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Mark Mason’s Leicester is a family run business established in 1988. For over 30 years, they have been providing quality masonry services to Leicester and the surrounding areas. From brickwork and stone work to paving and wall building, Mark Mason’s Leicester has the experience and expertise to tackle any masonry project. Their commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer service has earned them a reputation as one of the premier masonry providers in the area. Whether you need a new construction project or repairs, Mark Mason’s Leicester will get the job done right the first time. Mark Masons Leicester is a Masonic Lodge that meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month at the Leicester Masonic Hall. The Lodge has a long and distinguished history, having been consecrated in 1845. It is a part of the United Grand Lodge of England, and is one of the oldest Lodges in Leicester.

We are proud to offer our members a warm and friendly atmosphere, where they can meet other like-minded people who share their love for Freemasonry and its principles. Our members come from all walks of life, but are united in their desire to contribute to the betterment of society through charitable works, self-improvement, and brotherly love.

At Mark Masons Leicester we strive to bring together people from diverse backgrounds and beliefs for the greater good. We are committed to ensuring that our Lodge remains accessible to all who wish to join us, regardless of their background or beliefs.

We look forward to welcoming you into our vibrant community!

History of Mark Masons Leicester

The history of Mark Masons Leicester is an interesting one. It goes back to the early 19th century when the first Masonic lodge was established in the city. The lodge was named after the Marquess of Leicester, who held a prominent position in the city during this time. The lodge was very active and went on to become one of the most influential lodges in England, hosting many high-profile events and welcoming many distinguished guests.

In 1842, the first Provincial Grand Master of Mark Masonry in Leicester was appointed and since then, Mark Masonry has grown steadily in popularity within the city. Today there are over thirty lodges in Leicester and a Provincial Grand Lodge that oversees them all. The main focus of Mark Masonry in Leicester is on charity work and providing support for those less fortunate than ourselves. Over the years, many fundraising events have been organised to help raise money for local charities and causes.

Mark Masonry is also renowned for its strong sense of camaraderie and fraternity amongst its members. Every year, there are various social gatherings and ceremonies that take place at different locations across Lebanon which provide an opportunity for members to come together and share their experiences with each other.

The history of Mark Masons Leicester is a testament to its strong commitment to upholding traditional values while at the same time adapting to modern times. It is a proud part of Leicestershire’s rich heritage, which has been passed down from generation to generation for centuries.

Roles and Responsibilities of Mark Masons Leicester

The Mark Masons Leicester have a variety of roles and responsibilities to uphold within their organisation. The most important roles include providing support, guidance and advice to members, promoting the aims and objectives of the organisation, maintaining high standards of Masonic practice and upholding the moral principles that underpin Freemasonry. In addition, they are responsible for ensuring that meetings are conducted in accordance with constitutional regulations, managing the finances of the lodge and keeping records of all activities. They also need to ensure that all members observe the laws of Freemasonry, including being respectful to one another at all times.

Mark Masons Leicester also have a responsibility to promote charitable work in their local community. This can involve organising events such as charity dinners or fundraising activities to support local charities or other worthwhile causes. They are also responsible for organising social events for members, as well as assisting in educational opportunities such as lectures or seminars on topics related to Freemasonry. In addition, they must ensure that their lodge is kept clean and tidy at all times in accordance with Masonic etiquette.

Therefore, Mark Masons Leicester must be mindful of their reputation within the wider community. They should strive to act responsibly and professionally at all times when representing their lodge both internally and externally. This includes following Masonic protocol during public appearances or speaking engagements, conducting themselves appropriately while attending public events, and being respectful towards other lodges or organisations with whom they come into contact.

Membership Benefits

The Mark Masons of Leicester offer a variety of benefits to its members. These include social events, educational programs, and networking opportunities. Additionally, the Mark Masons of Leicester provides its members with access to exclusive resources such as exclusive publications, discounts at local businesses, and unique networking opportunities. Furthermore, members are offered the chance to become involved in a wide variety of charitable and community activities.

Social Events

The Mark Masons of Leicester host several social events throughout the year. These events are designed to bring together members in a fun and relaxed atmosphere where they can get to know each other better. These events include lunches, dinners, and other special occasions. Additionally, the group offers educational seminars for those interested in learning more about Freemasonry and its principles.

Educational Programs

The Mark Masons of Leicester provide educational programs for its members that focus on Freemasonry and other aspects of life. These programs are designed to help members deepen their understanding of Freemasonry as well as their own personal growth through learning about different topics related to the organization. Members can also take part in lectures on various topics such as history, philosophy, ethics, and even personal development.

Networking Opportunities

The Mark Masons of Leicester offer networking opportunities that allow members to meet like-minded people from all over the world. Members can use these opportunities to find potential business partners or colleagues who share similar interests or goals. Additionally, these networking events provide a great opportunity for members to connect with others who may be able to help them professionally or personally.

Exclusive Resources

Membership with the Mark Masons of Leicester also provides access to exclusive resources such as special publications and discounts at local businesses. The publications provide information about various topics related to Freemasonry including history and philosophy as well as current events related to the organization’s activities around the world. Additionally, members can receive discounts at local restaurants and businesses when they show their membership card.

In reflection, there are many benefits associated with joining the Mark Masons of Leicester including social events, educational programs, networking opportunities, exclusive resources such as publications and discounts at local businesses as well as charitable activities that help support the community around them.

How to Become a Member of Mark Masons Leicester

Membership in the Mark Masonry Leicester is open to all men who profess a belief in the Supreme Being. To become a member of the Lodge, you must apply by completing an official application form. The application process includes an interview with one of the Lodge members and a review of your background and qualifications. Once you are accepted as a Member, you will be expected to attend meetings regularly and contribute to the Lodge’s activities.

The first step towards becoming a Member of Mark Masons Leicester is to attend an Open Evening held by the Lodge. At this event, you will have an opportunity to meet existing members and learn more about the Lodge’s history and traditions. This is also where you will be able to ask questions about membership and find out more about what it takes to become a member.

Once you have decided that you would like to join the Lodge, you will need to submit an application form along with two references from existing members of Mark Masonry Leicester who can vouch for your character. This application should include information about your background, qualifications, employment history, hobbies and interests. You may also be asked for additional documents such as proof of address or identity.

Your application will then be reviewed by the Lodge Committee who will make their decision based on your qualifications and suitability for membership. If accepted, you will be invited to attend meetings regularly as well as participate in some of the lodge’s activities which may include charity work or social events.

Once accepted as a Member, there are several fees that must be paid in order to maintain membership status. These include annual dues as well as initiation fees which vary depending on your level of involvement with the lodge. In addition, members are expected to abide by certain rules and regulations set forth by Mark Masons Leicester.

Becoming a Member of Mark Masons Leicester is an exciting opportunity that can open doors for personal growth and networking opportunities within this unique fraternal organization. By following these steps outlined above, you can begin your journey towards becoming part of this historic Masonic Order.

Membership Costs for Joining Mark Masons Leicester

The cost of membership when joining Mark Masons Leicester can be broken down into a number of different costs. Firstly, there is the cost of the Initiation Fee, which is currently £300. This fee covers all of the expenses associated with becoming a member, including clothing and other materials required for your induction. In addition to this, there is an annual subscription fee of £90 which covers ongoing membership and access to various events and activities throughout the year.

Other additional costs may also be incurred depending upon your level of involvement in the fraternity. These can include things such as fees for attending special events or courses, or even contributing towards charitable donations. However, these costs are generally kept to a minimum as Mark Masons Leicester aim to provide an affordable and enjoyable experience for all members.

Overall, joining Mark Masons Leicester is relatively inexpensive and provides members with access to an active and vibrant community that they can enjoy being part of. From attending meetings and social events to taking part in charitable activities, membership offers a great way to meet new people and make lasting friendships in a supportive environment.

Rules and Regulations Governing Mark Masons Leicester

The Mark Masonry Lodge in Leicester is required to abide by a set of rules and regulations that have been approved by the Grand Lodge of Mark Masonry. These rules and regulations are designed to ensure that the members of the lodge adhere to a high standard of conduct in all matters relating to Mark Masonry. The regulations also cover the safety, administration, and financial affairs of the lodge.

The lodge is governed by a board of directors, who are elected from among its members. This board is responsible for overseeing the management of the lodge, as well as ensuring that all members comply with the rules and regulations set out in the constitution. The board also has authority to appoint a secretary, treasurer, and other officers as needed.

All members must be in good standing with the Grand Lodge of Mark Masonry before they can be admitted into the lodge. Upon admission into membership, each member must agree to abide by all applicable laws and regulations governing Mark Masonry in Leicester.

Additionally, every member must pay an annual membership fee which covers administrative costs such as stationary printing, postage costs etc., as well as any specific fees associated with special events or activities sponsored by the lodge.

The lodges’ meetings are generally held on a regular basis throughout each year; this enables its members to keep up-to-date with any news or changes applicable to them. The meetings also provide an opportunity for members to discuss any issues or concerns they may have regarding their membership or participation in activities at the lodge.

The financial accounts of each member must also be kept up-to-date; all payments should be made promptly so that there are no arrears or late payments due from any member. In addition, if any funds have been received from outside sources such as donations or investments, these should be properly recorded in order to ensure that appropriate taxes are paid when due.

In reflection, it is important that all members adhere strictly to the rules and regulations governing Mark Masons Leicester in order for it to continue running smoothly and efficiently. By following these guidelines, not only will it ensure that everyone benefits from their membership but will also help protect its good reputation within the community at large.

Events and Activities Hosted by Mark Masons Leicester

Mark Masons Leicester have been organizing events and activities for its members since their foundation. Their events are open to both Mark Masons and non-members alike and cover a wide variety of interests. They host dinners, lectures, social gatherings, and other special events at their lodge in Leicester. Mark Masons also regularly host charitable fund raisers such as golf tournaments, raffles, and auctions to help support local causes.

In addition to their regular events, Mark Masons Leicester also host several special occasions throughout the year. These include the Annual Installation Dinner in November which is a formal event held to celebrate the induction of new members into the lodge. They also organize an annual summer picnic which is open to all members and their families for a day of fun in the sun. The lodge also hosts a variety of other seasonal activities such as a Christmas Party, Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween Party, Barbecue, and more.

Mark Masons Leicester take great pride in hosting these events as they provide an opportunity for members to socialize with each other in a relaxed atmosphere while providing valuable support for local charities and organizations. Events hosted by Mark Masons Leicester are always well attended by both members and non-members alike who enjoy the good company that is shared among all who attend.

Last Thoughts

Mark Mason’s Leicester has been a very fascinating journey for all those who have been following it since the start. It is an incredible example of how a small city can become an iconic destination for tourists and businesses alike. The various initiatives taken by Mark Mason, such as the redevelopment of the city centre and the introduction of new attractions, have made Leicester a great success story. His dedication to making Leicester a better place to live and work has had a significant impact on the local economy and the quality of life for residents.

The success of Mark Mason’s initiatives has also inspired other cities across the country, providing them with ideas on how they can improve their own cities. In reflection, it is safe to say that Mark Mason is an impressive figure and his efforts in Leicester have had a significant impact on both the city itself and its residents.

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