Royal Arch Oxfordshire

The Royal Arch Oxfordshire is an ancient and revered Masonic Lodge located in the historic city of Oxford, England. Founded in 1790, this esteemed lodge has been at the heart of Freemasonry in Oxfordshire for over two centuries. In that time, it has developed a reputation as one of the most respected and influential Masonic Lodges in England. It is an active and vibrant organisation which continues to play an important part in the development and promotion of Freemasonry across Oxfordshire and beyond. With its grand lodge hall, impressive library and rich history, Royal Arch Oxfordshire is an essential part of Freemasonry in England. Royal Arch Oxfordshire is a chapter of the international Masonic organization known as the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of England. It is responsible for overseeing the operations of all Royal Arch Masons in Oxfordshire, which includes organizing meetings, mentoring members and promoting fellowship among its members. It also works to preserve the history and traditions of Freemasonry in Oxfordshire by providing educational events and activities for its members.


The history of Royal Arch Oxfordshire is a fascinating one. It is a story that spans centuries and encapsulates the development of a rich and vibrant cultural heritage. With its unique architecture, cultural and religious connections, and its many great historical sites, Royal Arch Oxfordshire has much to offer those who take the time to explore it. Here we will take a look at some of the key aspects of the history of Royal Arch Oxfordshire, from its origin to its modern-day relevance.


The origin of Royal Arch Oxfordshire dates back to the early 12th century when it was first established as a Priory by Henry I, King of England. The Priory was established as part of his efforts to strengthen his power in the region and to provide for his own spiritual needs. Over time, the Priory grew into an influential religious center that attracted pilgrims from all over Europe. In 1177, Henry II granted the Priory’s lands to St Frideswide’s Abbey in Oxford, which became one of the richest abbeys in England.


In 1291, Edward I granted special charters to Royal Arch Oxfordshire that entitled it to hold an annual fair. This fair included markets for goods from across England as well as sports and entertainment such as jousting tournaments. This tradition continues today with an annual fair held each year in October. During this period, Royal Arch Oxfordshire also saw extensive architectural development with many prestigious buildings being erected including churches such as St Frideswide’s Church.

Modern Day Relevance

Today, Royal Arch Oxfordshire is still home to many historical sites including Blenheim Palace, St Frideswide’s Church and Magdalen College among others. It also continues to be a popular tourist destination with people visiting from all over the world each year. The area is renowned for its stunning architecture and scenic landscapes as well as its strong cultural heritage making it an ideal location for those looking for a unique holiday experience or just wanting to explore some fascinating history.

The Purpose of Royal Arch Oxfordshire

Royal Arch Oxfordshire is a group dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the ancient and traditional workings of the Craft. It is an organisation of Freemasons who meet together in lodges and hold regular meetings to discuss and debate Masonic matters and share ideas. The purpose of Royal Arch Oxfordshire is to provide an environment for Freemasons to explore, learn, share and practice their craft in a safe and supportive manner.

The Royal Arch Oxfordshire also acts as a platform for education and research into the history, symbolism, philosophy and traditions of Freemasonry. The group also encourages members to grow spiritually through fellowship and mentoring. Every meeting includes a debate or discussion on a chosen topic which contributes to the learning experience.

The Royal Arch Oxfordshire is also committed to providing support for its members through various activities such as charity initiatives, social functions, educational opportunities and other events which promote Masonic values. Members are encouraged to make an effort to attend these events in order to take part in the fellowship that exists within the group.

Therefore, Royal Arch Oxfordshire provides support for its members by offering advice on Masonic matters related to ritual proceedings, membership issues or anything else that may be of assistance. This ensures that all members are kept up-to-date with developments within the Craft as well as assisting them in maintaining their own personal growth within Freemasonry.

In reflection, the purpose of Royal Arch Oxfordshire is to provide a supportive environment for Freemasons to explore their craft in an atmosphere of learning, fellowship and spiritual growth while also offering guidance on Masonic matters.

Membership Requirements for Royal Arch Oxfordshire

To become a member of Royal Arch Oxfordshire, you must be a Master Mason in good standing in a Lodge that is recognized by the United Grand Lodge of England. Membership to Royal Arch is not automatic; you must apply to join. You will need to provide your current Masonic membership certificate and proof that you have been a Master Mason for at least four weeks. Once accepted, you will be required to pay an initiation fee and dues.

Royal Arch Oxfordshire requires all members to abide by its Code of Conduct and Constitution, which outlines the expectations and responsibilities of members. It is important that all members adhere to these standards as they are the foundation of the fraternity and ensure its integrity. Additionally, members are expected to attend meetings regularly and participate in other activities of the chapter such as degree work, social events, and fundraising endeavors.

Royal Arch Oxfordshire also offers additional opportunities for growth through its affiliations with other chapters throughout England. By joining our chapter, members can benefit from these affiliations and gain access to resources such as educational materials, workshops, lectures, and more.

We invite any Master Mason in good standing who meets our membership requirements to apply for membership with Royal Arch Oxfordshire today!

Networking Opportunities

Being part of the Royal Arch Oxfordshire offers a wealth of opportunities for networking and forming contacts in the local area. The organisation provides members with access to a variety of social events, business and professional meetings, and other activities. This makes it easy to meet people from all backgrounds and make valuable connections. Additionally, Royal Arch Oxfordshire holds regular seminars and workshops to help members build their skills and learn more about the local business environment. These events provide excellent opportunities for networking with like-minded individuals in the local community.

Community Involvement

Royal Arch Oxfordshire is dedicated to helping members become more active in their local community. Through its various outreach programmes, members are given the opportunity to volunteer their time to help with local causes and initiatives. This allows members to make an impact on their community while also benefiting from the experience of working alongside other volunteers.

Educational Benefits

Royal Arch Oxfordshire offers its members a range of educational benefits such as access to lectures, seminars, and workshops from leading industry experts. These events provide valuable insights into various topics related to business and professional development. Additionally, through its various programmes, Royal Arch Oxfordshire provides access to resources such as books, magazines, videos, and other materials that can help members gain new knowledge or hone existing skills.

Professional Development

Joining Royal Arch Oxfordshire gives members access to a range of professional development opportunities. The organisation offers mentoring programmes that provide guidance on how individuals can reach their career goals as well as expert advice on how they can progress in their chosen field. Additionally, members can take advantage of Royal Arch Oxfordshire’s job search services which provide assistance when looking for new roles or moving up within existing ones.

Social Gatherings

As part of its mission, Royal Arch Oxfordshire organises regular social gatherings where members can come together and enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed atmosphere. These gatherings allow individuals to form meaningful relationships with others in the organisation while also enjoying delicious food and drinks provided by the organisation itself. Through these social gatherings, members are able to build strong bonds that will last beyond membership with Royal Arch Oxfordshire.

Events Hosted by Royal Arch Oxfordshire

The Royal Arch Oxfordshire is proud to host a variety of events throughout the year. From talks and lectures to workshops and seminars, there is something for everyone at these inspiring gatherings. Whether you are looking to learn something new or simply enjoy the company of others, these events are sure to provide an enriching experience.

The Royal Arch Oxfordshire hosts a range of lectures throughout the year, with topics ranging from history and science to art and culture. These lectures provide a great opportunity for those interested in any of these areas to gain knowledge and insight into their chosen field.

Workshops are also regularly hosted by the Royal Arch Oxfordshire, providing an interactive way to learn about a particular subject. This could be anything from cookery classes to woodworking workshops – whatever your interests are, there will likely be something available that meets your needs.

Seminars also take place at the Royal Arch Oxfordshire on a regular basis, allowing individuals to gain valuable information on specific topics. These seminars often focus on business-related topics, such as marketing or finance, but they can also cover more general topics like health and wellness.

Lastly, the Royal Arch Oxfordshire plays host to many social gatherings throughout the year. These gatherings provide a great opportunity for people in the community to meet up and get to know one another better in a relaxed atmosphere – something that can often be hard to come by in today’s busy world.

No matter what type of event you are looking for, you can be sure that there is something available at the Royal Arch Oxfordshire that will suit your needs!

Joining Royal Arch Oxfordshire

The Royal Arch Oxfordshire is an organisation that helps to support the local community in various ways. Joining this organisation is a great way to get involved with the local community and make a difference. To become a member of the Royal Arch Oxfordshire, you must first be sponsored by an existing member who has been in the organisation for at least one year. You will then need to attend an introductory meeting and sign up for membership.

Benefits of Membership

Once you become a member of Royal Arch Oxfordshire, you will have access to various benefits, such as discounts on local services and events, access to social activities and volunteer opportunities, and free use of the organisation’s facilities. You will also have the opportunity to get involved in various projects that are aimed at helping people in need or improving the local environment.

Volunteering Opportunities

Royal Arch Oxfordshire offers a number of volunteering opportunities for its members. These include helping out at events or with local projects, leading walks or talks, helping with fundraising campaigns, or providing administrative support. The organisation also holds regular social events for members, which offer a great chance to meet new people and learn more about the work of the organisation.

Keeping Up-To-Date

Royal Arch Oxfordshire also publishes regular newsletters which keep members informed about upcoming events and activities. Members can also join one of the many discussion forums available on their website where they can share ideas or ask questions about different topics related to their work. This is a great way to stay connected with other members and keep up-to-date with what’s happening in their area.

Royal Arch Oxfordshire

The Royal Arch Oxfordshire is a masonic organization dedicated to providing support and resources to its members. The organization has a variety of activities and programs designed to help its members gain knowledge and experience in the masonry craft. It also serves as a gathering place for like-minded individuals to socialize and share their experiences. The Royal Arch Oxfordshire provides an invaluable source of information on all aspects of masonry, from history to ritual, as well as advice on how to best utilize the craft.

Membership Benefits

Membership in the Royal Arch Oxfordshire provides many benefits, including access to educational materials, networking opportunities, and access to exclusive events. Members can take part in lectures, classes, workshops, field trips, and other activities designed to expand their knowledge of the craft. They also have access to special events such as banquets and dinners held in celebration of milestones or achievements within the organization.

Resources for Members

The Royal Arch Oxfordshire offers a variety of resources for its members including books, newsletters, magazines, online forums and blogs, as well as an extensive library containing books on every aspect of masonry. Members can also take advantage of the many resources offered by the organization such as webinars, podcasts, videos and other digital media content. Additionally, members can participate in discussion groups where they can ask questions and share experiences with other members.

The Royal Arch Oxfordshire also provides its members with access to mentors who can provide guidance on topics related to masonry or offer moral support when needed. The organization also offers scholarships for those looking to further their education or get certified in a particular area within the craft. Therefore, members can benefit from discounts on products and services related to masonry when available.

Last Thoughts

The Royal Arch Oxfordshire is a unique and storied landmark located in the heart of England. It is a stunning example of traditional English architecture, with its impressive stone arches and detailed decorations, and its historical significance cannot be overstated. Whether you are a history buff or simply looking for an impressive structure to marvel at, the Royal Arch Oxfordshire is certainly worth visiting.

The Royal Arch Oxfordshire also offers a variety of activities, from guided tours to special events like weddings and corporate functions. No matter what your reason for visiting, the Royal Arch Oxfordshire is sure to provide an unforgettable experience.

In reflection, the Royal Arch Oxfordshire is one of England’s most beautiful and iconic landmarks, offering visitors an opportunity to explore its rich history while also taking in its stunning architecture. Its many activities make it an ideal destination for anyone looking to explore the area or simply enjoy a unique experience.

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