Royal Arch Kincardineshire

Royal Arch Kincardineshire is a Masonic Order in Scotland that has a rich history and heritage. It was established in 1787 and is the oldest Masonic Order in Scotland. The Grand Lodge of Scotland has granted it its own Charter, which makes it unique amongst the other Masonic Orders in Scotland. It is also one of the few Masonic Orders with its own Grand Chapter, which meets annually in Aberdeen. The Royal Arch Kincardineshire is dedicated to upholding the principles of Freemasonry and promoting friendship and brotherhood among its members. Its members strive to perpetuate the tenets of the Craft through regular meetings, social functions, charitable activities and special events. The history of Royal Arch Kincardineshire dates back to the 18th century when, in 1776, a group of Masons from Laurencekirk formed a Chapter that was to become known as the Royal Arch Kincardineshire. The Chapter received its Charter in 1789 and is one of the oldest Chapters in Scotland. Since its inception, the Chapter has gone from strength to strength and has been actively involved in a number of charitable works over the years. In addition, it has also established close ties with other Chapters within Kincardineshire and beyond. It is an active part of the local community and has been involved in numerous fund-raising activities for local charities. The Chapter continues to meet on a regular basis at St Bride’s Hall in Laurencekirk, with members from across Scotland attending.

Royal Arch Kincardineshire

Royal Arch Kincardineshire is a historical Masonic lodge located in the Scottish county of Kincardine. It was originally founded in 1778 as a meeting place for Freemasons from the area, and has been actively involved in the local community ever since. The lodge is particularly known for its vibrant and colourful history, as it has been home to some of Scotland’s most renowned Masons, including Robert Burns and Thomas Carlyle. Today, Royal Arch Kincardineshire offers a warm welcome to all who visit, with regular meetings and special events held throughout the year.

As well as being a Masonic lodge, Royal Arch Kincardineshire is also an important historic building in its own right. It has been listed on Historic Scotland’s register of buildings since 1969, and contains many beautiful features such as stained glass windows and ornate ceilings. The lodge is open to the public on certain days throughout the year, so visitors can explore its fascinating past first-hand.

The Royal Arch Kincardineshire is also home to an impressive collection of Masonic regalia and artefacts, which includes some very rare items that date back to the early days of Freemasonry in Scotland. These are on display in the museum within the lodge, which is open to visitors who wish to learn more about this unique part of Scotland’s history.

The Royal Arch Kincardineshire Lodge remains an active part of Scottish Freemasonry today, providing a place for members from across Scotland to come together and celebrate their shared heritage. The lodge continues to be involved in charitable works both locally and further afield; it recently donated funds towards relief efforts during natural disasters such as hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Visitors are always welcome at Royal Arch Kincardineshire Lodge – whether you are looking for a unique venue for your special event or simply want to explore its rich history – you will be sure to find something of interest here!


Royal Arch Kincardineshire is located in northeast Scotland, south of Aberdeen. The area covers a wide range of terrain, from the rolling hills of the coastal plain to the rugged mountains and glens of the highlands. The region is known for its dramatic scenery and picturesque villages.


The Royal Arch Kincardineshire has a rich history dating back to medieval times. It was once part of the Kingdom of Scotland, before it was annexed by England in 1603. During this period, many castles and stately homes were built in the area, including Dunnottar Castle near Stonehaven. In 1745, Bonnie Prince Charlie made his way through Royal Arch Kincardineshire on his march to reclaim the British throne for the Stewart dynasty.


The culture of Royal Arch Kincardineshire reflects its history and location. It is a mix of traditional Scottish Highland culture with modern influences from its larger cities. Music and dance are popular throughout the region, with traditional instruments such as bagpipes and fiddles played at local ceilidhs (traditional Gaelic gatherings). There are also several whisky distilleries in the area that produce some excellent single malt whiskies.


Royal Arch Kincardineshire is home to some stunning natural scenery, with rolling hillsides, lochs (lakes) and forests providing a peaceful backdrop to any visit. The region is also home to some rare wildlife species such as golden eagles, red deer and otters which can be seen in their natural habitats. There are several nature reserves in the area which provide opportunities for visitors to learn more about local flora and fauna.

Culture of Royal Arch Kincardineshire

The culture of Royal Arch Kincardineshire is rooted in its long history and is a unique blend of old and new. Throughout the centuries, the people have developed a strong sense of identity and pride in their heritage. This culture is reflected in the architecture, music, art, literature, language and customs that are all distinctly Royal Arch Kincardineshire.

The region has a strong agricultural tradition, and the local cuisine reflects this with dishes such as cullen skink (a smoked haddock soup) and clootie dumpling (a spiced fruit pudding). The area also has a thriving music scene, with traditional folk music being particularly popular. There are plenty of festivals throughout the year to enjoy too!

Royal Arch Kincardineshire’s art scene is vibrant and exciting. From the work of renowned painters such as William McTaggart to contemporary digital artists such as Chris Rutterford, there is something for everyone. The galleries that can be found around the region are a testament to this diversity.


The local dialect in Royal Arch Kincardineshire is known as Doric Scots or simply Doric. It is an English dialect that has been influenced by Gaelic and Scots languages over time. It can be heard in everyday conversations between locals or at social events where songs or stories are shared with friends and family.


The people of Royal Arch Kincardineshire take great pride in their customs and traditions which have been passed down over generations. These include popular events such as Up-Helly-Aa (a Viking-style fire festival held on Shetland) or Stonehaven Fireball Festival which takes place each New Year’s Eve. There are also traditional sports such as caber tossing which can be seen at Highland Games throughout Scotland each year.

Overall, Royal Arch Kincardineshire has a unique culture that has been shaped by its long history and diverse influences over time. From its art to its language to its traditions, it offers something for everyone to enjoy!

Famous Landmarks in Royal Arch Kincardineshire

Royal Arch Kincardineshire is home to some of Scotland’s most iconic landmarks. The region has a long and rich history, with many buildings and monuments that have been standing for centuries. From the famous Dunnottar Castle to the beautiful Balmoral Castle, the area is full of incredible sights that have been treasured throughout the ages.

One of the most impressive landmarks in Royal Arch Kincardineshire is Dunnottar Castle. This medieval fortress stands on an exposed rocky outcrop, overlooking the North Sea. It was used as a royal residence by early Scottish Kings and has been used as a military stronghold over the centuries. Visitors can explore the ruins and get a glimpse into its past through guided tours, or simply admire its grandeur from afar.

Balmoral Castle is another must-see landmark in Royal Arch Kincardineshire. Located on the banks of River Dee, it was built in 1848 for Queen Victoria and has since become a popular tourist destination. The grounds are open to visitors during certain times of year, allowing them to marvel at its stunning architecture and beautiful gardens.

The region also boasts several other historical monuments that are worth exploring. The Bourtie Stone Circle is a Neolithic monument which dates back 4500 years and consists of seven large stones arranged in a circle formation. The ancient church at St Cyrus is also worth visiting, where you can admire its beautiful stained glass windows and take part in guided tours around its grounds.

Royal Arch Kincardineshire offers something for everyone with its wealth of attractions and landmarks – from castles and monuments to picturesque gardens and churches – making it an ideal destination for anyone looking to explore Scotland’s fascinating history.

Dunnottar Castle

Dunnottar Castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Royal Arch Kincardineshire. The castle sits atop a rocky outcrop on the North Sea coast, and its dramatic setting has been used as a backdrop for films such as ‘Hamlet’ and ‘The Crown’. The castle’s history dates back to the 900s, and it has been through many sieges and battles over the centuries. Visitors can tour the castle’s ruins, explore its secret tunnels, and take in stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

Stonehaven Harbour

Stonehaven Harbour is another popular spot in Royal Arch Kincardineshire. This picturesque port town is home to a bustling harbour with plenty of fishing boats and working harbourside businesses. Visitors can take a stroll along the waterfront promenade, enjoy some of Stonehaven’s excellent seafood restaurants, or simply admire the views from its harbour walls. Stonehaven Harbour is also home to an annual fire festival which takes place each winter.

Banchory Museum

The Banchory Museum is an excellent place to learn about Royal Arch Kincardineshire’s history and culture. The museum houses a wide range of artefacts from pre-historic times through to the present day, giving visitors an insight into how life has changed over time in this part of Scotland. The museum also hosts regular events such as lectures, workshops and exhibitions which are all free of charge.

Crathes Castle

Crathes Castle is one of Scotland’s most impressive castles and makes for an interesting day out when visiting Royal Arch Kincardineshire. This 16th century tower house sits among beautiful gardens and parkland in rural Aberdeenshire. Visitors can explore Crathes Castle’s grand interiors which feature intricately carved wooden ceilings, ornate furniture and impressive fireplaces. There are also interactive activities for children such as dressing up in period costumes or trying their hand at archery.

The Glenshee Ski Centre

Located high up in the Cairngorms National Park, The Glenshee Ski Centre is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts visiting Royal Arch Kincardineshire. This ski centre offers year-round skiing on slopes suitable for all ages and abilities, as well as snowshoeing trails, toboggan runs and chairlift rides with spectacular views across the Cairngorm Mountains. There are also cafes serving hot drinks and snacks throughout the day.

Royal Arch Kincardineshire Events and Festivals

Royal Arch Kincardineshire hosts a variety of events and festivals throughout the year. From local food festivals to music festivals, there is always something to enjoy in the area. In early summer, the Stonehaven Food Festival celebrates local cuisine from all over Scotland. This event takes place in the historic harbor of Stonehaven, and features cooking demonstrations, live music, and plenty of delicious food.

The Royal Deeside Music Festival is another popular event in Royal Arch Kincardineshire. This event takes place each August and features a variety of musical performances from both local and international acts. There is also a selection of traditional Scottish folk music performances throughout the weekend. This festival is a great opportunity for visitors to experience traditional Scottish culture in a modern setting.

The Ballater Highland Games are another fixture on the Royal Arch Kincardineshire calendar each year. This festival celebrates traditional Scottish culture with music, dance, athletics, and Highland games such as caber tossing and hammer throwing. The festival draws spectators from all over Scotland, so it’s certainly an event worth attending if you’re in the area during this time!

No matter what time of year you visit Royal Arch Kincardineshire, you can be sure that there will be some exciting events or festivals taking place! If you’re looking for an authentic Scottish experience with plenty of cultural activities to enjoy, then Royal Arch Kincardineshire is definitely worth exploring!

Food and Cuisine of Royal Arch Kincardineshire

Royal Arch Kincardineshire is a region in Scotland that is renowned for its diverse and unique cuisine. The area has been home to many different cultures over the centuries, which has contributed to the variety of flavours found here. From traditional Scottish fare to more modern fusion dishes, there is something for everyone in this part of the country.

The traditional cuisine of the region is largely based on fresh, local ingredients, such as fish and seafood from the nearby sea and rivers. Potatoes, turnips, oats and barley are all staples found in many recipes. Meat-based dishes such as haggis are also popular and served with a variety of sides. Vegetables are often prepared simply with butter or cream sauces that bring out their natural sweetness. Traditional Scottish desserts such as cranachan or shortbread are also popular.

The area has seen an influx of new flavours in recent years due to immigration. Indian food is especially popular in this part of Scotland, with a wide range of spices used to create unique dishes. Other cuisines from around the world can also be found here, such as Italian, Chinese and Middle Eastern fare.

In addition to restaurants serving traditional fare from around the area, there are also plenty of pubs serving hearty pub grub that includes fish and chips or bangers and mash. Pubs are also a great place for a pint of local ale or whisky – both staples in Royal Arch Kincardineshire!

No matter what type of food you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Royal Arch Kincardineshire! With its mix of traditional Scottish flavours and international dishes, there truly is something for everyone here – making it one of Scotland’s most diverse culinary destinations.

Last Thoughts

Royal Arch Kincardineshire is a unique and fascinating chapter of Scotland’s history. It has been a source of pride and inspiration for generations, with its grand architecture, rich history and incredible archaeological finds. It is a place that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. The area is full of wonderful attractions, ranging from the ancient stone circles to the breathtaking lochs and mountains. Whether you are looking for a day trip or an extended holiday, Royal Arch Kincardineshire is the perfect destination to explore and discover all that Scotland has to offer.

The people of Royal Arch Kincardineshire have worked tirelessly over the years to preserve and protect their cultural heritage, ensuring that future generations can enjoy it too. This effort has been rewarded by the UNESCO World Heritage Site designation, which recognizes the outstanding universal value of this area. Royal Arch Kincardineshire is truly one of Scotland’s gems and should be treasured by everyone who visits it.

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