Masonic Lodge Yorkshire, West Riding

The Masonic Lodge Yorkshire, West Riding is a long-standing organization dedicated to providing support and fellowship to its members. Established in 1773, it is one of the oldest Masonic Lodges in the United Kingdom and is proud to be one of the founding Lodges of the Province of Yorkshire West Riding. It has a strong connection with Freemasonry and its principles, which include brotherly love, relief and truth. The Lodge works hard to uphold these values while providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all who join. Whether you are new to Freemasonry or a seasoned Mason, the Lodge has something for everyone. With an active membership that is both diverse and welcoming, you’ll find that there’s always something going on at the Masonic Lodge Yorkshire, West Riding!The history of Masonic Lodge Yorkshire, West Riding dates back to 1725, when the first lodge was established in the city of York. The lodge was called Lodge York and was founded by a group of Freemasons who had gathered together to form a fraternity dedicated to the principles of Freemasonry. Since then, many other lodges have been established throughout the West Riding area. Today, there are over 100 Masonic Lodges in the Yorkshire West Riding area, with many meeting regularly and actively participating in Masonic activities. These lodges are part of a wider network of lodges found throughout England, Scotland and Wales that form part of the United Grand Lodge of England.

Famous Freemasons of Masonic Lodge Yorkshire, West Riding

The Masonic Lodge Yorkshire, West Riding has produced some of the most famous Freemasons in history. One of the most notable is William Edward Stoker – the first Grand Master of the lodge. He was instrumental in the founding and development of the lodge and served as its Grand Master from 1891 to 1900. Other prominent Freemasons associated with the lodge include William Middleton, Thomas Weedon, Samuel Jeavons and George Gordon.

William Edward Stoker was a prominent figure in Freemasonry and a highly respected member of society. He was born in 1835 and educated at Trinity College Dublin, where he went on to become a barrister-at-law. He was appointed Grand Master of Masonic Lodge Yorkshire, West Riding in 1891 and served until his death in 1900. During his tenure as Grand Master, he contributed to many charitable causes and was highly active in local politics.

William Middleton was another influential Freemason who belonged to Masonic Lodge Yorkshire, West Riding. He was born in 1827 and studied at Cambridge University before becoming an ordained minister. He served as Deputy Grand Master from 1889 to 1890 before becoming Grand Master from 1895 to 1898. During his time as Grand Master he oversaw many charitable activities including funding for hospitals and orphanages.

Thomas Weedon was another influential member of Masonic Lodge Yorkshire, West Riding. Born in 1810 he studied law at Trinity College Dublin before being called to the bar in 1840. He became a prominent barrister before being elected Provincial Grand Secretary for Yorkshire between 1872 and 1893. As Provincial Grand Secretary he worked hard to promote Masonry throughout Yorkshire.

Samuel Jeavons was an important figure within Masonic Lodge Yorkshire, West Riding during the late 19th century. Born in 1840 he studied at Oxford University before entering into politics at a local level. After serving as Mayor of Leeds from 1886 to 1888 he went on to become Deputy Provincial Grand Master between 1895-1898.

Therefore George Gordon was an important figure within Masonic Lodge Yorkshire, West Riding during the late 19th century and early 20th century. Born in 1859 he attended Cambridge University before becoming a barrister-at-law and then later a judge. He became Deputy Provincial Grand Master between 1905-1907 and later went on to become Provincial Grandmaster between 1907-1912 during which time he implemented various reforms that helped consolidate Masonry across Yorkshire and further promote its cause.

These are just some of the many famous Freemasons who have been associated with Masonry Lodge Yorkshire, West Riding over its long history – there are many more that could be mentioned here but these five individuals are certainly among some of its most well known members!

Membership Requirements for Masonic Lodge Yorkshire, West Riding

Masonic Lodge Yorkshire, West Riding is a long-standing fraternity that has been providing fellowship and support to its members for centuries. To become a member of this lodge, there are some basic requirements that must be met. First and foremost, an individual must be of sound mind and strong moral character.

The second requirement is that the applicant must profess a belief in a Supreme Being. This requirement may be satisfied by individuals of any faith or denomination, as long as they have an established belief in something greater than themselves.

The third requirement is that the applicant must be at least 21 years of age. This is due to the fact that the lodge does not allow minors to join its ranks.

The fourth requirement for membership is that the applicant must be willing to submit to background checks and provide evidence of good standing in their community. This is done to ensure that all members meet the high ethical standards set by the lodge and maintain a positive reputation amongst their peers.

Therefore, applicants must also submit three references from people who are familiar with their character and behavior. These references should come from sources outside of their family or close friends in order to ensure impartiality. Once these requirements have been satisfied, prospective members will then be invited to attend an orientation session prior to being admitted into the lodge.

Benefits of Joining a Masonic Lodge in Yorkshire, West Riding

Masonry is one of the oldest and most respected organizations in the world. It has been around for centuries, and its members have included some of the most influential people in history. Joining a Masonic Lodge in Yorkshire, West Riding can provide you with many benefits and opportunities.

One of the major benefits is that you will be part of an organization with a long history and tradition. The Freemasons have been around for centuries, and their values and principles are still highly respected today. By joining a Masonic Lodge in Yorkshire, West Riding, you can be a part of something larger than yourself. You can build relationships with other members and make connections that will last for many years to come.

Joining a Masonic Lodge also gives you access to membership events such as dinners, meetings, seminars and more. These events are great ways to meet other members from all over Yorkshire, West Riding as well as from other lodges in other parts of the country or even abroad. This gives you an opportunity to network and make connections with people who may become your friends or business partners in the future.

As a member, you will also get access to exclusive Masonic publications such as magazines or newsletters which contain timely information about upcoming events or news about Freemasonry in general. This is valuable information that can help you stay up-to-date on what is happening within the organization.

Therefore, being part of a Masonic Lodge provides you with an opportunity to give back to your community through charitable work such as fundraising for charities or volunteering at local schools or hospitals. There are many ways that members can get involved and make a difference in their local community while staying true to the values of Masonry at the same time.

Meeting Places for Masonic Lodge Yorkshire, West Riding

Yorkshire, West Riding has a long history of Masonic Lodges, with many meeting places in towns and cities across the region. These have been used for social and religious gatherings since the 1700s, when Freemasonry first began in England. The most prominent of these is the Lodge of Friendship in Bradford, which was founded in 1747. This is the oldest lodge in Yorkshire and has been meeting continuously ever since. Other lodges include the Lodge of Industry in Leeds, dating back to 1803; the Lodge of Unity in Huddersfield, founded in 1813; and the Lodge of Fidelity in Sheffield, established in 1822.

Each lodge has its own set of regulations and traditions that are specific to that lodge alone. For example, at the Lodge of Friendship visitors must be introduced by two members who are already members of the lodge before they can be admitted to a meeting. At other lodges there may be different rules about how visitors are admitted or what type of clothing is appropriate when attending meetings.

Most lodges hold regular meetings throughout the year and host special events such as dinners or talks from guest speakers. Some also offer educational opportunities for members such as lectures on Masonic history or practical instruction on ritual practices. While some lodges are open to both men and women, others may be restricted to male members only.

Masonic lodges provide an important sense of community for their members and offer a unique opportunity to learn more about English Freemasonry’s history and traditions. Visitors to Yorkshire, West Riding who wish to explore this fascinating part of British culture should check with local Masons’ Lodges for information on upcoming meetings or events that may be taking place nearby.

Regular Events & Activities at Masonic Lodge Yorkshire, West Riding

The Masonic Lodge Yorkshire, West Riding is a great place to experience the rich culture and history of Freemasonry. The lodge has been around for centuries and offers a variety of activities for its members.

From educational seminars to social functions, the Masonic Lodge Yorkshire, West Riding provides a wide array of opportunities to learn more about the craft and deepen your understanding of Freemasonry. The lodge also hosts regular events such as lectures, dinners, banquets, conferences, workshops and more.

The lodge also has an active youth program that gives members the chance to explore their interests in Masonry in a fun and engaging environment. The youth program includes educational activities such as scavenger hunts, interactive classes on various topics related to Masonry, hands-on demonstrations and much more.

In addition to regular events and activities hosted by the lodge, members are encouraged to participate in charitable activities that benefit their local community. These include raising money for charities or volunteering with local organizations. This is an opportunity for members to give back and make a positive impact on their community.

At the Masonic Lodge Yorkshire, West Riding there is something for everyone! Whether you are looking for educational opportunities or social gatherings with like-minded individuals, you will find what you need at this lodge. Join us today and experience all that Freemasonry has to offer!

Charitable Work of Masonic Lodge Yorkshire, West Riding

The Masonic Lodge Yorkshire, West Riding has been a pillar of the community since its inception over two centuries ago. The lodge has been actively involved in charitable work both locally and nationally. From providing meals for the needy to sponsoring local education opportunities, the lodge has been an advocate for helping those in need.

The lodge’s charitable works have included providing food baskets to families in need during the holiday season, raising funds for children’s hospitals and educational institutions, and organizing local blood drives. In addition, the lodge also provides a variety of other services such as offering financial assistance to those who are facing economic hardships and providing support to veterans and their families.

The lodge also organizes annual events such as Christmas parties for children in need and summer camps for underprivileged youth. These events are organized with the help of donations from members of the lodge and other generous individuals in the community. The funds raised from these events are used to provide educational resources for students in need as well as recreational activities and medical supplies for those requiring assistance.

In addition, the lodge also works with local churches and non-profit organizations to organize fundraising campaigns that help fund various charitable causes such as homeless shelters, animal shelters, disaster relief efforts, and cancer research. Through these initiatives, the members of Masonic Lodge Yorkshire, West Riding are able to make a difference in their communities by providing donations that can help make people’s lives better.

Overall, the Masonic Lodge Yorkshire, West Riding is committed to improving their community through charitable works. By offering financial aid and organizing events that benefit those in need, they continue to be an active part of their community while upholding their motto: “Love thy neighbor as thyself”.

Officers in a Masonic Lodge in Yorkshire, West Riding

Masonic Lodges in Yorkshire, West Riding are governed and administered by officers. These officers each have a different role to play within the lodge, and it is important that they adhere to their responsibilities. The overall purpose of the lodge is to provide a place of fellowship for Masons and to ensure that the rituals and ceremonies of Freemasonry are properly conducted.

Worshipful Master

The Worshipful Master is the leader of the lodge and is elected annually by its members. He has ultimate authority over the proceedings of the lodge and ensures that its regulations are observed. He presides over all business meetings and ceremonies, appoints committees, acts as an ambassador for Freemasonry in his area, and generally directs all aspects of lodge life.

Senior Warden

The Senior Warden assists the Worshipful Master in his duties and takes over if he is absent or unable to fulfil his role. This officer also has responsibility for supervising the material possessions of the lodge such as furniture, equipment, books etc.

Junior Warden

The Junior Warden presides over meetings when both the Worshipful Master and Senior Warden are absent. He also has responsibility for overseeing the finances of the lodge, ensuring that payments are made on time and bills are paid correctly. He is also responsible for producing an annual financial report which must be presented at a meeting of all members.


The Treasurer is responsible for keeping accurate financial records for the lodge including income and expenditure accounts as well as balance sheets. He produces regular financial reports for presentation to meetings of all members as well as preparing accounts for submission to Grand Lodge each year.


The Secretary is responsible for maintaining accurate records relating to all aspects of lodge life including membership lists, meeting minutes, correspondence etc. He also produces agendas for meetings, arranges correspondence with other lodges and organises social events such as dinners or outings which may be held by the lodge from time to time.

Last Thoughts

The Masonic Lodge Yorkshire, West Riding has been an important part of the community for many years. It has provided a place where members can come together to talk, listen, and learn about the principles of Freemasonry. The Lodge has also been a great source of support for members and their families, offering a variety of activities and services that help to improve the lives of those involved. With its long history and dedication to service, it is no wonder that the Masonic Lodge Yorkshire, West Riding continues to be an important part of the community.

The strength of this Lodge lies in its members and their commitment to the principles they profess. Every member is expected to conduct themselves with honor and integrity at all times, both in their personal lives as well as in their Masonic activities. This commitment ensures that each member contributes positively to the overall wellbeing of the Lodge.

The Masonic Lodge Yorkshire, West Riding provides a unique opportunity for members to develop new skills while also making friends from around the world. Through its various programs and activities, it offers a chance for individuals from all walks of life to come together and share their experiences with one another.

The Masonic Lodge Yorkshire, West Riding is an example of how Freemasonry can bring people together through shared values and mutual respect. Its commitment to service has brought people from all backgrounds into its fold who are eager to learn more about Freemasonry while also contributing positively to society as a whole.

The Lodge continues to be an important part of the community today with its dedication to service and brotherhood still strong after all these years.

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