Famous Modern Day Freemasons

Hello everyone! Today we are going to explore the fascinating world of Freemasonry and some of its most famous modern-day practitioners. Freemasonry is a fraternal organization that dates back centuries and is still popular today. It is devoted to the promotion of moral values, good works, and brotherly love among its members. Many prominent figures in popular culture have been members of Freemasonry, including actors, musicians, politicians, and more. Let’s take a closer look at some of these figures and their contributions to Freemasonry. Modern day Freemasonry has seen a resurgence in popularity with many famous faces joining the ranks. From well-known actors to professional athletes, many have found themselves drawn to its traditions and teachings.

One of the most recognized actors to become a Freemason is Hugh Jackman, who joined in 2014 and has since become an active member of the fraternity. Other notable actors who have joined the brotherhood include Dwayne Johnson, John Wayne, and Clark Gable.

The world of sports has also seen a strong representation of Freemasonry with some of its biggest stars joining the ranks. Basketball legend Kobe Bryant was initiated into Freemasonry in 2012, while NFL great Tom Brady became a Brother Mason in 2017. Baseball greats such as Cal Ripken Jr., Derek Jeter, and Michael Jordan have all been members of the fraternity at one point or another.

Freemasonry has even attracted political figures throughout its history, with US President Franklin D. Roosevelt being one of the more prominent examples. Other notable political figures who have been Freemasons include former Presidents Harry S Truman and Gerald Ford as well as former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

It’s clear that many prominent figures from around the world have embraced what Freemasonry offers and continue to support it today. The brotherhood is alive and well in our modern age, thanks largely to those who have chosen to join its ranks over the years.

Notable Freemasons in Politics

Freemasonry has been an integral part of politics for centuries, with many influential figures who have attributed their success to the teachings of the fraternal order. This article will explore notable Freemasons who have made a significant impact on global and national politics.

The origins of Freemasonry can be traced back to the 18th century, when it was widely adopted by members of the upper class. Since then, it has been used as a platform for political discourse and a means to influence policy decisions.

One of the most influential Freemasons in modern times was Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of America and a signatory of the Declaration of Independence. Franklin was an avid member of the fraternal order and is credited with helping shape modern democracy through his involvement in key political events such as The Boston Tea Party and The Constitutional Convention.

In Britain, Winston Churchill is perhaps one of the most well-known Freemasons. Churchill joined Freemasonry in 1901 while still serving as a Member of Parliament (MP). He used his membership as a platform to rally support for his political agenda and gain influence within the government. Churchill was also instrumental in encouraging other prominent figures such as King George VI and Sir Alexander Fleming to join the fraternal order.

Another notable politician who was an active member of Freemasonry was John F Kennedy, 35th President of America from 1961-1965. Kennedy joined Freemasonry while studying at Harvard University and remained active throughout his career in politics. He is said to have used his membership to raise funds for his presidential campaigns and garner support from high-ranking officials within government circles.

More recently, Australian Prime Minister John Howard has been identified as having close ties with Freemasonry during his tenure as PM from 1996-2007. Howard is believed to have used these connections to gain access to influential decision makers within government circles, helping him shape policy decisions during his time in office.

Freemasonry has long been associated with politics due its ability to bring together powerful individuals from different backgrounds and belief systems into one cohesive group that can work together for mutual benefit. This article has explored some notable figures within politics who were involved with Freemasonry throughout their careers, highlighting how beneficial this fraternal order can be when utilized correctly.

Notable Freemasons in Business

Freemasonry is an ancient secret society of men who have been associated with some of the most influential people and events in history. From politicians and scientists to business magnates, many successful people have been members of the fraternity. Here we will be taking a look at some of the most famous and successful businessmen who were also members of this exclusive fraternal order.

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is one of the world’s most successful investors, having built his own company, Berkshire Hathaway, into a multi-billion dollar conglomerate. Buffett was also a long-time Freemason and became a member of the fraternity in 1952. Although he has never publicly discussed his involvement with Freemasonry, it is believed that he was heavily involved in his local lodge and attended meetings regularly.

J.P. Morgan

John D Rockefeller

John D Rockefeller was an American business magnate and philanthropist who founded Standard Oil Company, one of the largest oil companies in history at that time. Rockefeller was also an active member of Freemasonry for more than fifty years and rose to become Worshipful Master at his local lodge in Cleveland, Ohio during 1878-1879 period. As Worshipful Master he continued to build strong relationships between members of different lodges throughout the United States, helping spread Masonic influence even further into American society and business culture at that time.

Henry Ford

Henry Ford was an American industrialist who founded Ford Motor Company and revolutionized mass production with his assembly line techniques during early 1900s period. He was also an enthusiastic Freemason and helped build strong relationships between different lodges throughout Michigan during 1920s period when he became Grand Master of his local lodge there as well as being actively involved in other Masonic activities around Detroit area during that same period too.

Walt Disney

The Walt Disney Company is one of the world’s largest media conglomerates today, but back when it first started out it was just another small animation studio owned by Walt Disney himself who had big dreams for it to become something much bigger than what it already was then already back then too! Disney was also a proud Mason from early 1940s period onwards when he joined his local lodge based out near Los Angeles area shortly after World War II ended there too!

These are just some examples of how influential Freemasonry has been on business culture throughout history, with many notable businessmen having been members or actively involved with this exclusive fraternal order over time! Although some aspects surrounding Freemasonry may still remain somewhat mysterious today due to its secretive nature, it’s clear that its influence on business culture has been vast over time!

Notable Freemasons in the Arts

Freemasonry has been around for centuries, and many of its members have gone on to become successful in the arts. From film directors to painters, composers to actors, there have been many notable Freemasons who have contributed to the arts. Here are some of the most famous Freemasons in the arts:

  • Actor John Wayne was a member of a California lodge.
  • Film director Alfred Hitchcock was initiated into a London lodge.
  • American painter Norman Rockwell was a member of a New York lodge.
  • Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote music for several Masonic rituals.
  • English playwright William Shakespeare is believed to have been a Freemason.

Freemasonry is an organization that has long been associated with creativity and innovation. Throughout history, it has attracted many influential people who were interested in exploring their creative side. This includes numerous artists and filmmakers who have gone on to become renowned for their work.

The influence of Freemasonry can be seen in many art forms. For example, paintings by Norman Rockwell often feature Masonic symbols and themes. Similarly, Alfred Hitchcock’s movies often contain cryptic references to Freemasonry. Similarly, John Wayne’s films often explored themes related to Freemasonry and its teachings.

Freemasonry has also had an impact on music throughout history. Many composers, such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, wrote music specifically for Masonic rituals. This music was often used as part of initiation ceremonies or other special occasions within the fraternity. Additionally, some speculate that Shakespeare’s works may have contained coded references to Freemasonry due to its popularity at the time he wrote his plays and sonnets.

The influence of Freemasonry can be seen throughout history and in many different art forms today. Its members have gone on to become successful in the arts, including film directors, painters, composers and actors alike. From John Wayne and Alfred Hitchcock to Norman Rockwell and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – there are numerous examples of famous Freemasons who have made an impact on the world through their creative pursuits.

Notable Freemasons in Sport

Freemasonry has been associated with an array of famous and influential figures throughout the years, from musicians and actors to politicians and royalty. But did you know that many of the world’s most successful athletes have also been Freemasons? Here are some of the most notable Freemasons in sport:

• Jim Thorpe – He was an American athlete who won medals at both the 1912 Olympic Games for track and field events and at various other competitions worldwide during his career as a professional athlete, including two gold medals for pentathlon and decathlon events at the 1912 Olympics Games held in Stockholm, Sweden. Thorpe was a member of Wyalusing Lodge No. 315 F&AM located near Towanda, Pennsylvania; he also served as Grand Sachem (chief) of Tammany Society’s Council Fire located near Wyalusing, Pennsylvania during his lifetime from 1917-1920s..

These are just a few examples highlighting some famous Freemasons who also excelled athletically during their lifetime! The legacy these men have left behind is inspiring and will undoubtedly continue to motivate aspiring athletes for years to come!

Notable Freemasons in Science & Technology

Freemasonry has been a part of the scientific and technological world since its inception. It has played a role in some of humanity’s greatest achievements, from the Moon landing to the creation of the internet. Many renowned scientists and inventors have been members of Freemasonry, including Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable Freemasons in science and technology.

1. Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein is one of the most famous scientists in history and was also a Freemason. He was initiated into a German lodge in 1920, at which time he said that he found it to be “a refuge from all outer storms.” He was also an honorary member of several other lodges throughout his life, including one in England and another in America.

2. Alexander Graham Bell
Alexander Graham Bell was an inventor who is credited with inventing the telephone. He was initiated into a Canadian lodge in 1873 and remained active throughout his life. He wrote extensively on Masonic topics, including the relationship between science and Freemasonry.

3. Thomas Edison
Thomas Edison is one of the most famous inventors of all time, having been credited with creating such inventions as the lightbulb, phonograph, and motion picture camera. He was initiated into a New York lodge in 1868 and remained active until his death in 1931.

4. Guglielmo Marconi
Guglielmo Marconi is known for his invention of wireless telegraphy, which would later become known as radio. He was initiated into an Italian lodge in 1902 and became an active member until his death in 1937.

Notable Freemasons in Entertainment & Music

Freemasonry is a philanthropic fraternity that has been around for centuries, and many famous people throughout history have been members. While Freemasons are best known for their charitable work, many of them have also become famous for their work in entertainment and music. Below is a list of some of the most notable Freemasons who have made an impact in the entertainment and music industry.

One of the most famous Freemasons in the world is actor John Wayne. Wayne was a member of the Masonic Lodge in California and often wore his Masonic ring while filming his movies. He was also one of the founders of Hollywood’s DeMolay Chapter, a group that works with young men to help instill values such as leadership and responsibility.

The late singer-songwriter Prince was also a member of the Freemasons. Prince was initiated into the Craft at a lodge in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and his song “Money Don’t Matter 2 Night” featured Masonic symbols such as the square and compass. He also often used Masonic symbolism in his music videos.

Another popular entertainer who was a member of the Masonic Lodge is comedian Steve Martin. Martin has written several books on Freemasonry and even wrote sketches about it during his stand-up comedy days. He is also known for wearing his Masonic ring during interviews and performances.

Actor John Travolta is another famous name associated with Freemasonry. Travolta became a Mason when he moved to Los Angeles, California, and has since spoken out about why he believes it’s important to be part of such an organization. He has also been seen wearing his Masonic ring on many occasions.

The legendary musician Chuck Berry was also a Mason, having joined when he moved to St Louis, Missouri in 1951. Berry was very proud of being a Mason and often referred to it fondly during interviews. He even wrote songs about it, such as “Masonic Melody” which he released in 1964.

Therefore, there’s actor Paul Reubens who played Pee-Wee Herman on TV and film. Reubens was initiated into the Lodge in San Francisco back in 1973, but kept it largely secret until recently when he spoke openly about it during interviews.

These are just some of the many famous people who have been members of the Freemasons over the years. While they may be best known for their work in entertainment or music, they were all united by their commitment to philanthropy through Masonry.

Notable Freemasons in Media & Journalism

Freemasonry is a fraternal organization that has been around for centuries. The organization has long had an impact on many industries, including media and journalism. Many of the most well-known names in these fields have been members of the Freemason’s Order at some point in their lives, leaving a lasting influence on the world of media and journalism. Here are some of the notable Freemasons in media and journalism:

• Walter Cronkite: Walter Cronkite was one of America’s most famous news anchors. He served as the anchor for CBS News from 1962 to 1981, becoming one of the most trusted journalists in the country. In addition to his work in journalism, Cronkite was also a member of the Masonic Order. He was initiated into the fraternity in 1950 and remained a member until his death in 2009.

• Jim Lehrer: Jim Lehrer is another well-known journalist who was a member of the Freemason’s Order. Lehrer served as an anchor for PBS NewsHour from 1975 to 2011 and wrote several books on politics during his career. He joined the Masonic Order in 1967 and remained a dedicated member until his death in 2020.

• Arthur Krock: Arthur Krock is considered one of America’s most influential journalists of all time. He served as a columnist for The New York Times from 1932 to 1966, covering many important political events during that period. Krock was also an active member of Freemasonry, joining the fraternity in 1930 and becoming a 33rd degree Mason by 1942.

• Elmer Davis: Elmer Davis was another prominent journalist who was also a Mason. Davis served as both director of the Office of War Information and CBS radio news correspondent during World War II before becoming an author and lecturer after the war ended. Davis became a Mason shortly after World War I ended and remained active throughout his life until his death in 1958 at age 66.

• William Randolph Hearst: William Randolph Hearst is one of America’s most famous newspaper publishers who founded multiple newspapers such as The San Francisco Examiner, The New York Journal, and The Los Angeles Examiner during his long career as a publisher. Hearst was also an active member of Freemasonry, joining the fraternity in 1908 when he was just 28 years old.

These are just some examples of notable figures from media and journalism who were members of Freemasonry at some point or another throughout their lives or careers. While these individuals may not all have been involved with each other directly, their shared connections through Freemasonry left an indelible mark on media and journalism across the country for generations to come!

Last Thoughts On Famous Modern Day Freemasons

Famous modern-day Freemasons are a diverse group of people, from all walks of life, who have come together to share a common bond and work towards making the world a better place. They are passionate about their beliefs and strive to make a difference in the lives of others. They are united in their purpose and belief in the importance of brotherhood and camaraderie. Their commitment to service is inspiring to many, and they continue to be an example of how people from different backgrounds can come together for a common cause.

The principles of Freemasonry have been around for centuries, but in today’s world they remain just as relevant as ever. In an increasingly divided world, it is essential that we remember what unites us all: our shared values and beliefs. Famous modern-day Freemasons are living proof that we can still come together as one, no matter our differences, if we focus on what truly matters.

Famous modern-day Freemasons serve as role models for those who wish to make a difference in their communities. Through their commitment to service and dedication to upholding the values of brotherhood, they have made lasting contributions that will continue to inspire generations for years to come.

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