Royal Arch Northern Ireland

The Royal Arch Northern Ireland is a Masonic order that has been established for over 250 years. It is the oldest and most prestigious of all Masonic orders in Northern Ireland, providing members with a unique opportunity to explore Freemasonry in its most traditional form. The Royal Arch is open to Master Masons who wish to extend their knowledge and understanding of Freemasonry, and offers members the chance to participate in a range of activities which aim to promote fellowship, charity and self-improvement. By becoming a member of the Royal Arch Northern Ireland, you will join a vibrant organisation that encourages its members to be active in their communities and strives to make a positive difference in society. The history of Royal Arch Northern Ireland dates back to the late 18th century when the first Grand Chapter was established in Belfast. The Royal Arch is a part of Freemasonry, which is a fraternal organisation dedicated to promoting moral and spiritual values. The Royal Arch degree is conferred upon those members who have achieved an advanced understanding of Freemasonry’s teachings. In Northern Ireland, the Grand Chapter was initially formed in 1797 at the Belfast Masonic Hall, but after a short period of time it was disbanded due to political unrest in the region.

In 1809, a new Grand Chapter was re-established in Belfast and continued until 1813 when it again disbanded due to further political turmoil in the region. It wasn’t until 1821 that another attempt was made to revive the Grand Chapter, this time with more success and stability. Since then, the Royal Arch has flourished in Northern Ireland with numerous chapters established throughout the country.

Today, there are over 30 active chapters throughout Northern Ireland and thousands of members who are actively involved in its activities. The Royal Arch provides a great sense of unity and purpose amongst its members as they strive for excellence and personal growth through its teachings.

Membership of Royal Arch Northern Ireland

The Royal Arch is a Masonic degree or order, and is the first part of the York Rite system of degrees. It is the culmination of the Symbolic Lodge and deals with the completion of one’s initiation in Freemasonry. Membership to this Order is open to all Master Masons in good standing who are members of a lodge within the Province of Royal Arch Northern Ireland.

Candidates wishing to join must be recommended by their Lodge, and be elected by a majority vote of the Companions present. Once elected, candidates must then take part in an Initiation Ceremony, which includes several symbolic rites and lectures designed to educate on the symbolism and purpose of Royal Arch Masonry.

The Order consists of three separate degrees: Mark Master Mason, Past Master and Most Excellent Master. During these three ceremonies, candidates will learn about various aspects such as King Solomon’s Temple, Masonic symbolism, ritualistic practices and teachings. After completing these three degrees, candidates will be received into membership as a Companion of Royal Arch Masonry.

As well as taking part in regular meetings for instruction and discussion, members are also encouraged to take an active role in social activities such as various charitable events held throughout the year. As well as providing opportunities for fellowship with like-minded individuals from other Lodges across Northern Ireland, there are many other benefits associated with being a member of this august Order.

In reflection, becoming a member of Royal Arch Northern Ireland offers a great opportunity for Freemasons to expand their knowledge base and gain access to a range of social activities. The journey through this Order provides insight into Masonic symbolism and practice that can only be gained through membership; thus adding further depth to one’s understanding of Freemasonry.

Grand Officers of Royal Arch Northern Ireland

The Grand Officers of Royal Arch Northern Ireland are responsible for the governance and management of the Order in Northern Ireland. They are appointed annually by the Grand Chapter and all hold office for one year, with a maximum of six years in any one post. The most senior officer is the Grand Superintendent, who is supported by his two Deputies. These three officers are aided by other Grand Officers, including a Principal Sojourner, Senior Sojourner, Junior Sojourner and Registrar. All these officers form part of the Executive Committee which meets on a regular basis to discuss matters relating to the Order and its members.

The Grand Superintendent acts as an ambassador for Royal Arch Masonry throughout the Province and is responsible for ensuring that all Chapters are properly constituted and have properly qualified members. He also has the power to suspend or expel a member should he deem it necessary. In addition, he presides over Provincial Meetings and is responsible for overseeing any changes or amendments to regulations or constitutions within the Province.

The Deputies, who are usually Past Principals from different Chapters within Northern Ireland, assist the Grand Superintendent in his duties and can represent him at meetings when required. The Principal Sojourner is responsible for ensuring that visiting members from other Provinces are welcomed into Chapters in a dignified manner and also ensures that visitors from abroad receive suitable hospitality when they attend Provincial events.

The Senior and Junior Sojourners work together to ensure that ceremonies run smoothly during meetings while the Registrar is required to keep records of all members within the Province as well as ensuring that all relevant fees are paid promptly. All five officers form an integral part of Royal Arch Masonry in Northern Ireland and serve to ensure its continued success in the years ahead.

History of Royal Arch Northern Ireland

The Royal Arch is a part of the Masonic family and is often referred to as ‘the next step’ in Freemasonry. It has its own unique ceremonies and symbolism, which are separate from Craft Masonry. The Royal Arch was first introduced to Ireland in 1740 and although it has had a chequered history, it still remains an integral part of Irish Freemasonry. In 1813, the Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Belfast was formed and has remained the governing body for all Royal Arch Chapters throughout Northern Ireland ever since. The Provincial Grand Chapter has its headquarters in Belfast and currently consists of over 40 Chapters located throughout the province.

Structure of Royal Arch Northern Ireland

The governing body of the Royal Arch in Northern Ireland is the Provincial Grand Chapter, which meets twice a year to discuss matters relating to the administration and ritualistic work within each Chapter. Each Chapter is headed by three Principals (similar to Craft Masonry) who are elected annually by their members and are responsible for all aspects of their particular Chapter’s activities. In addition to this there is a Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra who is responsible for keeping all records relating to each individual Chapter.

Rituals & Activities of Royal Arch Northern Ireland

The ceremonies performed within each Royal Arch Chapter consist mainly of two parts: exaltation (the initiation) and installation (the installation ceremony). The exaltation ceremony involves the candidate being made aware that he is about to be admitted into a secret society which will require him to keep certain secrets and take certain oaths. The installation ceremony involves the candidate being installed as one of three Principals, who will then be responsible for taking part in all future ritualistic work within his particular Chapter. Each meeting also includes lectures on various topics related to Freemasonry and its history as well as other activities such as charitable fund raising events.

Charitable Work of Royal Arch Northern Ireland

The Royal Arch Northern Ireland is dedicated to doing charitable work and helping those in need. They have a long history of providing aid to those in need, whether it be physical or financial assistance. The members of the organization are very active in their communities and always willing to lend a helping hand. In addition to providing physical assistance, they also run a number of fundraising events throughout the year that help raise money for charities and people in need. They also work closely with local schools and organizations to ensure that children receive an education and have access to necessary resources.

The organization also provides monetary support for medical needs and other emergency situations. They donate money and supplies to hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities that are in need of support. Additionally, they provide financial aid to individuals who are facing difficult times, such as those affected by natural disasters or other catastrophes. This financial aid helps families get back on their feet again after experiencing hardship.

On top of all this charitable work, the Royal Arch Northern Ireland also provides educational opportunities for youth in the form of scholarships and grants for those who are interested in pursuing higher education or trade-related studies. They believe that education is essential for everyone’s success and future prosperity. The organization has helped thousands of young people over the years achieve their dreams by providing them with the necessary resources.

Overall, the charitable work of Royal Arch Northern Ireland is highly commendable. They have been working hard for decades to bring hope and help to those who are less fortunate than others. Their dedication to making a difference is truly admirable and inspiring!

Degrees of Royal Arch Northern Ireland

The Degrees of Royal Arch Northern Ireland are an opportunity to become a part of an ancient and prestigious Masonic Order. The Royal Arch, or ‘Capitular’ Masonry, is the fourth degree in the Masonic order and is open to all Master Masons who desire further light in Masonry. Members of this degree are known as ‘Royal Arch Masons’ or ‘Companions’.

The Royal Arch Degree in Northern Ireland is administered by the Supreme Grand Chapter of the Province, which is responsible for setting its regulations and issuing charters. The Supreme Grand Chapter meets at least once a year to review applications for new charters and to discuss issues facing the Order.

The Degrees of Royal Arch provide members with a greater understanding of the mysteries and symbols associated with Freemasonry. It is also a powerful platform for members to network amongst like-minded individuals from all walks of life. Furthermore, it provides a unique opportunity to become involved in charitable works across Northern Ireland.


The Constitution of Royal Arch Northern Ireland lays out the fundamental principles, rules and regulations that govern the organisation and its members. It is composed of a series of documents, including the Charter, Constitution, Bye-Laws and Standing Orders. It defines the structure of the organisation, its corporate governance and its roles and responsibilities. It also sets out the procedures for admission to membership, appointment of officers, election of members to office and dissolution or alteration of any membership or office.


The Laws of Royal Arch Northern Ireland provide further detail on how the organisation is to be managed and governed. These laws are made up of a number of documents including General Regulations, Rules for Good Order, Discipline Regulations and Standing Orders. They set out guidelines for decision making processes within the organisation as well as providing guidance on appropriate conduct for members. The Laws ensure that all members are treated fairly and that their rights are respected.

Rights & Responsibilities

The Constitution and Laws of Royal Arch Northern Ireland protect the rights of all members by ensuring that they can participate in decisions affecting their Chapter or District in a fair manner. The Constitution also requires all members to operate with integrity at all times and adhere to standards of conduct which reflect positively on the organisation as a whole. All members must also respect each other’s rights regardless of rank or position within the organisation and act in accordance with its values at all times.

Royal Arch Chapters in Northern Ireland

Royal Arch Chapters are an integral part of the Masonic Order in Northern Ireland. This order is a powerful organization that has been in existence for centuries, and many of its members have gone on to become influential members of society. The Royal Arch Chapters are the highest degree of Freemasonry and are open to all Master Masons. These chapters provide an opportunity for Masons to further their knowledge and understanding of Freemasonry, as well as providing a platform for charitable works.

The Royal Arch Chapters of Northern Ireland have been in existence since the 18th century and have grown steadily over the years. Today, there are over twenty Royal Arch Chapters in the country, each with its own unique traditions and rituals. The Grand Chapter is responsible for overseeing all activity within these chapters and ensuring that they remain true to their Masonic principles.

Membership in a Royal Arch Chapter is open to all Master Masons who meet certain criteria, which include being of good character and being at least eighteen years old. Once accepted into a Chapter, members must attend meetings, participate in charitable works, and pay dues. In return, members will receive various benefits such as access to exclusive events, discounts on Masonic merchandise, and invitations to special functions hosted by other lodges.

The Royal Arch Chapters of Northern Ireland offer much more than just membership benefits; they also provide an opportunity for fellowship among Masons from different backgrounds. These chapters are active throughout the year with regular meetings held across the country and events organised by individual lodges or Grand Chapters that bring together Masons from all over Northern Ireland.

As well as providing a platform for fellowship among its members, the Royal Arch Chapters in Northern Ireland also promote charity work through their activities. The funds raised from these activities go towards supporting various causes such as local community projects or international aid initiatives.

In reflection, the Royal Arch Chapters of Northern Ireland provide an important service to Masons across the country. Not only do they provide an opportunity for furthering one’s knowledge and understanding of Freemasonry but also a platform for charitable works and fellowship amongst its members.

Last Thoughts

The Royal Arch Northern Ireland is a rich and unique part of the United Kingdom’s history that is steeped in mystery and intrigue. It has a long and fascinating history, and its many artifacts provide insight into the lives of ancient Irish people. From archaeological sites to ancient manuscripts, the Royal Arch Northern Ireland has something for everyone to explore. The Royal Arch also serves as an important reminder of our shared heritage in the United Kingdom, and its significance should not be overlooked.

For those interested in learning more about the Royal Arch Northern Ireland, there are plenty of online resources available. Local museums, libraries, archives and other institutions are also great sources of information about this amazing historical site. It is a great way to deepen our understanding of our past and gain an appreciation for the rich culture that exists within our region.

With its long history, mysteries and secrets, the Royal Arch Northern Ireland is a fascinating place that should be explored by everyone who has an interest in Irish history. Whether you want to learn more about this mysterious site or explore its many artifacts, you will have an incredible experience at the Royal Arch Northern Ireland.

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