Royal Arch Halton

Welcome to the Royal Arch Halton. Established in 1885, Royal Arch Halton is one of the oldest active Masonic Lodges in Ontario. We are a vibrant, diverse and welcoming group of Freemasons who come together for fellowship, charity and service. Our lodge is based in Burlington, Ontario and our members come from across the Greater Toronto Area. We strive to promote the values of Freemasonry: brotherly love, relief and truth. We are dedicated to serving our community through our charitable initiatives and involvement on committees throughout the region. The Royal Arch Halton is a historic landmark located in Halton, Ontario, Canada. It is one of the oldest Masonic lodges in Canada and has been in continuous operation since 1815. The lodge consists of a two-story building with a large central hall and several small meeting rooms. The building is decorated with Masonic symbols and artifacts, including an Iron Cross from 1885. The Royal Arch Halton also serves as a community gathering place for events such as weddings, concerts, and other special occasions. It has been designated as a National Historic Site of Canada due to its significance to the history of Freemasonry in Canada.


The history of Royal Arch Halton is an integral part of the story of Ontario’s Freemasonry. The chapter has a rich heritage that spans over two centuries, tracing its roots back to the early 19th century. It has played an important role in the development of Freemasonry in Ontario, and its members have been actively involved in many of the major events and movements that have shaped the province’s Masonic history. This article seeks to provide an overview of Royal Arch Halton’s past, including its founding, development, and legacy.

Founding and Early History

The first mention of Royal Arch Halton can be found in a document from 1815 that lists its members. The chapter was founded by a group of Scottish Masons who had emigrated to Canada from Scotland and England. This group included Alexander Hamilton, William Caldwell, Thomas Wilson, and John Henry D’Arcy. The original charter for Royal Arch Halton was granted by Grand Lodge of Scotland on March 5th 1817.

Growth and Expansion

In the years following its founding, Royal Arch Halton experienced steady growth and expansion. By 1820, there were over fifty members registered with the chapter. By 1825, this number had grown to nearly one hundred members. In 1829, Royal Arch Halton received its first Grand Master’s Certificate from Grand Lodge of Canada West (now known as The United Grand Lodge of England). This certificate allowed the chapter to expand further into what is now known as Southwestern Ontario.

20th Century Developments

In the 20th century, Royal Arch Halton continued to play an active role in Ontario Freemasonry. In 1924, it became one of the founding chapters of The Supreme Grand Chapter Of Canada (SGCC), which is now one of two governing bodies for Freemasonry in all parts of Canada except Alberta and Saskatchewan. In addition to this formal recognition as part of SGCC’s structure, Royal Arch Halton also played a major role in developing other aspects of Masonic culture in Ontario such as ritual performance and charitable activities.


Today, Royal Arch Halton remains an active chapter within Ontario Freemasonry. Its members are still actively involved in promoting Masonic values such as brotherhood and charity within their communities through various events such as fundraising dinners or public lectures on Freemasonry topics. As such, it continues to play an important role in preserving Ontario’s Masonic heritage for future generations.


The Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Halton is a prominent organization in the region that is dedicated to preserving and promoting the tradition of Royal Arch Masonry. The Grand Chapter has been in existence since 1878, and it has been at the forefront of promoting the values of Freemasonry in Halton. The Grand Chapter is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all members, as well as providing educational programs and activities that will help members grow in their knowledge of Masonic principles.


The Grand Chapter was founded in 1878 by a group of local Freemasons who were dedicated to preserving and promoting the principles of Royal Arch Masonry. Since its inception, the Grand Chapter has been instrumental in establishing Masonic Lodges throughout Halton, as well as helping to educate new members on the traditions and principles of Freemasonry. Over time, the Grand Chapter has grown to become one of the most respected organizations within Freemasonry, with its members having served as leaders at both state and national conventions.


The Grand Chapter is organized into three distinct branches: The Royal Arch Masons (RAM), The Cryptic Masons (CM), and The Knights Templar (KT). Each branch has its own set of officers, committees, and rituals that are designed to help promote and preserve Masonic principles. All members are required to adhere to the Code of Conduct established by the Grand Chapter, which outlines proper behavior for all members while interacting with each other or attending events.


The Grand Chapter holds regular meetings throughout Halton where members can get together to discuss relevant topics related to Freemasonry. Additionally, there are various educational opportunities available for members who wish to increase their knowledge about Masonic principles or learn more about different aspects of Royal Arch Masonry. The Grand Chapter also organizes events such as dinners or social gatherings where members can come together for fellowship.

Last Thoughts

The Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Halton is an important part of Freemasonry in Halton. It provides an important outlet for those who wish to further their knowledge about Masonic principles while also building relationships with other like-minded individuals who share similar values. Through its various activities, events, and educational opportunities, the Grand Chapter continues to be a strong presence within Halton’s Masonic community.

Types of Membership in Royal Arch Halton

Royal Arch Halton is an organization that provides its members with a sense of community and fellowship. The organization offers a variety of membership types to suit different needs, allowing members to choose the type that best meets their requirements.

The first type of membership is the Active Member. This type of member is an active participant in the organization and attends meetings, events and functions. Active Members have a say in how the organization is managed and can vote on decisions made by the leadership team.

The second type of membership is the Associate Member. This type of member has less involvement in the running of the organization but still enjoys the same benefits as an Active Member. Associate Members are allowed to attend meetings but are not eligible to vote on decisions made by the leadership team.

The third type of membership is Honorary Membership. This type of member does not actively participate in any meetings or events, but rather receives recognition for their service to Royal Arch Halton. Honorary Members may be presented with awards or other honors at ceremonies or other special occasions held by Royal Arch Halton.

Therefore, there is also Lifetime Membership available for those who have been a part of Royal Arch Halton for many years and wish to remain a part of it forever. Lifetime Members receive all benefits as an Active Member, including voting rights, without having to pay any dues or fees associated with regular membership fees.

These are just some of the types of membership available at Royal Arch Halton – so be sure to explore all your options before making your decision!

Lifelong Fellowship

The Royal Arch Halton is a fellowship of like-minded individuals who are united in a common purpose. We offer lifelong fellowship and support to our members. Our members are diverse, and come from all walks of life. With the help of our experienced and dedicated team, we strive to create an environment where everyone can feel welcome and accepted.

Access to Resources

At Royal Arch Halton, we provide access to valuable resources that can help our members develop their skills and achieve their goals. We offer a variety of educational programs, seminars, and workshops designed to keep our members up-to-date on the latest developments in their field or area of interest. We also have an extensive library with books, periodicals, and other materials that can be used by our members for research or self-study.

Opportunities for Networking

We understand the importance of networking and developing connections with other professionals in your field. That’s why we host regular events such as conferences, workshops, meetups, and social gatherings where our members can get together and exchange ideas. These events provide an excellent opportunity for members to build relationships with one another and broaden their networks.

Leadership Development

At Royal Arch Halton, we believe in helping our members become better leaders. We provide leadership training programs that teach essential skills such as communication, decision making, problem solving, conflict resolution, delegation, project management, team building, and more. These programs are designed to help our members become more effective leaders in their respective fields.

Supportive Environment

We strive to create a supportive environment where all of our members feel comfortable expressing themselves freely without fear of judgement or criticism. We also provide mentorship opportunities so that new members can learn from experienced professionals who have already achieved success in their fields.

Overall, joining Royal Arch Halton provides its members with many benefits such as lifelong fellowship; access to valuable resources; opportunities for networking; leadership development; and a supportive environment for growth.

Requirements to Become a Member of Royal Arch Halton

The Royal Arch Halton is an exclusive fraternity that requires its members to meet certain qualifications. To become a member, you must first be a Freemason in good standing with a lodge that is recognized by the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario. You must also be at least 18 years of age and demonstrate proficiency in the three degrees of Freemasonry. Furthermore, you must be sponsored by an existing member and submit an application to the Chapter for consideration.

Once your application is approved, you will need to complete several steps before being formally initiated as a member of Royal Arch Halton. First, you will need to take part in a series of lectures and examinations designed to test your knowledge and understanding of the mysteries of Freemasonry. Additionally, you will have to pass an oral examination administered by the Chapter’s officers. This is followed by a ceremony in which you are formally accepted into the fraternity.

Lastly, as with all other Masonic orders, members are expected to adhere to certain rules and regulations during their tenure in Royal Arch Halton. This includes dressing appropriately for meetings and events, showing respect for fellow members, behaving with dignity at all times, and paying any required dues or fees on time. By adhering to these rules and regulations, members can ensure that their membership in Royal Arch Halton remains enjoyable and rewarding for everyone involved.

Events Organized by Royal Arch Halton

Royal Arch Halton is an organization that has been organizing various events in the Halton area for a long time. These events include sporting events, art exhibitions, cultural festivals, and other community activities. The Royal Arch Halton also hosts a variety of educational programs and workshops on a regular basis.

The organization has organized various sporting events in the past such as hockey tournaments, soccer tournaments, baseball tournaments, and basketball tournaments. These events have been very popular among the local community and have drawn large crowds from all around the region.

In addition to sporting events, Royal Arch Halton also organizes art exhibitions and cultural festivals throughout the year. These exhibitions showcase works from local artists and provide an opportunity for people to learn more about traditional art forms from different cultures. The cultural festivals feature traditional music and dance performances from around the world as well as food stalls selling delicious cuisine from many countries.

The organization also holds educational programs throughout the year which focus on topics such as science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) education as well as other important life skills such as financial literacy. These educational programs are designed to help students develop their knowledge base and gain important skills that can help them succeed in their future endeavors.

Overall, Royal Arch Halton is committed to providing a wide range of activities for the local community to enjoy. The organization continues to host numerous events throughout the year in order to promote an active lifestyle and foster a sense of community spirit in the Halton area.

Awards & Recognition Received by Royal Arch Halton

Royal Arch Halton is a proud recipient of numerous awards and recognitions for their outstanding efforts in the field of hospitality. The team at Royal Arch Halton has consistently delivered exemplary services to its guests, which has been recognised by industry experts and peers.

The hotel has been awarded the ‘Best Hotel in Ontario’ award by the Ontario Hospitality Awards for two consecutive years. This award serves as a testament to their hard work and dedication to delivering top-notch hospitality services.

Other recognitions received include the ‘Best Service Delivery Award’ from Hotels Magazine, ‘Best Hotel Team of the Year’ award from Tourism Canada, and ‘Customer Satisfaction Award’ from International Hospitality Services.

All these awards and recognition are a reflection of Royal Arch Halton’s commitment to delivering quality services to its guests. The team at Royal Arch Halton continuously strives to deliver superior hospitality experiences that exceed expectations and create lasting memories for all their guests.

Last Thoughts

Royal Arch Halton has made a lasting impression on those who have visited its grounds. From its beautiful architecture to the warm and welcoming atmosphere, it is a place unlike any other. Its rich history and significance to the local community make it a unique destination for anyone looking to experience something truly special. The staff at Royal Arch Halton are dedicated to ensuring visitors enjoy their stay and have a memorable experience. Visitors have praised the site for its friendly atmosphere, great food and excellent service from the staff. With so much to offer, Royal Arch Halton is a must-visit destination for anyone who wants to explore the beauty of North Yorkshire or take a step back in time.

Whether you’re looking for a day trip or an overnight stay, Royal Arch Halton provides an unforgettable experience that will leave you wanting more. From its grand exterior to its warm and inviting interior, Royal Arch Halton is certainly worth seeing if you’re ever in the area. So why not take some time out of your busy schedule and pay a visit to this unique piece of North Yorkshire heritage?

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