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Ancient, Accepted and Esoteric Freemasons
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The Greatest Secret in the World

All the secrets of the western Mystery Schools, the Ancient Wisdom Schools and the Esoteric Teachings of all the ages are hidden away in plain sight and very few people know it. The repository for all this arcane knowledge has for the last 300 years passed this knowledge from generation to generation through parables. These allegorical stories have an outward message of morality easy to understand, and an inner spiritual message known only to a few. The inward message has remained hidden for the most part and until recently was known only to a small group of Gnostic Essenes. It is only the outward message of morality that has been communicated from generation to generation by the present repository.

This repository is not the first. Theories abound as to how this vast body of information has survived the last two thousand years. The most valid theory appears to be that the outward teaching was hidden by secret Gnostic societies within the Christian Church until the early eighteenth century. At that time the Knights Templar formed a group to sustain this knowledge for all time. That group is called the Free Masons or Freemasons. Masons teach a system of morality using these ancient parables and know little or nothing about the spiritual teaching hiding within their work. The Masons continue to convey these moral and ethical teachings through ritual and allegory to this day.

The Gnostic Essenes have only recently combined the ethical-moral teachings of the Masons with their own spiritual knowledge to form a number of Esoteric Masonry groups. Unlike regular Masonry, these esoteric groups are open to men and women of any religion, creed, race, occupation and sexual orientation. The Universal Gnostic Church supports one such group known as the Ancient, Accepted and Esoteric Freemasons (A..A..& E..F..).

While "regular" Masons wait for you to ask to become a member, A..A..& E..F.. invites you to sign a petition and become a member whether you're a "regular" Mason or not.  We invite you to study our introductory materials and then make a decision.  We invite you to learn all about the Greatest Secret in the World.

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