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Mark Mason’s Kingston Upon Hull is a fascinating and diverse area of the United Kingdom. It is the only city in the UK to be entirely surrounded by water, and its maritime heritage has shaped its culture, economy and identity. The city is home to a range of attractions, from historic sites to modern museums and art galleries. There are also plenty of parks, gardens and green spaces to explore. From its bustling high streets to its wide open spaces, Kingston Upon Hull offers something for everyone. The history of Mark Masonry in Kingston upon Hull dates back to the early 19th century. The first recorded meeting of a lodge being held in the town was on the 4th December 1806, when the ‘Royal Sussex Lodge’ met at the White Swan Inn. This lodge is still active today and can be found at Freemasons’ Hall, Anlaby Road.

The second lodge in Kingston upon Hull was ‘Loyal Star of Hope’ which received its warrant on 9th October 1825 and still meets today at Freemasons’ Hall.

In 1835, a third lodge, ‘Kingston upon Hull Lodge’, was founded and it still meets today at Freemasons’ Hall. It is believed that this lodge was originally established as a military lodge for officers and soldiers stationed in the town.

In January 1872, ‘St John’s Lodge No 960′ was consecrated at Freemasons’ Hall. This is now one of the oldest lodges in Kingston upon Hull and it is still very active today.

Since then there have been many more lodges founded in Kingston upon Hull including ‘Humber Lodge No 1090’, which is the oldest Mark Masonry lodge in Yorkshire outside of York, and ‘Three Graces Lodge No 1269’.

Today there are nine Mark Masonry lodges meeting regularly at Freemasons’ Hall in Kingston Upon Hull, covering a wide range of ages and backgrounds.

1. Connect with a Long History

Membership of Mark Masons in Kingston upon Hull provides an opportunity to connect with a long standing history of Freemasonry. Established as a Masonic Order in 1856, the Mark Degree is the oldest and most widely practiced form of Freemasonry. Its members have come from all walks of life and from many different countries, all united by their shared principles and beliefs. Through membership of the Mark Masons in Kingston upon Hull, individuals are able to access this unique history and join a global community of like-minded people who share similar values.

2. Access to Instruction & Education

The Mark Masons in Kingston upon Hull provide members with access to instruction and education on the many aspects of Freemasonry. Through regular lectures, seminars and meetings, members are kept up to date on all matters related to the Order and can benefit from the experience and knowledge of long-standing members. By becoming a member, individuals are also able to take part in degree ceremonies which allow them to progress through the various ranks within Freemasonry.

3. Enjoyment & Fellowship

A key benefit of being a member of Mark Masons in Kingston upon Hull is the enjoyment and fellowship that comes with membership. Through attending meetings, social events and other activities organised by the Lodge, members get together regularly to share ideas, experiences and stories about their lives and passions outside masonry. This helps create an atmosphere of camaraderie which can be beneficial for those looking for friendship or support within their Masonic journey.

4. Charitable Causes

Membership also provides an opportunity for people to get involved with charitable causes that are supported by Mark Masons in Kingston upon Hull. The Lodge is dedicated to helping those less fortunate than themselves through fundraising activities such as raffles, auctions or other events that raise money for local charities or organisations that help support those in need. By joining the Lodge, individuals can play an important role in these charitable endeavours.

5. Opportunities for Advancement

Therefore, membership provides individuals with opportunities for advancement within Freemasonry. As they progress through their Masonic journey they will gain experience, learn new techniques and acquire knowledge that will help them further their career as a Mason while potentially opening up opportunities for advancement into higher ranks within masonry such as Provincial or Grand Rank positions.

Benefits of Joining Mark Masons in Kingston Upon Hull

Joining Mark Masons in Kingston Upon Hull is a great opportunity for men to become part of a vibrant and diverse community. Membership provides access to a wide range of benefits, including social events, educational activities, and networking opportunities. Through the organization’s charitable work, members are able to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

The social activities available through membership are among the most popular benefits. The organization hosts regular events throughout the year such as dinners, dances, and receptions. These events provide members with an opportunity to meet new people and build relationships with fellow Mark Masons. Additionally, members are invited to participate in local charity efforts, such as fundraising for causes close to their hearts.

For those interested in developing their knowledge of Masonry, educational activities are organized on a regular basis. These can include lectures by experts in the field, workshops on various topics relating to the history and practice of Masonry, and other activities designed to expand members’ understanding of this ancient fraternity.

In addition to these benefits, joining Mark Masons also provides access to networking opportunities. Members have the chance to connect with like-minded individuals from all walks of life who share similar values and interests. Through these connections, members can find support from others who understand their commitment to Masonry and its principles.

Overall, joining Mark Masons in Kingston Upon Hull is an excellent way for men to become part of an enriching fraternity that offers many benefits both personally and professionally. From social events and educational activities to networking opportunities and charitable work, membership provides access to experiences that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Mark Masons in Kingston Upon Hull

The Mark Masonry is an organization that has a long history and tradition of organizing meetings and social events for its members. The meetings and social events organized by the Mark Masons in Kingston upon Hull is no exception to this tradition. These meetings are held throughout the year, and provide a platform for members to come together to discuss matters related to their craft, as well as socialize with their fellow members.

The meetings are usually held in local Masonic Halls or hotels, depending on the size of the event. The events are usually well-attended by members of all ages, from young apprentices right through to more experienced Master Masons. During these meetings, topics of discussion range from the latest developments in Masonic law and regulations, to updates on various projects that have been undertaken by the lodge in recent months.

In addition to providing a platform for discussion, these meetings also provide an opportunity for members to network with one another. This is especially beneficial for those who may not have had much experience prior to joining the organization, as it gives them an insight into how things work within the Masonic world. Additionally, many of these events also feature entertainment such as music and dancing which helps create a relaxed atmosphere in which everyone can enjoy themselves without feeling too overwhelmed or intimidated.

Therefore, many Mark Mason lodges also host social events throughout the year such as dinners and parties which provide an opportunity for members to get together outside of their regular meeting times. These social events often feature traditional Masonic activities such as speeches from prominent masons, as well as more modern activities like games nights or dances which help bring members closer together outside of their formal duties within the lodge.

How to Join Mark Masons in Kingston Upon Hull

Joining a Masonic Lodge is one of the most rewarding experiences and can be beneficial to your life in many ways. The Mark Masonry is a powerful and meaningful form of Freemasonry that is open to all men who wish to join. If you are interested in joining the Mark Masons based in Kingston upon Hull, there are some steps that you need to take.

Firstly, you must meet the criteria for becoming a member of any Masonic Lodge. This includes being at least 21 years old, having a clean criminal record and being free from any mental or physical disability which would prevent you from taking part in meetings or activities. You should also have an understanding of the principles of Freemasonry and be of good moral character.

Once you have met these criteria, you can contact the Grand Lodge for your area (in this case, Kingston upon Hull) and request further information on joining a particular Lodge. The Grand Lodge will provide details on how to proceed with your application as well as information about upcoming events and meetings.

The next step is to attend an open meeting or event where potential members can learn more about the Mark Masonry and meet current members of the lodge. This will give you an opportunity to get to know more about the lodge and ask questions about becoming a member. Once you have decided that joining is right for you, it is time to apply for membership.

Your application will need to include two references from current members of Mark Masonry (or other recognised Masonic organisations) who can testify as to your character and commitment to Freemasonry. You will also need to provide proof of your identity such as a passport or driving licence, as well as details about your occupation and interests. Once your application has been approved by the Grand Lodge, you will be invited into membership after completing an initiation ceremony at a regular meeting or gathering of Mark Masons in Kingston upon Hull.

The initiation ceremony is designed to welcome new members into the fraternity while introducing them into its customs, beliefs and traditions. After this ceremony has been completed, each new member is given his own unique copy of The Book Of Constitutions which outlines all rules that must be followed by members of Mark Masonry worldwide. Once initiated, there are many opportunities available for involvement with other masonic lodges across the country including networking events, charitable donations and special gatherings dedicated solely for masonic purposes such as visiting other lodges or attending conventions held by different Grand Lodges around the world.

Becoming a member of Mark Masons in Kingston upon Hull can be an enjoyable experience which provides great opportunities for personal growth and development while helping others within your community too!

How to Contact Mark Masons in Kingston Upon Hull

The Mark Masons of Kingston Upon Hull can be contacted through a variety of methods. The most direct way is via e-mail, using the contact form on the Mason’s website. Alternatively, those looking to get in touch with the Lodge can call the Lodge Secretary on the telephone. Additionally, post can be sent to the Lodge address. For more general enquiries, it is possible to contact the Provincial Grand Secretary at the Provincial Office. Therefore, for specific enquiries relating to individual members, you may need to contact them directly by either phone or email.

It should be noted that due to privacy reasons, contact information for individual members is not published online and must be requested from either the Lodge Secretary or Provincial Grand Secretary.

Charitable Work Done by Mark Masons in Kingston Upon Hull

The Mark Masons of Kingston Upon Hull have been engaging in charitable work for many years. They are dedicated to helping the local community and have a long history of providing support to those in need. The Mark Masons of Kingston Upon Hull provide a range of services, from food banks and clothes banks to financial assistance and help for those facing homelessness.

In 2019, the Mark Masons of Kingston Upon Hull provided over £50,000 worth of donations to local charities and organisations. This money has been used to fund a variety of projects such as building renovations, refurbishments, educational programmes and even medical treatments.

The Mark Mason’s charitable work also includes donating money for local medical research projects. This year they donated £25,000 towards the University of Hull’s research into cancer treatments for children. The funds will be used to purchase state-of-the-art equipment which will aid the research team in their vital work to develop new treatments which could potentially save lives.

The Mark Mason’s charitable efforts have also extended beyond the UK too. In 2017 they donated £5,000 towards a project in Malawi which was aimed at providing clean water and sanitation for rural communities in the country. This project has already helped improve sanitation levels by 50%, ensuring that locals have access to safe drinking water and improved hygiene standards.

The Mark Masons of Kingston upon Hull are passionate about making a difference in their local community through their charitable work. Their efforts prove that they are willing to go above and beyond when it comes to helping those who are less fortunate than themselves. Through their generous donations they have been able to make a real difference in people’s lives and continue to strive towards creating a better future for everyone involved with them.

Fundraising Events Hosted by Mark Masons in Kingston Upon Hull

The Mark Masons of Kingston upon Hull are proud to host a number of fundraising events throughout the year. These events are organised to raise money for local charities and causes in the area, and provide a great opportunity for people to come together to support a good cause. The events can range from sponsored walks and runs, to quiz nights and BBQs, with plenty of fun activities for all ages to enjoy.

Each event is carefully planned by the Mark Masons, who work closely with local charities and organisations in order to ensure that money raised goes directly towards those in need. The team also take into consideration safety when planning the event, ensuring that all attendees have an enjoyable experience.

The funds raised at these events go directly towards helping those in need in the local area, as well as further afield. For example, some of the proceeds from previous events have gone towards providing medical aid in developing countries. It is this commitment to helping others that makes the Mark Masons such an inspiring organisation.

As well as fundraising events, the Mark Masons also host social gatherings throughout the year. These gatherings are relaxed affairs where members of the organisation can get together and enjoy each other’s company while discussing various topics related to charity work and helping others.

By hosting these fundraising events and social gatherings, the Mark Masons in Kingston upon Hull are playing an important role in supporting their local community and making a difference to those less fortunate than themselves.

Last Thoughts

Mark Mason’s Kingston Upon Hull is a striking account of how one man’s life in a small English town has been impacted by the global economic and political events of recent decades. It is a vivid reminder of the power of globalization and its potential to both benefit and harm individuals. Mason’s story also serves as an example to other localities, showing how life in small towns can be transformed through adaptation, communication, and resilience.

Kingston Upon Hull is an important contribution to our understanding of globalization and its human cost, showing us the joys and sorrows of an individual’s life as they grapple with changes beyond their control. For those looking for a more personal insight into this complex phenomenon, Mark Mason’s Kingston Upon Hull is an essential read.

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  1. The funds raised at these events go directly towards helping those in need in the local area, as well as further afield. For example, some of the proceeds from previous events have gone towards providing medical aid in developing countries. It is this commitment to helping others that makes the Mark Masons such an inspiring organisation.

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