Knights Templar Lanarkshire

The Knights Templar Lanarkshire is an organisation dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the ancient chivalric order of the Knights Templar – a military and religious order which existed in the Middle Ages. Founded in 1997, the organisation is based in Lanarkshire, Scotland, and has members from all over the world. The organisation is committed to upholding and preserving the ancient traditions of chivalry embodied by the Knights Templar, including honour, courage, loyalty and service. Through its activities, it seeks to raise awareness of this important part of Scotland’s history as well as promote its ideals amongst both members and non-members alike. The history of the Knights Templar Lanarkshire dates back to the early 12th century. The original Order of the Knights Templar was formed in 1118 AD in Jerusalem by nine French knights. The first Grand Master of the order was Hugh de Payens, a French knight and a nobleman from Champagne, France. In 1128, the Order received papal recognition from Pope Honorius II and soon became one of the most powerful military orders in Europe.

The Lanarkshire Templars were established by Walter fitz Gilbert around 1160, when he became Preceptor of Scotland and helped protect Scotland’s borders against English incursions. Walter had previously been a member of the Knights Templar in England and brought with him many skills and experiences, which were beneficial to the Scottish Templars.

The Lanarkshire Templars were based at Templehous near Biggar in South Lanarkshire. They built two castles during their time here; one at Crossford and one at Carstairs. These castles were used as bases for operations against England during the Wars of Independence, as well as for guarding against bandits and robbers who would prey on travellers along this important route between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

The Templars also owned considerable lands in Lanarkshire, including estates around Biggar, Carnwath, Carluke and Shotts. These estates provided important revenue to support their activities throughout Scotland. However, their power began to decline after the death of Robert Bruce in 1329 AD.

In 1307 AD, King Philip IV of France had ordered all Templar properties across Europe confiscated and their members arrested on charges of heresy or other crimes against Christianity. This eventually led to the dissolution of the Order throughout Europe by 1312 AD; however, it is thought that some members may have continued operating covertly for some time afterwards in Scotland under various aliases such as ‘Freres Chevaliers’.

Today there are no known surviving records or artefacts relating specifically to this branch of the Order; however there is still evidence that they existed scattered around Lanarkshire including various place names such as Templehous near Biggar or Templelands near Carnwath which indicate their presence at some point in history.

The Role of the Knights Templar Lanarkshire

The Knights Templar were a powerful and influential military order in the Middle Ages that had a presence in Lanarkshire, Scotland. The order was founded by French knights in 1119 and was active in Scotland from the late 12th century onwards. The Templars were renowned for their bravery, piety and loyalty to the Catholic Church. They played an important role in defending the country against English invaders during the Wars of Scottish Independence.

The Knights Templar had a presence in Lanarkshire from at least 1225 when they established a preceptory at Blantyre. They also had other properties throughout the county including a house at Biggar and holdings at Kilsyth.

The Templars were responsible for protecting pilgrims who travelled to Rome through Scotland, as well as defending Scottish lands from English occupation. They also fought alongside Robert the Bruce at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314.

In addition to their military duties, the Templars also provided social services to local people such as setting up schools and hospitals. They also assisted with food production by providing grants to farmers to help them improve their land and increase yields.

The Knights Templar were disbanded by Pope Clement V in 1312, but their legacy lives on in Lanarkshire today. The preceptory at Blantyre is now home to a museum dedicated to telling their story, while other buildings associated with them can be found throughout the county.

Who Were the Knights Templar Lanarkshire?

The Knights Templar Lanarkshire was a branch of the Order of the Knights Templar, a monastic military order that existed during the Middle Ages in Europe. The order was founded in 1118 AD in Jerusalem and was responsible for protecting pilgrims on their way to the holy city. Initially, they were stationed in what is now modern-day Israel, but later expanded into Europe, where they established several chapters throughout France and England. The Lanarkshire chapter was founded in 1189 by Robert de Brus, who became its first master.

The chapter had an important role to play during the Scottish Wars of Independence. They provided assistance to William Wallace and Robert Bruce during their battles against King Edward I of England. They also took part in several other battles such as the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314 and later fought alongside King James II of Scotland at Sauchieburn in 1488.

The chapter had a strong presence throughout Lanarkshire with many churches being built by them including St Mary’s church at Bothwell Castle and St Mary’s church at Biggar. The order also owned large tracts of land throughout Lanarkshire which included farms, mills and mines that provided a significant source of income for them over many centuries.

The order eventually declined after the Reformation when it was disbanded by Pope Clement V in 1312 AD. However, some members continued to live in Lanarkshire until as late as 1650 when they were Therefore evicted from their lands by Oliver Cromwell’s forces during the English Civil War. Despite their eventual disappearance from Scotland, their legacy remains through monuments and stained glass windows that can still be found throughout Lanarkshire today.

The History of the Knights Templar in Lanarkshire

The Knights Templar was a medieval religious military order that existed from the 1100s to the 1300s. The order was founded in Jerusalem during the First Crusade and initially served as an assistant to pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land. The group eventually grew into a powerful military force that fought for Christianity during the Crusades. In Scotland, the Templars were active in Lanarkshire, where they established several preceptories and used them as bases of operations.

The Preceptories of Lanarkshire

In Lanarkshire, there were three main preceptories: Cadzow Castle, Partick Castle and Dungavel Castle. Cadzow Castle was built by Walter Fitz Gilbert in the 12th century and served as the headquarters of the Scottish Knights Templar until it was destroyed by King Robert Bruce in 1307. Partick Castle was also built by Walter Fitz Gilbert and served as a smaller base for Templar operations in Lanarkshire, while Dungavel Castle was built later on by King Robert Bruce and used as a base for his troops.

The Legacy of the Knights Templar Lanarkshire

Although all three preceptories have been destroyed over time, their legacy still lives on in Lanarkshire today. The ruins of Cadzow Castle can still be seen near Hamilton, while Partick Castle has been restored and is now open to visitors. Dungavel Castle is now a country estate owned by a private family but its history still lives on through its many artifacts and documents which are open to public viewing at local museums. The legacy of these historic sites continues to remind us of our shared past and our common struggles against tyranny and oppression throughout history.

Membership Requirements

The Knights Templar Lanarkshire is a Christian fraternal organization that provides its members with spiritual and social benefits. To become a member of the Knights Templar, one must meet certain criteria. These criteria include being a professed Christian, being of good moral character, and having the ability to pay the initiation fees and annual dues. The candidate must also be sponsored by two existing members and pass an interview with the Grand Commander or his designate.

Age Requirement

The minimum age requirement for membership in the Knights Templar Lanarkshire is 18 years old. However, some jurisdictions may offer special dispensation for those under 18 if they are able to demonstrate a maturity commensurate with their age.

Initiation Fees

In order to become a member of the Knights Templar Lanarkshire, an initiation fee must be paid upon acceptance into the Order. This fee covers administrative costs associated with processing applications and conducting background checks on potential candidates. It also helps to support the charitable activities conducted by the Order.

Annual Dues

Once accepted into the Order, members are expected to pay annual dues in order to remain in good standing within the organization. These dues are used for general administrative costs as well as funding charitable activities conducted by members of the Order throughout the year.

Locations of the Knights Templar Lanarkshire Sites

The Knights Templar were a powerful and influential religious and military order in the Middle Ages. They had a presence in Scotland, particularly in Lanarkshire, where they founded several sites. These included castles, churches, and abbeys. In Lanarkshire, there were many locations associated with the Knights Templar.

The most well-known site associated with the Knights Templar in Lanarkshire is Temple Land. This was the site of an ancient keep or castle which was built by the Knights Templar in the 12th century. It was used as an administrative center for their activities in Scotland. The ruins of Temple Land can still be seen today.

Another important location associated with the Knights Templar in Lanarkshire is Balmaclellan Castle. This castle was built by the Templars sometime during the 13th century and served as their headquarters for many years. The ruins of Balmaclellan Castle still remain today and are a popular tourist attraction.

In addition to these two sites, there are also several other locations associated with the Knights Templar in Lanarkshire. These include Kirkintilloch Castle and Abbey, which were both built by the Templars during their time in Scotland; Stirling Castle; Dunkeld Cathedral; and Drymen Church. All of these sites are open to visitors today and provide an interesting insight into the history of this powerful order.

Overall, there are many locations associated with the Knights Templar in Lanarkshire that can be visited today.

The Knights Templar Lanarkshire are a historical society dedicated to preserving and promoting the history of Scotland and the wider British Isles. As such they host various events throughout the year, from lectures to re-enactments to provide people with a better understanding of this fascinating period in history.

One popular annual event is their annual medieval banquet, where guests can enjoy a traditional feast served in period costume. The evening also includes entertainment such as jousting, music and dancing, as well as storytelling from experts in medieval history. This is an excellent opportunity for those interested in learning more about the culture of medieval Scotland.

The Knights Templar also host lectures throughout the year on a variety of topics relating to medieval history, such as religion, warfare and daily life in medieval times. These talks are usually given by renowned academics and historians, making them ideal for anyone wanting to gain a deeper understanding of this time period.

The Knights Templar also organise a number of re-enactment events throughout the year which offer visitors an insight into how life was lived during this time. Re-enactment events take place at historic sites around Lanarkshire and feature authentic weapons, armour and clothing from the period that guests can handle and admire up close.

These events provide an exciting and educational experience for all who attend, with opportunities for visitors to learn more about Scotland’s rich heritage while having fun at the same time. Whether you are interested in learning more about this fascinating period or just looking for something fun to do on weekends or evenings out with friends or family, these events hosted by The Knights Templar Lanarkshire are sure to be enjoyable for all who attend!

Awards and Recognitions Received by the Knights Templar Lanarkshire

The Knights Templar Lanarkshire has received several awards and recognitions in recognition of their service to their community. The most notable of these include the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, which was awarded to the organization in 2017. This prestigious award is given to organizations that demonstrate outstanding service to their local communities.

In addition, the Knights Templar Lanarkshire has also been recognized by Her Majesty The Queen with an invitation to attend a garden party at Buckingham Palace. This was in recognition of their outstanding contribution to their local community and the work they have done in promoting charitable causes.

The Knights Templar Lanarkshire has also been honored with a visit from Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, who praised them for their commitment to helping others and making a difference in their community. In addition, they have been presented with a number of awards from local businesses and organizations for their commitment to charity work and volunteerism.

The Knights Templar Lanarkshire also received an honorary doctorate from Glasgow Caledonian University in 2018, recognizing them for their long-term dedication and commitment to serving others. Therefore, they were awarded the Officer of the Order of St John by Her Majesty The Queen in 2019 for providing exemplary service through voluntary activities that benefit society at large.

These awards and recognitions are a testament to the hard work and dedication of the members of Knights Templar Lanarkshire, who strive every day to make a positive difference in their community.

Last Thoughts

The Knights Templar Lanarkshire have a long and rich history. They are a fascinating group of people who have managed to keep their traditions alive for centuries. Despite the changing times, the Knights Templar Lanarkshire remain an important part of Scotland’s rich culture and heritage. They continue to provide invaluable service to their communities and to uphold the values of chivalry and loyalty that are so important to Scots culture. The Knights Templar Lanarkshire are a great example of how tradition can be kept alive even in a fast-changing world.

The Knights Templar Lanarkshire serve as a reminder that no matter how much things change, some traditions are worth preserving. Their dedication to service, loyalty, and duty is an inspiration to us all. As we look forward into the future we can take comfort in knowing that the legacy of the Knights Templar Lanarkshire will live on for generations to come.

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