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The Masonic Lodge Stirlingshire, located in the historic city of Stirling, Scotland, is a vibrant and active lodge of Freemasons dedicated to promoting fellowship and good works according to the ancient customs and principles of Freemasonry. Founded in 1781, the Lodge is one of the oldest Masonic Lodges in Scotland and has been an integral part of the local community for over two centuries. The Lodge meets regularly throughout the year for meetings, lectures and dinners as well as taking part in charitable events. The Lodge also has its own museum which houses a collection of Masonic artifacts and memorabilia from its long history. All Freemasons are welcome to attend meetings at Masonic Lodge Stirlingshire where they will find a warm welcome from our members. The history of Masonic Lodge Stirlingshire dates back to 1743 when the first lodge, a branch of Lodge Kilwinning, was established in Stirling. This original lodge was chartered by the Grand Lodge of Scotland and is known as Stirling Royal Arch Lodge No. 8. This lodge still exists today, and meets every third Saturday in the month at the Masonic Hall in Stirling. Since its inception, many other lodges have been created in Stirling and throughout the county of Stirlingshire, with some meeting in historic locations such as Doune Castle and Blair Drummond House. Today there are thirteen active lodges in the county with a combined total membership of approximately 400 members.

Meaning of Masonic Lodge Stirlingshire

Masonic Lodge Stirlingshire is an organization of Freemasons located in the county of Stirlingshire in Scotland. The Lodge was established in 1717 and is one of the oldest Masonic Lodges in Scotland. The purpose of the Lodge is to provide education, fellowship, and charity to its members and to promote the advancement of Masonry in the county. The Lodge is affiliated with the Grand Lodge of Scotland, which is the governing body for all Scottish Masonry.

The primary focus of Masonic Lodge Stirlingshire is to promote the moral, social, and spiritual development of its members through Freemasonry. The Lodge encourages its members to strive for excellence and work towards achieving a better understanding of themselves and others. Additionally, it seeks to foster fellowship amongst its members by providing opportunities for social gatherings and activities that promote fellowship and camaraderie amongst them.

The Lodge also seeks to provide assistance to those who are less fortunate by offering financial aid, resources, and support services to those in need. In addition to these charitable works, the lodge also engages in various other activities such as organizing educational programs for its members as well as providing support for local schools and organizations.

Therefore, Masonic Lodge Stirlingshire strives to maintain a strong connection with its roots by preserving its history through events such as lectures on Freemasonry, tours of historic sites related to Masonry, and other activities which help ensure that future generations will be able to understand their heritage. This helps keep alive the traditions and values which have been passed down from generation-to-generation within the lodge.

In summary, Masonic Lodge Stirlingshire strives to provide a safe haven for members where they can learn about Freemasonry while at the same time promoting charity work within their community. By doing so it ensures that Masonry will remain a vital part of Scottish culture for many years into the future.

Membership Requirements for Masonic Lodge Stirlingshire

The Masonic Lodge Stirlingshire is a venerable organization that has been around for hundreds of years. It is a respected and esteemed organization of Freemasons who are dedicated to furthering the principles and values of Freemasonry. In order to join the Masonic Lodge Stirlingshire, there are certain membership requirements that must be met.

The first requirement is that the prospective member must be a man of good moral character and reputation. This means that he must be someone who is known to conduct himself in an upright manner and is respected in his community. A Mason will also need to have a belief in a Supreme Being, no matter what religion they may practice or ascribe to.

The second requirement is that the prospective member must show proof of his age, which at minimum should be 21 years old. The third requirement is that the prospective member must make an application for membership to the Lodge’s secretary in writing, and pay an initiation fee as specified by the Lodge.

In addition, there may also be certain personal references required from existing members of the Lodge or other Masons in good standing as part of the application process. Once accepted into membership, all members are required to pay their dues regularly according to their degree and rank in the Lodge.

The Masonic Lodge Stirlingshire offers its members many benefits such as an opportunity for personal growth through education, fellowship and service activities within the community. It also provides support networks for Masons both locally and worldwide and encourages charitable works on behalf of those less fortunate than ourselves.

Membership in this venerable organization brings with it a great sense of pride, honor and responsibility – something every Mason should strive for throughout their life journey!

Rituals & Traditions of Masonic Lodge Stirlingshire

Masonic Lodge Stirlingshire is one of the oldest and most respected Masonic lodges in Scotland. The lodge has been in existence for over two centuries and has been dedicated to preserving the traditions of Freemasonry. Over the years, the lodge has hosted numerous meetings and events to commemorate important occasions, as well as to promote fellowship among its members. The rituals and traditions of the lodge are highly respected and followed by all members.

The rituals and traditions practiced by Masonic Lodge Stirlingshire are based on strict codes of conduct that are designed to ensure that all members act with respect and integrity. These codes include a commitment to upholding the principles of Freemasonry, such as brotherly love, relief, and truth. In addition, there is a strong emphasis on developing a sense of fraternity among members through social activities, such as banquets, dinners, dances, parades, and field days.

The rituals of the lodge involve formal ceremonies that are conducted prior to each meeting in order to welcome new members into the fold. During these ceremonies, new members are presented with a Masonic ring which symbolizes their acceptance into the fraternity. The ring is then worn throughout their time as a member of the lodge. Other rituals include initiation ceremonies for new members as well as ceremonial installations for officers within the lodge.

In addition to these formalities, there are several other traditions observed by Masonic Lodge Stirlingshire that help foster camaraderie among its members. These include special dinners held after each meeting where members can share stories from their own lives or exchange ideas about current issues facing Freemasonry in general. There is also an annual dance held during summer months which serves as an opportunity for all members to get together and enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed setting.

Masonic Lodge Stirlingshire continues to be one of Scotland’s foremost lodges when it comes to preserving its rich history and upholding its rituals and traditions. Through its commitment to upholding these values, it has become a beacon for those seeking knowledge about Freemasonry or looking for fellowship with like-minded individuals in Scotland’s most prestigious organization – Freemasonry.

Famous Members of Masonic Lodge Stirlingshire

Masonic Lodge Stirlingshire has been home to some of the most famous figures in British history. From kings and queens to authors, actors, scientists and politicians, many have been members of the lodge and continue to be today. Some of the more well-known members include:

King George V was a member of the Stirlingshire lodge and was initiated in 1921. He was followed by his son, King Edward VIII, who was also initiated into the lodge in 1927.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of Sherlock Holmes and other famous works, was also a member of Masonic Lodge Stirlingshire. He was initiated during his visit to Edinburgh in 1881 and continued to be a member until his death in 1930.

Actor John Wayne had a brief involvement with Masonic Lodge Stirlingshire when he visited Scotland in 1945. Although he never became a full member, he attended a few meetings before leaving Scotland for Hollywood.

Politicians who have been members include former Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, who joined in 1920, as well as more recent Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

Scientist Ernest Rutherford was a prominent member of Masonic Lodge Stirlingshire for many years. He joined in 1907 and remained active until his death in 1937. He is remembered for his many accomplishments including being the first person to split an atom.

These are just a few of the famous people who have been associated with Masonic Lodge Stirlingshire over the years. It is an honor to be associated with such esteemed members and their legacy continues on today through those who continue their work within the lodge’s walls.


Joining a Masonic Lodge in Stirlingshire provides members with the opportunity to form meaningful relationships with other similarly minded individuals. This camaraderie is invaluable for individuals who may be feeling isolated or who are seeking fellowship with like-minded people. The connection and friendship that come from being part of a Masonic Lodge can help alleviate feelings of loneliness and provide an environment where members can socialize, learn new skills, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Sense of Belonging

By becoming a member of a Masonic Lodge, you gain access to a community of individuals who share your values and beliefs. This sense of belonging can be extremely beneficial for those who may feel disconnected from society or are struggling to find their place in the world. Knowing that you have people around you who share your worldview can give you a newfound sense of purpose and motivation.

Opportunities for Growth

The Masonic Lodges in Stirlingshire provide members with countless opportunities to grow as individuals. Through regular meetings, members can gain insight into different philosophical concepts, exchange ideas about relevant topics, and even learn new skills. Additionally, joining a Masonic Lodge in Stirlingshire can open up many doors for professional development as well as personal growth and enrichment.

Charitable Contributions

Masonic Lodges are committed to helping those in need within their local communities. By joining one of the lodges in Stirlingshire, members have the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to those less fortunate than themselves. Whether it’s volunteering time or donating money, being part of a lodge means being part of something bigger than yourself – something that has the potential to make real change in people’s lives.

Financial Benefits

In addition to the intangible benefits mentioned above, joining a Masonic Lodge also comes with some financial perks. Members often receive discounts on goods and services from local businesses as well as exclusive access to certain events or activities. Furthermore, many lodges offer their members competitive rates on insurance policies or other financial products that can help them save money over time.


Masonic Lodge Stirlingshire holds a variety of events throughout the year. These events range from educational talks and lectures, to social gatherings and dinners. Members of the Lodge also participate in local charity events and fundraising activities. In addition, Masonic Lodge Stirlingshire hosts its own annual ball, which provides a great opportunity for members to socialise and celebrate their mutual love of Freemasonry.


The Lodge also provides a range of activities for members to take part in. These activities include sporting competitions such as darts and snooker, as well as educational activities such as debate nights and puzzle evenings. There are also craft classes available, where members can learn about the history and traditions of Freemasonry while creating beautiful works of art or jewellery.

Overall, Masonic Lodge Stirlingshire is a great place for Freemasons to come together to share knowledge, enjoy each other’s company and make lasting friendships.

Locations of Masonic Lodges in Stirlingshire

Masonic Lodges are fraternal organizations that practice a system of ethics and moral values based on the teachings of Freemasonry. They exist in many countries around the world, with each jurisdiction having its own governing laws and regulations. Stirlingshire, located in the central belt of Scotland, is home to many Masonic Lodges. The Lodges are spread across various localities in the county.

In Stirlingshire, there are Masonic Lodges located in Bridge of Allan, Bannockburn, Callander, Crianlarich, Denny, Dunblane, Falkirk, Grangemouth and Kilsyth. The Bridge of Allan Lodge is situated near the main street and is one of the oldest lodges in Scotland. The Bannockburn Lodge is located close to the Battle of Bannockburn site and looks out over a picturesque valley. In Callander, there is a lodge called Loch Lomond No 545 which dates back to 1829.

The Crianlarich Lodge No 1325 can be found at the foot of Ben More mountain and has been functioning since 1889. Denny Lodge No 1216 is situated close to Denny town centre with easy access from Glasgow and Edinburgh. The Dunblane Lodge No 993 has been operating since 1895 while the Falkirk Lodge No 1168 was established in 1873. Grangemouth’s Lodge No 757 can be found close to Grangemouth town centre while Kilsyth’s Lodge No 1409 was established in 1884.

These Masonic Lodges offer a range of activities for its members such as formal dinners, social events and lectures on Freemasonry topics as well as educational meetings that discuss topics related to philosophy and morality. They also provide an opportunity for members to come together for fellowship and friendship as well as networking opportunities with other Masons from different parts of Scotland and beyond.

In addition to this, some lodges also offer financial assistance or support for those who are in need or require assistance due to ill health or other difficulties they may face in life. By joining a Masonic lodge you can become part of an international network that shares common values and beliefs which makes it easier for like-minded people from all walks of life to come together regardless of their background or circumstances.

If you would like more information about any particular lodge or would like to apply for membership then please visit their individual website or contact them directly using the details provided on their website or through other sources such as local newspapers or directories.

Last Thoughts

Masonic Lodge Stirlingshire has been a strong presence in the community for many years. It has provided a safe haven for those who wish to explore Freemasonry and its values. It is important to note that Masonic Lodge Stirlingshire is open to people of all ages, gender, race, religion and belief system. With its commitment to providing education and support for its members, it can be seen as a great asset to the local community.

The Lodge also works hard to reach out into the community and provide assistance wherever it can. Its charitable works are an example of how much it values the lives of its members and those in the local area.

Overall, Masonic Lodge Stirlingshire is an integral part of the local community and should be welcomed as such. Its commitment to helping others is commendable and should be praised by all who encounter it.

Wrap Up

Masonic Lodge Stirlingshire provides a unique opportunity for individuals to explore Freemasonry while making valuable contributions to their local community. With its commitment to providing education and support for its members, it serves as an indispensable asset in the area. Through its charitable works, it demonstrates its dedication to helping those around them in need. Masonic Lodge Stirlingshire is certainly an asset worth celebrating and supporting in our community!

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