Royal Arch Yorkshire, North Riding

The Royal Arch Yorkshire, North Riding is a group of freemasons who have come together to promote friendship, knowledge and fellowship. Founded in 1767 by Thomas Dunckerley in York, the Royal Arch Yorkshire has been a staple of Masonic culture for centuries. The group meets regularly to share and discuss masonic principles and practice various forms of ritual activities. Members of the Royal Arch Yorkshire are committed to helping each other grow in Masonic knowledge and providing support to fellow members, both within the region and beyond. The Royal Arch Yorkshire, North Riding is a historic county in the north of England. It borders the counties of Westmorland, Durham, Northumberland and Cleveland. The region was established in 1253 and has a population of approximately 1.2 million people. The area is renowned for its stunning coastline, rolling hills and vibrant towns and cities. It is also home to some of England’s most important historical sites, including Whitby Abbey, Castle Howard and Fountains Abbey. The region also boasts many beautiful parks and gardens as well as a number of excellent museums and galleries. As well as its rich history, the Royal Arch Yorkshire area offers some excellent shopping opportunities, with designer boutiques in Harrogate and York, along with numerous independent stores throughout the county. There are also many fine restaurants offering a variety of international cuisines as well as traditional English fare. From music festivals to food festivals or just relaxing by the coast or inland lakes, Royal Arch Yorkshire has something for everyone to enjoy.

History of Royal Arch Yorkshire, North Riding

The Royal Arch Yorkshire, North Riding is a freemason organization that dates back to the mid-18th century. It was founded in 1778 by Thomas Dunckerley, a renowned English Freemason. The organization is part of the United Grand Lodge of England, and its members are known as Royal Arch Masons. The Royal Arch Yorkshire holds meetings throughout the year in various locations across the county and is open to all qualified Freemasons.

The mission of the organization is to bring together like-minded men who are interested in learning more about Freemasonry and its principles. Through fellowship, education, charity work, and ritualistic ceremonies, members of the Royal Arch Yorkshire strive to promote moral values and service to humanity.

The Royal Arch Yorkshire is divided into several chapters across North Riding which hold regular meetings and social events throughout the year. The organization hosts annual dinners and Grand Festivals which bring together members from all over Yorkshire to celebrate their shared beliefs. Additionally, there are two lodges dedicated solely for female masons located in York – The Chapter of Prudence lodge for ladies over 18 years old, and The Lodge of Strict Observance for ladies between 16-18 years old.

The membership process involves an application form which must be approved by a minimum of two current members before being accepted into the organization. Prospective members must also demonstrate an understanding of Freemasonry principles before they can become full members.

In addition to supporting local charities through donations and volunteer work, members of Royal Arch Yorkshire also provide guidance to new masons on how to practice their craft responsibly. They offer lectures on Masonic history as well as advice on how to improve one’s character by adhering to moral values such as honesty and respectfulness.

Royal Arch Yorkshire has been active since its inception more than 200 years ago and continues to attract new members from all over North Riding who are eager to learn more about Freemasonry and its traditions. It remains an important part of the region’s cultural heritage and provides a platform for like-minded individuals who are passionate about promoting moral values through fellowship and charitable works.

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