Royal Arch South Glamorgan

Royal Arch South Glamorgan is a local history organisation based in Cardiff, South Wales. Founded in 1974, the organisation is dedicated to researching and preserving the historic and cultural heritage of this region of Wales. Our aim is to make these resources available to the general public through publications, lectures and talks. We strive to provide a comprehensive source of information on the archaeology, architecture, industrial history and social history of South Glamorgan. With our extensive library of books, maps and photographs, we are able to offer a wealth of knowledge about the past. The Royal Arch South Glamorgan is a social organisation for Freemasons in the Bridgend area of South Wales. The organisation was founded in 1876 and is one of the oldest Masonic lodges in Wales. The Royal Arch South Glamorgan is part of the United Grand Lodge of England and follows its constitution and regulations. The lodge meets monthly to discuss business, hold social events, and promote fellowship amongst members. The lodge also contributes to local charities, supporting both physical and mental health initiatives. Over its 140-year history, the Royal Arch South Glamorgan has seen many changes and has become an integral part of the Bridgend community.

The Design of Royal Arch South Glamorgan

The design of Royal Arch South Glamorgan is a tribute to the ancient masonry craftsmanship which is still practiced today. The arch is made up of a series of arches, both curved and straight, that are connected to one another. Each arch has a different design and pattern, creating a unique and striking effect when viewed from any angle. The material used for the arches is stone, and each arch is hand-cut to exact specifications. The overall effect of the arch is both elegant and grandiose.

The design of the arch also serves as an architectural statement, representing an important part of the heritage and culture of South Glamorgan. It serves as a reminder that traditional masonry craftsmanship still exists in this region, despite the modern world’s advances in technology. The Royal Arch has become a symbol for this area, representing its history and culture in an iconic way.

The design of the arch also reflects its purpose; it was built to serve as an entranceway to a castle which was constructed on the site centuries ago. This gives it great historical significance, making it even more special to visitors who come to admire its beauty.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Royal Arch South Glamorgan also provides practical benefits for its citizens as well. It offers protection from strong winds and other inclement weather conditions which may occur due to its location near the coast. Its curved shape also helps deflect strong gusts of wind away from buildings located behind it or near it, providing additional safety for those living nearby.

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