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Mark Masons North Somerset is a Masonic Lodge and has a long and rich history. It was established in 1792 and is one of the oldest Masonic Lodges in the country. It is part of the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE). This article will discuss the history of Mark Masons North Somerset, from its foundation to present day.


The lodge was founded in 1792 as part of the Province of Somerset, in accordance with the laws and regulations laid down by UGLE. It was originally known as the St Mary’s Mark Masons Lodge No 16, but has since changed its name to Mark Masons North Somerset. Over the years, many new members have joined the lodge, including some eminent figures from various walks of life.

Growth and Development

Since its foundation, Mark Masons North Somerset has grown steadily in size and influence. In 1858, it moved into a purpose-built meeting hall in Clevedon, which remains its home to this day. The lodge also acquired an impressive collection of Masonic artefacts during this period, which are still on display today.

Modern Day

Today, Mark Masons North Somerset is one of the most active Masonic Lodges in England. Its membership comprises men from all walks of life who share a common passion for Freemasonry and its associated values and traditions. The lodge meets regularly throughout the year for social events as well as formal business meetings and ceremonies.

Last Thoughts

In reflection, Mark Masons North Somerset has a long and rich history that stretches back over two centuries. During this time it has grown steadily in size and influence and continues to be an important part of Freemasonry in England today.

Membership Benefits

Members of Mark Masons North Somerset enjoy a range of benefits, including access to a wide range of social and networking events, discounted rates for accommodation and travel, and exclusive discounts from a variety of retailers. Members also benefit from the chance to meet like-minded individuals in their local area, build strong relationships and learn more about the history and traditions of Freemasonry. With an active and vibrant membership, Mark Masons North Somerset is an excellent place to make friends and enjoy all the benefits that come with membership.

Social Events

Mark Masons North Somerset hosts a number of social events throughout the year, allowing members to get together in a relaxed setting and enjoy each other’s company. With regular meetings, dinners and other activities organised by the lodge, members have plenty of opportunities to meet new people and build lasting friendships. In addition to these events, members can also take part in organised trips around the country or abroad, allowing them to explore new places while still enjoying the company of fellow members.


As a member of Mark Masons North Somerset you can take advantage of exclusive discounts on accommodation and travel through partner companies such as hotels, airlines and car hire companies. You can also enjoy discounts on services such as grocery shopping or leisure activities from select retailers. These discounts are available only to members so make sure you get your membership card when you join.

History & Traditions

Not only do members benefit from social gatherings but they can also learn more about Freemasonry. Mark Masons North Somerset organises lectures throughout the year with topics ranging from history to tradition so that members can understand more about Freemasonry’s past. This is a great way for newer members to become familiar with their organisation while experienced members can enhance their knowledge.

Joining Mark Masons North Somerset offers its members access to a variety of benefits including social events, discounts on services as well as an insight into Freemasonry’s history and traditions. With regular meetings, dinners and trips organised by the lodge there are plenty of opportunities for members to make friends while enjoying everything that comes with being part of this brotherhood.

Roles of Officers in Mark Masons North Somerset

The roles of officers in Mark Masons North Somerset are varied and involve a range of responsibilities. The Grand Master is the head of the Order and is responsible for the overall governance and growth of Mark Masonry in North Somerset. They are supported by several Deputy Grand Masters, who have specific responsibilities within the Order. All officers are elected by members at an Annual General Meeting.

The Provincial Grand Master is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day activities of all Lodges within the Province. They are also responsible for the welfare and education of all Mark Masons, ensuring they remain true to their obligations as Freemasons. There are two Provincial Assistants, who provide assistance to the Province Grand Master when necessary.

Each Lodge has its own officers, including a Worshipful Master, Senior Warden, Junior Warden and Treasurer. Together they form a team that governs and administrates each Lodge within their jurisdiction. They are appointed by members at an Annual General Meeting for a period of one year, with re-election taking place annually thereafter. The Worshipful Master is responsible for chairing Lodge meetings and running them according to Masonic regulations and law. The Senior Warden oversees any business conducted during Lodge meetings while also assisting with ceremonial work when required. The Junior Warden is responsible for ensuring that all Lodges operate smoothly and efficiently throughout the year whilst also managing any finances or accounts associated with each Lodge. Therefore, the Treasurer ensures that all funds raised by each Lodge are allocated appropriately according to Masonic regulations.

In addition to these roles, there are several other officers who have specific duties within each Lodge including Secretary, Director of Ceremonies and Almoner amongst others who help ensure that every Lodge runs effectively throughout its existence in North Somerset.

Masonic Events

Mark Masons North Somerset organises various events and activities throughout the year. These events are aimed at providing a platform for members to come together, learn more about Masonry and network with likeminded individuals. There are a variety of activities that members can take part in, from educational seminars to social gatherings and charitable work. The organisation also provides mentorship opportunities to its members so that they can grow their skills and knowledge in Masonry.

Educational Seminars

Mark Masons North Somerset holds regular educational seminars for its members. These seminars cover topics such as Masonic principles, history, rituals and more. The aim of these events is to provide an opportunity for members to gain a deeper understanding of Masonry and share their knowledge with each other. These seminars are usually held in the form of lectures or workshops, depending on the topic being discussed.

Social Gatherings

Mark Masons North Somerset also hosts social gatherings for its members throughout the year. These events provide a platform where members can come together to relax, network and have fun in a relaxed atmosphere. They usually involve activities such as dinners, drinks receptions or even outdoor activities depending on the type of event being organised.

Charitable Work

Mark Masons North Somerset is committed to giving back to the community through its charitable work. The organisation regularly takes part in charitable activities such as fundraising events or volunteering projects that help those who are less fortunate than themselves. This is an important part of Masonry as it shows how dedicated the organisation is to helping those in need and making a difference in society.

Joining Mark Masons North Somerset

Joining Mark Masons North Somerset is an easy process. Firstly, you must be a Freemason in good standing in a lodge that is recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England. Once you meet this requirement, you can contact the Secretary of Mark Masons North Somerset for further information on how to join.

You will have to fill out an application form which should include your details such as name, address and contact details as well as information about your current Masonic membership. This form should then be submitted to the Secretary who will arrange for the Lodge members to consider your application.

Once your application is approved by the Lodge members, you will receive an invitation to attend one of their meetings. At this meeting, you will be given a brief introduction to the rituals and ceremonies associated with being a Mark Mason and will also be required to take an oath of admission. After taking this oath, you will become a fully-fledged member of Mark Masons North Somerset.

Once accepted into the Lodge, you will have access to all of the benefits and privileges that come from being a member of an organisation like this one. This includes participating in social events and activities organised by the lodge, networking with other members and being part of a group that shares similar values and beliefs.

Mark Masons North Somerset is a great way for Freemasons from all over England to get together and share their knowledge and experiences with each other, so if you’re looking for an organisation where you can learn more about Freemasonry then consider joining them today!

Requirements for Joining Mark Masons North Somerset

The Mark Masonry is a Masonic organization that is open to all men who believe in a Supreme Being. It is the oldest Masonic order in existence and has been around for over 300 years. To join the Mark Masons North Somerset, you must be at least 18 years of age and have already been initiated into a regular Masonic lodge. You must also be of good moral character, with no criminal convictions, and have a belief in a Supreme Being.

Once you meet these requirements, the next step is to contact your local Mark Master Mason Lodge and submit an application to become a member. Each lodge will have its own specific requirements for membership, but typically you will need to provide proof of identity, as well as references from two current members of the Lodge.

Once your application has been accepted by your local Lodge, you will be invited to attend an initiation ceremony. This ceremony will involve learning about the history and rituals of the order, as well as taking part in a symbolic ritual that binds all Mark Masons together. After this ceremony is complete, you will be officially accepted as a member of the order and can begin participating in its activities.

The purpose of joining the Mark Masonry is to learn more about Freemasonry and to become part of an international brotherhood dedicated to improving one’s self through service to others. As such, members are expected to attend regular meetings and take part in events hosted by their Lodge. These activities can range from philanthropic work within their local community to social events that bring together members from all across the world.

For those looking to join Mark Masons North Somerset, there are certain requirements that must first be met before being accepted into membership. However, once these requirements are satisfied, anyone can become part of this ancient brotherhood dedicated to improving oneself through service and fellowship with other Freemasons around the world.

Membership Fees for Mark Masons North Somerset

The membership fee for Mark Masons North Somerset is an annual fee that must be paid at the beginning of each year. The fee covers the cost of meetings, activities, and other benefits associated with being a member. It also helps to keep the organization running smoothly and efficiently. The amount of the fee varies depending on the type of membership that an individual chooses. Some memberships are free, while others require a small fee.

For those interested in joining Mark Masons North Somerset, there are several options available. The most popular option is to become a full member which requires an annual membership fee and access to all meetings and activities. Other options include becoming a honorary member or a registered member, both of which have lower fees associated with them but still provide access to some meetings and activities.

The exact amount of the membership fee varies depending on the type of membership chosen as well as any discounts that may be available at the time of registration. Those wishing to join Mark Masons North Somerset can find out more information about membership fees by contacting their local chapter or visiting their website.

Last Thoughts

Mark Mason’s North Somerset is a vibrant area with many things to offer its residents and visitors. Its beautiful coastline, picturesque villages, and bustling towns combine to make it an attractive destination for people of all ages. The area has a strong economy, with many businesses and industries providing employment and wealth for its citizens. There is plenty of entertainment for everyone, from the numerous cultural events to the beaches and attractions scattered around the coastline. North Somerset is also home to some of the best schools in the country, providing quality education to all who attend them. All in all, Mark Mason’s North Somerset provides an ideal place to live or visit, with something for everyone.

Overall, Mark Mason’s North Somerset is truly a unique and remarkable part of England that should be experienced by anyone who visits. From its stunning coastal views to its abundance of activities and attractions, the area truly has something for everyone. There are few places that can match this part of England in terms of beauty, culture, education and entertainment – it is no wonder why so many choose to make their home here or come and visit it each year!

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