an active member of the Order. These fees go towards organising events and maintaining facilities for members throughout Nottinghamshire.

Therefore, once accepted into the Order, you can begin taking part in activities such as parades, ceremonies, meetings and social events. These activities are designed to keep members informed about current events within the Order and promote fellowship among its members.

Joining the Knights Templar in Nottinghamshire is open to anyone who holds true Christian beliefs and demonstrates an honourable character. By becoming part of this ancient order, you can help preserve its traditions while promoting its values amongst a new generation.

Current Activities of the Knights Templar in Nottinghamshire

The Knights Templar in Nottinghamshire are an active and vibrant organization. They are dedicated to preserving the legacy of the legendary medieval order of the same name, as well as maintaining its spiritual and charitable ideals. In Nottinghamshire, the Knights Templar are involved in a variety of activities. The most visible activity is their presence at events such as festivals, parades, and other community gatherings. Here they proudly display their banners and show off their regalia.

The Knights Templar also maintain a presence in Nottinghamshire through charitable works. They partner with local organizations to provide assistance to those in need, raising money for causes such as cancer research, children’s charities, veterans’ organizations, and more. The organization also works with local churches and other religious groups to provide spiritual guidance and support to those in need.

The Knights Templar also have a strong focus on education. They regularly host educational seminars on topics such as history, religion, and philosophy. They also sponsor educational trips for members of the order to visit historical sites related to the Knights Templar throughout Europe. This helps spread awareness about the order’s rich history and culture.

Therefore, one of the primary activities of the Knights Templar in Nottinghamshire is socializing with one another. Members regularly gather for meetings at various locations around town where they share stories about their own lives while reflecting on how they can live better lives following the teachings of the order. These gatherings help foster strong bonds between members that last long after they have gone home from their meetings.

Overall, through these various activities, The Knights Templar remain a vibrant part of life in Nottinghamshire today – keeping alive the legacy of a legendary medieval order while providing essential spiritual guidance and charitable support to those who need it most!

Benefits of Becoming a Member of the Knights Templar in Nottinghamshire

The Knights Templar in Nottinghamshire is a charitable organisation that offers a range of benefits to its members. By joining this organisation, individuals can benefit from the sense of community and camaraderie that comes with being part of such an exclusive group. Members also have access to exclusive events and social gatherings, as well as discounts on various products and services. Additionally, members can take advantage of the many educational opportunities offered by the organisation.

Community Connections

The Knights Templar in Nottinghamshire provides its members with a unique platform to connect with other like-minded individuals from around the world. Through networking events, social media groups and philanthropic initiatives, members can build meaningful relationships with people they would not otherwise have met. This helps to create strong bonds between members that would not be possible without the organisation’s support.

Exclusive Events

As a member of the Knights Templar in Nottinghamshire, individuals are invited to attend exclusive events hosted by the organisation. These could include lectures from esteemed speakers, opportunities for personal development or simply social gatherings where members can meet and share their experiences with one another. By attending such events, members have access to insights and perspectives that they would not ordinarily experience in their everyday lives.

Discounts and Deals

The Knights Templar in Nottinghamshire regularly hosts discount days where members can save money on various products or services ranging from clothing to travel tickets. This is an excellent way for members to save money while still enjoying quality goods and experiences. Additionally, there are often special deals available only for Knights Templar members which provides them with an even greater incentive to join this organisation.

Educational Opportunities

Members of the Knights Templar in Nottinghamshire have access to numerous educational opportunities that are designed to help them learn more about history, culture and other topics related to their membership. These courses range from lectures at local universities or seminars hosted by experts on particular subjects; all designed to deepen understanding and provide valuable knowledge applicable in everyday life. In addition, these courses also provide excellent networking opportunities which help strengthen relationships within the organisation’s community.

Last Thoughts

The Knights Templar of Nottinghamshire have a long and storied history. They were an integral part of the Crusades, the Medieval period, and even played a role in the formation of modern Freemasonry. Although their presence in Nottinghamshire is limited, there are still many reminders of their legacy that can be found throughout the county. This includes ancient churches, castles, and other monuments related to the Templars’ time in Nottinghamshire.

Today, many people are curious about the history of the Knights Templar and Nottinghamshire is a great place to start exploring this fascinating topic. With its numerous historical sites and artifacts, it is easy to gain an appreciation for the legacy left by this powerful medieval order.

In reflection, it is clear that the Knights Templar of Nottinghamshire played a significant role in shaping both medieval and modern history. Through their courage and dedication to their faith, they achieved great feats both during and after their time in Nottinghamshire. They remain an important part of our shared heritage which we can explore through visiting many of the sites related to them throughout the county today.

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