Knights Templar North Somerset

The Knights Templar North Somerset is an association of like-minded individuals who share a common interest in the history and activities of the original Knights Templar, an organisation founded in the 12th century. We are based in North Somerset, England and are a non-political, non-religious group, open to anyone with an interest in the Order and its history. Our members range from casual hobbyists to professional historians and archaeologists. We offer educational events, activities, research trips and social gatherings for our members and guests, all with a focus on learning more about this fascinating part of our past. We welcome anyone with an interest in learning more about this fascinating part of history to join us!The Knights Templar North Somerset, formally known as the Preceptory of Temple Cloud, is a historic religious and military organisation that was established in North Somerset, England in 1185. The Order was originally created to protect pilgrims travelling to the Holy Land from attacks by Muslim forces. Over the centuries, the Knights Templar became one of the most powerful military orders in Europe and had strongholds throughout England and Scotland. They were eventually suppressed by King Philip IV of France in 1307 and disbanded by Pope Clement V in 1312.

However, the legacy of the Knights Templar lived on in North Somerset where the Preceptory of Temple Cloud was founded around 1185. This particular Preceptory was built on land donated by Robert FitzHarding and William de Monceux who were both members of the Order. It is believed that this site served as an administrative centre for various other Templar properties throughout England and Scotland.

The Preceptory was abandoned after 1307 when all Templars throughout Europe were arrested or killed, but it still stands today as a reminder of their legacy. The remains include a chapel, a hall and various other structures that date back to medieval times. The site also contains several Templar-style crosses which provide further evidence of its heritage.
The Knights Templar North Somerset have been remembered over time through local festivals such as Templefest which celebrate their long history in North Somerset.

The Knights Templar North Somerset

The Knights Templar North Somerset is an organisation dedicated to preserving the legacy of the medieval Knights Templar. The group was established in 2012 and is based in the historic town of Glastonbury, England. The organisation aims to promote and protect the legacy of the Knights Templar through education, research and re-enactment.

The core values of the group are honour, courage, faith, service and loyalty. Members are encouraged to explore their own spiritual paths while also taking part in historical research, re-enactment events and charitable works. The group also organises lectures, seminars and other events which focus on topics such as history, mythology and philosophy.

The group’s activities include regular meetings which focus on topics related to the history of the Knights Templar as well as guided tours of historic sites associated with them. Additionally, members take part in ceremonial events such as parades and feasts which celebrate the spirit of the order.

Therefore, members work together to support local charities through fundraising activities such as bake sales or sponsored walks. All proceeds from these activities are donated to organisations that help those in need within their local community.

In all its activities and initiatives, The Knights Templar North Somerset seeks to honour and celebrate the order’s noble heritage whilst also promoting a spirit of charity and community service.

Who are the Members of Knights Templar North Somerset?

The Knights Templar North Somerset is a group of individuals who have dedicated themselves to the preservation and advancement of the medieval order of the Knights Templar. The members of this organization are a diverse group, ranging from individuals who have a strong interest in the history and culture of the Middle Ages to those who are actively involved in the re-enactment and recreation of historical events.

The members of this group come from all walks of life, including historians, re-enactors, historians, retired military personnel, law enforcement personnel, and many others. All members must meet strict criteria in order to become a member. This includes having an interest in learning about the history and culture of medieval Europe as well as an understanding that there is more to it than just dressing up in period clothing.

The organization also requires its members to adhere to certain ethical standards and values that reflect their commitment to preserving and protecting the legacy of the Knights Templar. These include respect for all people regardless of gender, race or creed; honesty and integrity; dedication to upholding justice; and loyalty to their fellow Templars.

The organization is open to anyone who meets these criteria. It offers its members various activities and events such as lectures on medieval history, educational trips to places associated with the Order, social gatherings, military drills, re-enactments, armouring workshops, swordplay tournaments and other activities designed to promote camaraderie among its members.

In addition to these activities, the organization also provides assistance with research on various topics related to medieval history as well as helping its members develop skills related to swordsmanship or armouring. By becoming a member of this organization one can benefit from an increased knowledge base about medieval times while being exposed to a wide variety of historical experiences that can provide insight into our past.

Role and Purpose of Knights Templar North Somerset

The Knights Templar North Somerset is an organization that has been established to promote the legacy of the medieval Knights Templar. The organization is a historical society that is dedicated to researching and preserving the history of the medieval military order. The organization also works to educate people on the history and culture of the medieval period. It also serves as a platform for members to share their knowledge, experiences, and insights on the subject.

The Knights Templar North Somerset aims to promote education about the history and culture of the Middle Ages through lectures, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, and other events. They also work with other institutions to bring medieval history alive through interactive activities such as reenactments and performances. Additionally, they work with schools and other educational institutions to provide educational activities related to medieval history.

The organization also provides support for individuals who are interested in researching or studying aspects of medieval life. This includes providing access to resources such as books, websites, and other sources of information related to the topic. Furthermore, they provide guidance on how best to pursue research in this area.

Therefore, they provide a platform for members to interact with each other through social events such as dinners, luncheons, field trips, workshops, symposiums etc., which promote fellowship among members while providing an opportunity for them to learn more about the medieval period from each other.

In short, The Knights Templar North Somerset has been established with a mission of promoting education about medieval history by preserving its legacy and providing educational activities related to it. It also provides a platform for members to interact with each other while learning more about this fascinating period in time.


The Knights Templar North Somerset is an organization dedicated to upholding and promoting the principles of justice and fairness. Through our rules and regulations, we strive to ensure that all members of the Order are held to a high standard of conduct and performance. As such, it is important for everyone in the Order to be familiar with our rules and regulations. This document outlines the general principles and expectations of membership within the Order.

Membership Requirements

In order to become a member of the Knights Templar North Somerset, applicants must meet certain qualifications. These include attaining at least 18 years of age, being a practicing Christian, and demonstrating good moral character. All applicants must also provide two letters of recommendation from individuals who are already members of the Order.

Code of Conduct

All members of the Knights Templar North Somerset are expected to abide by a strict code of conduct while participating in any activities related to the Order. This includes respecting fellow members, refraining from any physical or verbal aggression, adhering to all directives given by senior officers, and maintaining a safe environment for everyone involved. Violations can result in disciplinary action being taken against those responsible.

Rights & Responsibilities

Each member has certain rights while being part of the Knights Templar North Somerset. These rights include access to any events or activities sponsored by the Order, as well as access to educational resources related to topics such as history or philosophy. Members also have certain responsibilities while part of the Order, including attending all meetings when possible and following directives issued by senior officers.

Last Thoughts

In reflection, it is important for all current and prospective members of the Knights Templar North Somerset understand our rules and regulations before joining or participating in any activities related to the organization. By adhering to these guidelines, we ensure that everyone involved upholds our values and strives for excellence in all aspects of their lives as part of our Order.

Benefits of Joining the Knights Templar North Somerset

The Knights Templar North Somerset is a fraternal organization dedicated to fostering camaraderie and promoting goodwill among its members. The organization was founded in 1799 and has since grown to be one of the most popular organizations in the United Kingdom. Membership in the organization offers a variety of benefits, including support for charitable causes, access to exclusive events, and discounts on products and services.

One of the most significant benefits of joining the Knights Templar North Somerset is access to exclusive events. Members are invited to attend annual banquets, social gatherings, and other activities that are only available to members. These events provide an opportunity for members to meet each other and form lasting friendships. Additionally, some events are held at prestigious venues such as castles or manors, making them even more special.

Membership also provides access to charitable activities that help people in need around the world. The organization is actively involved in fundraising efforts for various causes such as health care for children, food banks for the homeless, disaster relief programs, and more. By joining the Knights Templar North Somerset, members can take part in these initiatives and help make a difference in the lives of others.

Therefore, members receive discounts on a variety of products and services such as travel arrangements, entertainment tickets, clothing purchases, restaurant meals, and more. This offers an opportunity for members to save money while still enjoying all that life has to offer.

In short, membership with the Knights Templar North Somerset provides numerous benefits that can be enjoyed by both individuals and families alike. From exclusive events to discounted products and services, there are many reasons why joining this fraternal organization is a great idea.

Events and Activities Organized by Knights Templar North Somerset

The Knights Templar North Somerset have a long and distinguished history in the region, and have been organizing a variety of events and activities since the early 19th century. From their annual regimental parades to their weekly meetings, they strive to provide an enriching experience for all those involved.

The Knights Templar North Somerset also organize events such as charity fundraisers, educational days, and other community-based activities. These events are often aimed at raising money for local charities or organizations, as well as providing educational opportunities to members of the community. They also host social gatherings such as picnics and barbecues in order to bring together members of the community.

In addition to these organized events, there are a number of other activities that the Knights Templar North Somerset organize. These include sporting activities such as archery and fencing, historical re-enactments, battle re-enactments, hikes and camping trips, as well as lectures on topics related to the Order’s history.

The Knights Templar North Somerset is also active in promoting awareness about their organization’s ideals of justice and chivalry. They regularly participate in public speaking engagements at schools or other public venues in order to spread their message of justice and chivalry in an effort to create a more just society.

The Knights Templar North Somerset is dedicated to providing its members with quality experiences both on and off the battlefield. They strive to foster an environment of friendship and camaraderie among its members through organized events such as parades, picnics, hikes, lectures, battle re-enactments, archery tournaments and other activities that promote fellowship among its members.

Ultimately, the goal of all these organized events is to promote a sense of belonging among all those who call themselves ‘Knights’. Their mission is not only one of defending justice but also one of bringing together people from different backgrounds with similar values in order for them to work together towards achieving shared goals.

How to Become a Member of the Knights Templar North Somerset

The Knights Templar North Somerset is an organization dedicated to providing spiritual and financial support to those in need. Membership in the Knights Templar North Somerset is open to any Christian who wishes to serve their faith and community. To become a member, one must first meet the requirements of the Order, which includes being a confirmed and practicing Christian, professing allegiance to the Order’s principles, and being able to demonstrate good moral character.

Once the requirements have been met, prospective members must complete an application form for consideration by the Order’s leadership. The application should include information such as name, address, age, occupation, church affiliation (if applicable), marital status, and contact information. Applicants should also provide references from two people who can vouch for their character.

After submitting an application form, applicants may be asked to attend an interview with a member of the Order’s leadership or to take part in some other form of assessment. If approved by the Order’s leaders, applicants will be invited to take part in a series of initiation rituals that signify their acceptance into the Knights Templar North Somerset.

Members are expected to remain active in their local church or spiritual community and participate in events organized by the Order. They are also required to pay annual dues and maintain an active membership status with the Knights Templar North Somerset. By following these guidelines and committing themselves to serve their faith and community, members can become part of this historic order that has served Christians for centuries.

Last Thoughts

The Knights Templar of North Somerset have been a part of the area for centuries. They have provided protection and assistance to residents in times of need. The order has evolved over time, adapting to changing circumstances and needs. Today, the Knights Templar are still found in North Somerset, providing a wide range of services including charity work and education. The Knights Templar are an important part of the North Somerset community and will continue to offer their support for years to come.

The legacy of the Knights Templar is one that is steeped in history and respect. They have played a vital role in the development and growth of North Somerset over many centuries. From their origins as protectors of pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem, to their present-day roles as guardians of the local community, the Knights Templar have long been an integral part of life in North Somerset. Their legacy will live on for generations to come.

In reflection, it is clear that the Knights Templar have had a great influence on North Somerset throughout history. Their dedication to service and commitment to helping those in need has helped shape this area into what it is today. The Knights Templar remain an important part of North Somerset’s history and will continue to serve its people for many years to come.

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