Masonic Lodge Clackmannanshire

The Masonic Lodge Clackmannanshire has been providing fellowship and charitable activities to the local community for over 250 years. It is one of the oldest Masonic Lodges in Scotland, having been established in 1766. The lodge is a member of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, one of the oldest and most respected Masonic organisations in the world. As well as providing fellowship and charitable activities, it also provides education and guidance to its members. There are currently over 400 members, who come from all walks of life. Every year, the lodge holds a range of events in order to raise funds for its various charitable projects. The Masonic Lodge Clackmannanshire dates back to at least 1781, when it was established as a branch of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. The Lodge was originally known as Lodge St. John No.20 on the Roll of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, and its first meeting was held in Alloa in 1781. In 1828, a new constitution was adopted and the name changed to Lodge Clackmannanshire No.90. This lodge is still active today, and still meets regularly at its purpose-built premises in Alloa, Clackmannanshire. Over the years, many distinguished Masons have been members of this lodge, including William Wallace (1768-1843), the celebrated Scottish freedom fighter. The history of this lodge is an important part of Scotland’s rich Masonic heritage, and its continued existence is testament to the dedication and commitment of generations of Masons in Clackmannanshire.

Masonic Lodge Clackmannanshire Membership

The Masonic Lodge Clackmannanshire is a well-known organization dedicated to the advancement of Freemasonry in the local area. The lodge offers its members the chance to socialize, attend meetings, and take part in regular activities. Membership of the lodge is open to all Freemasons, regardless of their background or where they live. In order to become a member of the Masonic Lodge Clackmannanshire, there are certain requirements that must be met. Firstly, prospective members must be a Master Mason in good standing with a recognised Grand Lodge. They must also be free from any debts or obligations to any other body or organisation. Additionally, applicants must demonstrate commitment to the principles and values of Freemasonry and show that they have made a positive contribution to their local community.

Once these requirements are met, prospective members can submit an application form which will be assessed by the current membership committee. Successful applicants will then be invited for an interview with the committee and if successful, will receive their invitation to join. On acceptance of this invitation, new members will pay an initiation fee and become part of one of four Lodges – each with its own unique culture and traditions.

The Masonic Lodge Clackmannanshire also provides important support for its members in terms of welfare and charity work. The lodge runs various fundraising events throughout the year as well as providing assistance to those who may require it due to financial hardship or illness. Furthermore, members can benefit from regular social events such as dinners and dances which provide an excellent opportunity for networking and creating new connections within the Masonry community.

Structure of the Masonic Lodge Clackmannanshire

The Masonic Lodge Clackmannanshire is a part of an international organisation known as Freemasonry. This organisation has a hierarchical structure, which is reflected in the structure of the Lodge itself. At the top of the Lodge’s hierarchy is the Grand Master, who is responsible for overseeing all of its activities. Beneath him are a number of officers, including Worshipful Masters, Senior and Junior Wardens and other officials. These officers are responsible for running the day-to-day operations of the Lodge and ensuring that it runs smoothly.

The members of the Lodge are divided into three separate bodies: The Entered Apprentices, The Fellowcrafts and The Master Masons. Each group has its own set of rules and regulations that must be followed by all members in order to ensure that everyone works together harmoniously. All members must also take part in regular meetings and rituals in order to keep up with Masonic traditions and practices.

The Lodge also has a number of committees that are responsible for carrying out specific tasks. These include committees for finance, charity work, education and public relations. There are also committees dedicated to helping new members learn more about Freemasonry and its history, as well as those dedicated to helping existing members progress further within Freemasonry.

The Masonic Lodge Clackmannanshire is an important part of Freemasonry in Scotland and plays an important role in helping to spread its teachings throughout society. It provides guidance on how to live life according to Masonic principles and helps promote unity among all Freemasons throughout Scotland.

Benefits of Joining the Masonic Lodge Clackmannanshire

Joining the Masonic Lodge Clackmannanshire is an excellent way to experience a range of benefits. The Lodge provides its members with an opportunity to take part in a variety of rewarding activities and social events, which can help them to develop new skills and gain valuable life experience. Additionally, the Lodge provides its members with access to a network of like-minded individuals and the opportunity to contribute to their local community.

The Masonic Lodge Clackmannanshire offers its members a range of activities, such as educational lectures, charitable projects, and social gatherings. These activities provide members with the chance to broaden their knowledge and learn about topics such as history, philosophy, law, and science. Furthermore, these events also offer members the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with other Masons from across Scotland and beyond.

The Masonic Lodge Clackmannanshire also provides its members with access to a wide range of resources which can help them in their personal and professional development. These include mentorship programmes, scholarship opportunities, job postings, and career counselling services. Moreover, the Lodge has developed strong links with local businesses which can help members find employment or start their own business ventures.

Therefore, by joining the Masonic Lodge Clackmannanshire you will be able to make a positive contribution to your local community through various charitable initiatives. These include food drives for those in need, helping disadvantaged children get access to education, supporting elderly citizens in need of assistance or funding for medical treatment for those in financial hardship.

In reflection, joining the Masonic Lodge Clackmannanshire offers many exciting benefits including educational growth opportunities, networking potentials and access to invaluable resources that can help you grow on both personal and professional levels as well as helping you give back your local community.


Freemasonry is an international fraternal organization with a long and storied history. It is the world’s oldest and largest fraternity, with millions of members worldwide and tens of thousands of local lodges. Freemasonry is based on a system of moral and spiritual principles which promote a sense of brotherhood, self-improvement, tolerance, and charity. Freemasonry encourages its members to be active in their communities, to engage in charitable works, and to help others in need. The organization also has a strong commitment to education, providing scholarships and other forms of assistance for those in need. Freemasonry is an inclusive organization that welcomes people from all walks of life into its ranks. There are no religious or political tests for membership, only a belief in higher moral values and a desire to do good in the world. Freemasonry offers its members the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals who have similar values, as well as the chance to learn more about themselves and the world around them.

Freemasonry also has its own unique ceremonies and rituals that are based on ancient traditions. These rituals include prayer, symbolism, lectures, music, processions, costumes, lectures on moral philosophy and self-improvement advice. Through these ceremonies members strive towards the goal of self-development through knowledge and understanding. Freemasonry provides its members with opportunities for personal growth through social interaction with fellow Masons as well as through charitable works that benefit their communities.

Events Organised by the Masonic Lodge Clackmannanshire

The Masonic Lodge Clackmannanshire aims to provide a platform for its members to come together, celebrate their shared values and beliefs and engage in social activities. The Lodge regularly organises events that help to further these objectives. Some of the most popular events organised by the Masonic Lodge Clackmannanshire are as follows:

The Lodge hosts several social events throughout the year, such as dinners, concerts, theatre performances and other entertainment. These events are designed to bring members together in a relaxed atmosphere and provide an opportunity for them to get to know each other better.

The Lodge also organises educational events which help members gain a greater understanding of the Masonic principles and beliefs. These events include lectures, seminars and workshops on topics such as Freemasonry history and philosophy.

In addition, the Lodge runs charity fundraising events throughout the year. These are often organised in conjunction with other local charities or organisations so that more people can benefit from the funds raised.

Therefore, the Masonic Lodge Clackmannanshire also hosts special annual gatherings such as its Annual General Meeting (AGM). This is an important event for all members which allows them to review their progress over the previous year and set goals for the future.

Charities Supported by the Masonic Lodge Clackmannanshire

The Masonic Lodge Clackmannanshire is an organisation dedicated to charitable giving and community development in the local area. The Lodge supports a range of charities, both local and national, dedicated to helping those in need. The charities supported by the Lodge are varied and include those providing emergency services, food banks, medical support, housing assistance programmes and much more.

The Lodge has been active in fundraising activities with all proceeds going towards the charities it supports. Fundraising events have included sponsored walks, music festivals, quizzes and auctions. The Lodge is also heavily involved in volunteer programmes with members donating their time to help local causes such as soup kitchens or homeless shelters.

In addition to actively fundraising for charity, members of the Lodge also contribute financially through their membership fees. These funds are used to provide essential items such as clothing and food for those in need. The members also participate in donation drives throughout the year which can include anything from clothing collections to toy drives.

The Masonic Lodge Clackmannanshire is committed to making a positive difference in its community through charitable giving and volunteerism. By supporting these charities, they are able to make a real difference in their community by helping those who need it most.

Famous Members of the Masonic Lodge Clackmannanshire

The Masonic Lodge Clackmannanshire has produced some very famous members, including many prominent politicians, business leaders, and celebrities. Some of the most notable members have included former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, comedian Billy Connolly, actor Ewan McGregor, and musician Sting.

The Lodge has also been home to many well-known scientists and academics, such as Sir Alexander Fleming, inventor of penicillin; physicist Stephen Hawking; and Nobel Prize winner John Nash. Another notable member was novelist J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series.

The Lodge has a long history in Scotland and was founded in 1736 by William Stirling and William Ramsay. Since then it has been home to some of the most influential people in Scotland’s history. The Lodge is still active today and offers a wide range of activities for its members including lectures, social events, and educational programs.

The Masons of Clackmannanshire have been instrumental in advancing the causes of freedom and justice around the world. They have provided much-needed help to those affected by poverty or natural disasters and have played an important role in promoting tolerance and understanding between different cultures.

The Masons of Clackmannanshire are proud to count so many famous members among their ranks who continue to serve as an inspiration to others throughout Scotland and beyond.

Last Thoughts

The Masonic Lodge Clackmannanshire has a long and distinguished history. Over 200 years of service to the local community, it has provided invaluable support, fellowship, and education to its members. The lodge is an important part of the local community, and its legacy will continue to be remembered for many years to come.

The lodge is a home away from home for many of its members, providing a safe space in which they can build lasting relationships and grow as people. With its commitment to charity work and education, the lodge is creating a brighter future for all who live in Clackmannanshire.

The Masonic Lodge Clackmannanshire continues to be a beacon of hope within the community, providing support and guidance for generations to come. It is truly an inspiring example of how Freemasonry can bring people together in service of their fellow man.

For those wishing to become involved with the Masonic Lodge Clackmannanshire, membership is open to all who are willing and able to meet the requirements set out by their respective Grand Lodges. By doing so, you will be joining a timeless tradition that has been serving mankind since time immemorial.

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