Royal Arch Gwent

The Royal Arch Gwent is a Masonic order that has been operating since the early 1700s. It is one of the most esteemed orders in Freemasonry, and its members are dedicated to upholding the traditional values of Freemasonry, such as fellowship, charity and integrity. The Royal Arch Gwent is a unique and vibrant branch of Freemasonry, with its own rituals and ceremonies that have been passed down through generations. The order is committed to preserving the history and heritage of Freemasonry, while also embracing change and growth in an ever-evolving world. As a member of this order, you will be welcomed into a community that values each individual’s contributions, encourages intellectual exchange and strives for personal growth. The Royal Arch Gwent is an ancient society of Knights in Wales, dating back to the 15th century. It was founded by King Edward III of England and is still active today. The Royal Arch Gwent is a Christian organization that follows the teachings of the Bible and seeks to promote Christian fellowship among its members. It is an organization that offers spiritual guidance and support to its members. The organization also holds meetings, lectures, retreats, and other events for its members. Additionally, the Royal Arch Gwent works to preserve Welsh history and culture through its work with local museums and other historical organizations. Through its activities, it strives to promote a sense of community among its members and to strengthen ties between Wales and other nations.

The History of the Royal Arch Gwent

The Royal Arch Gwent is a Royal Arch chapter which was founded in 1798 in the city of Newport, Wales. It is the oldest existing Royal Arch chapter in the United Kingdom and one of the oldest in Europe. The original founding members were Freemasons who had previously been members of a local lodge. The Grand Principals of the Chapter are appointed by the Lord High Commissioner, and its meetings are held at the Newport Masonic Hall.

Purpose of The Royal Arch Gwent

The purpose of The Royal Arch Gwent is to provide a forum for Freemasons to practice and promote their masonic teachings and to provide a means for fellowship between all Freemasons. This includes providing education, charity work, and social events such as dinners and dances. The Chapter also provides an opportunity for members to meet other Freemasons from around the world.

Membership Requirements

In order to become a member of The Royal Arch Gwent, one must first have completed all three degrees of Craft Masonry within an English Constitution Lodge; or if from abroad, have received approval from Grand Lodge or its Pro Grand Master. Membership is open to both men and women over 18 years old, though it is mainly composed of men due to historical reasons.

Notable Members

The Royal Arch Gwent has had many notable members throughout its history, including several prominent politicians, businessmen, and authors. These include Prime Minister William Gladstone, poet Alfred Lord Tennyson, entrepreneur Richard Branson, industrialist Alfred Krupp, author H.G Wells and many others.

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